Plank 0.9.0 "Kanker"

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Rico Tzschichholz
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6 Rico Tzschichholz
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download icon plank-0.9.0.tar.xz (md5, sig) Plank 0.9.0 source xz tarball 515
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
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Release notes 

 * Add standard set of easing-functions
 * Animate addition and removal for items (LP: #707651) (increase ItemMoveTime
   of Default theme to 450ms)
 * Add "hide-delay" setting (LP: #1411644)
 * Add "window-dodge" hide-mode (LP: #1431076)
 * Add DBusManager to provide some remotely accessible actions (LP: #1365168)
 * Increase default ItemMoveTime to 450ms
 * settings: Save display-plug-name as "Monitor" which dock should be shown on
 * Refactor and split up draw_item(), draw final internal dock-buffer on
   window-context at (0,0) (LP: #1426847)
 * Trap XErrors caused by Wnck/Cairo (LP: #1293252)
 * Optimize application-default-icon.svg and replace poof.png with newly
   created poof.svg (Thanks to Daniel Foré)
 * Do not stop motion-events by default (LP: #1420043)
 * Add support for loading icons with "resource://"-uris
 * Generally watch for changes of the "Launcher"-file
 * Refactor dealing with monitor-/size-changes to catch races-conditions
 * Reverse ordering of menu-items for top-docks
 * Add support for coverage analysis using gcov and lcov
 * Start to improve coverage of tests
 * Various API changes and refactoring, see full Changelog for details
 * Update translations


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0 blueprints and 6 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1420043 #1420043 Rearranging icons with dnd buggy with gtk >= 3.14 4 Medium Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1426847 #1426847 Graphical issues when the dock auto-hides 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
707651 #707651 Animate icon adds/removes 6 Wishlist Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1365168 #1365168 Add a DBus remote control interface 6 Wishlist Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1411644 #1411644 Add "hide-delay" setting 6 Wishlist Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1431076 #1431076 Support a mode in which Plank hides whenever ANY window is overlapping 6 Wishlist Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
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