Plank 0.7.0 "Lee"

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Rico Tzschichholz
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13 Rico Tzschichholz
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download icon plank-0.7.0.tar.xz (md5, sig) Plank 0.7.0 source xz tarball 248
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Release notes 

 * Update the barrier for pressure-reveal if needed (LP: #1339846)
 * Hide "Quit" while running on Pantheon (LP: #1355497)
 * Introduce abstract DockContainer and let DockController implement it
 * Let Drawing.Color inherit from Gdk.RGBA
 * Clean up API of PositionManager
 * Remove all LauncherEntry-items which match a dbus-sender-name and try to
   avoid adding superfluous LauncherEntry-items (LP: #1295750)
 * Force internal Wnck update when needed and try to redruce races with
   Bamf (LP: #1355633)
 * Add auto-pinning setting and enable by default (LP: #1336594)
 * Monitor icon changes if it points to an existing local file (LP: #1354875)
 * Add DrawingService.try_get_icon_file() to handle possible icon-files
 * Creating transient-items on dockitem-deletion belongs in default-provider
 * ItemFactory: Only strip the extension from the launcher-filename
 * Provider: Handle item-target is placeholder-item correctly
 * load_pixbuf: Properly try icon-name with stripped extension (LP: #1350347)
 * ItemFactory: Update creation of default applications-items
 * Add ability to show pinned applications only (LP: #1098018)
 * Don't count or provide menu-entries for windows which have a transient
   (LP: #1347882)
 * Don't optimize drawing of the first frame
 * Use GLib.get_monotonic_time() for timestamps used to calculate animations
   (LP: #1341839)
 * Add pressure-reveal support to unhide the dockwindow and disable by default
   (LP: #1079907)
 * AppDockItem: Shorten window-title shown in menu using application-name
 * Refactor dockitem-loading and serialization of pinned items
 * Drop maximize/unmaximize menu-entries (LP: #1329551)
 * Add compile time and runtime retrievable version information
 * Require valac >= 0.22.0


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0 blueprints and 13 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1355633 #1355633 Some opened application icons may not appear in plank 2 Critical Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1341839 #1341839 Plank no longer shows after time/date change 3 High Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1350347 #1350347 Skype doesnt show up with proper icon 3 High Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1353882 #1353882 Default folder icon showing on Plank 3 High Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1339846 #1339846 PressureReveal edge not updated when switching monitors 4 Medium Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1295750 #1295750 Nautilus folders for transfers are seperate and cant be removed 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1336594 #1336594 Option to disable "keep in dock" when reorder a item 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1347882 #1347882 Do not count modal dialogs in dock "dots" 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1354875 #1354875 Update Icons if Icon File is Changed 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1355497 #1355497 Plank can be right clicked and then closed 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1079907 #1079907 Pressure reveal for the dock is not apparent. [$150] 6 Wishlist Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1098018 #1098018 Option to hide running applications 6 Wishlist Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1329551 #1329551 Remove "maximize" and "unmaximize" controls 6 Wishlist Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
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