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PlayRaw is a tool for viewing and inspecting uncompressed video files. In other words, it is a raw video player with additional goodies.

PlayRaw is written in Vala and uses GStreamer as backend for the video playback and processing. The program is being developed on Linux, but the technology allows it to (some day) also work on other platforms such as Windows.

Some features included in PlayRaw so far:
     - Play a sequence or step through it frame by frame
     - Support for "all" resolutions
     - Support for various color space formats (I420, YV12, YUY2, UYVY)
     - Show all or selected color components

In not so distant future there will also be support for:
     - Jump to a given frame
     - Play two videos side by side for comparison
     - Show difference between two videos
     - Grid overlay to identify block numbers and boundaries
     - Zoom a block
     - History of opened files and their properties
     - Guess video properties based on filename and path

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Stian Selnes
Stian Selnes

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Latest version is 0.1.0

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  • PlayRaw 0.1.0 released on 2008-11-30
    The first release of PlayRaw is out. The features of the PlayRaw are still pr...