Provider for Plainbox - Checkbox 0.42.0

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Provider for Plainbox - Checkbox
Sylvain Pineau
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2 Jeff Lane, 5 Maciej Kisielewski, 1 Rod Smith, 1 Sylvain Pineau
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1 Confirmed, 8 Fix Released

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download icon plainbox-provider-checkbox-0.42.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) release tarball 9
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1712301 #1712301 Need S3 stress test for discrete graphic 3 High Maciej Kisielewski  6 Confirmed
1712313 #1712313 Rerun tests which were skipped due to dependant test fail 2 Critical Maciej Kisielewski  10 Fix Released
1657659 #1657659 usb3/insert failed due to plainbox can't detected USB disk is inserted 3 High Maciej Kisielewski  10 Fix Released
1705612 #1705612 Usb related of remove test cases sometimes failed. 3 High Maciej Kisielewski  10 Fix Released
1717204 #1717204 No need to set provider on AMD DRI3 config 3 High Sylvain Pineau  10 Fix Released
1718604 #1718604 Need to add 3D(glxgears) test under full screen 3 High Maciej Kisielewski  10 Fix Released
1726446 #1726446 CPU offlining test passes despite errors 3 High Rod Smith  10 Fix Released
1729080 #1729080 LXD test fails out on first attempt to download image 4 Medium Jeff Lane  10 Fix Released
1731560 #1731560 memory_stress_ng needs to be more vocal for debugging 4 Medium Jeff Lane  10 Fix Released
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