New PLD Live with a graphical installer available

Written for PLD Linux by Patryk Zawadzki on 2008-09-07

A little more than a week has passed and we more exciting news to report on the PLD Live front.

The project has reached an important milestone - the Anaconda installer is functional and now part of the Live CD image. Yes, we now have an installer, woohoo!

Other changes include a new NetworkManager snapshot, latest PackageKit integration and removing passwords for default users.

The last change was in the version scheme. New images will now be named after the underlying PLD line, year and month of release. In other words this version is called th.2008.09_beta4!

For now the image can be downloaded from but in a couple of days it should be available on all PLD Linux mirrors.

As usual, please use Launchpad to report any bugs (and we are sure there are many installation related ones).

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