More than 100.000 Downloads for Ubuntu!

Written for Pipelight by Michael Müller on 2014-05-15

We are proud to announce that Pipelight 0.2.6 was downloaded more than 100.000 times from our Ubuntu repositories. The user base of Pipelight is continually growing with every version since our initial release and we are happy to provide you with access to services which are otherwise not usable on Linux. Our initial goal was to gain access to video on demand services and this is still one of the major use cases of Pipelight, but in the meantime we have added a lot additional plugins and Pipelight is even used in corporate environments to provide Desktop sharing in Microsoft Lync.

We do not track our users and all these numbers are completely based on the information provided by launchpad itself, so that we can not measure the downloads for other distributions. Anyway, we hope that you enjoy using Pipelight and also like our future plans which we presented at the LinuxTag2014. The recordings are not online yet, but you can already take a look at our slides at - you will only miss the live demos like the experimental PPAPI version of Pipelight ;-)

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