PIDA 0.5.1 "Rhubarb Crumble"

The release contains a few features (which are massive enhancements to usability) as well as the usual number of bug fixes.

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Rhubarb Crumble
Vladimir Yatulchik
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Features :

    * 1119: Added History to status bar.
    * 1118: Added First run wizard.
    * 1122: Shortcut to focus editor.
    * 1129: Allow projects to change their names. Launchpad bug:123323. Closes #141.
    * 1133: Shortcut to go to parent directory in file manager. Closes #111.
    * 1137: Shortcut to focus terminal pane. Closes #143.
    * 1138: Project-relative filenames in buffer list.
    * 1170: Completion hooks for vim.
    * 1178: Allow setting keyboard shortcuts for basic editor actions.
    * 1182: Added and option to use Gamin. False by default. Closes #153.

Bugs :

    * 1107: Corrected AUTHORS file.
    * 1121: Update context menus on plugin load/unload. Fixes #122.
    * 1126: Fixed bug reporting mechanism.
    * 1130: Allow Vim filenames with commas. LP: 78773. Fixes: #142.
    * 1132: Add missing subversion state Fixes #123.
    * 1134: Handle pending merges output for bzr. Fixes LP 76368.
    * 1162: Fix crash on plugin loading errors. Fixes #145.
    * 1163: Allow PIDA to be started on any screen. Fixes #146.
    * 1171: Add commit support for GIT.
    * 1180: Good error message when Gvim is not isntalled. Fixes #152.
    * 1186: Ensure plugin pixmaps get registered as stock icons. Fixes #154.
    * 1189: Add missing Emacs UI Definition.

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