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Wichert Akkerman
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download icon Plone-3.1.3-buildout.exe (md5, sig) Plone 3.1.3 buildout-based installer for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista (EXPERIMENTAL) 292
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
download icon Plone-3.1.3.exe (md5, sig) Plone 3.1.3 for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista 649
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
download icon README.txt (md5) ReadMe for Unified Installer for 3.1.3 41
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon Plone-3.1.3-UnifiedInstaller.tar.gz (md5) Plone 3.1.3 Unified Installer for Linux/BSD/Solaris/OSX 390
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
download icon Plone-3.1.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) Plone 3.1.3 Plone Core Tarball 159
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
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* Updated translations.

* Fix album display for folders which do not contain any images. This fixes

* Fix invalid redirect in default view for comments.

* Update the sharing page:

  - never reindex more than once when making changes.

  - modify the search button to only search. Previously it would also apply
    all changes in addition to doing a search.

  - do nothing if the form is submitted but no changes were made.

  - handle invalid LDAP or OpenID users correctly.

* Update Archetypes:

  - use Content-Disposition instead of Content-disposition as HTTP header
    for downloads. Fixes problems with MS Internet Explorer 6, which appears
    to be case sensitive contrary to standards.

  - Add a new viewlet manager which allows adding of content at the
    bottom of content edit views.

  - Add an option to the reference field to also copy references when copying
    an object.

* Update reference browser widget:

  - Make it possible to remove references for single-reference fields.

  - Add a new property 'startup_directory_method' to use a callable
    to determine the startup directory.

  - Inserted references were not checked by default on Internet Explorer 7.
    This fixes 7936_.

  - Added a new property 'hide_inaccessible'. When set all items for which
    the user has no View permission are hidden.

* Add a 'random items' option to the collection portlet.

* Update GenericSetup import steps at each point when loading multiple
  profiles. Fixes CMF bug 213905_.

* Fix group handling to use group introspection PAS plugins, making it
  possible to ask, for example, LDAP groups for their members.

* Fix user search to honour the order of user enumeration PAS plugins and
  correctly merge search results.

* Add support for po files inside i18n folders in Python packages. They need to
  registered as a Zope2 product but don't need to be in the Products.*
  namespace anymore.

* Do not create redirects for temporary URLs used while creating a new
  content object. This fixes 8260_ and part of 7278_.

* Update viewlets to use the 'index' attribute rather than 'render' for setting
  viewlet templates. This allows them to be overriden using the 'template' ZCML

* Do not show the display menu if it is disabled.

* Add an actionMenuSelected class to selected menu items.

* Standardize the rendering of the title in the folder contents template.

* Fix a problem with disappearing security context for customized browser

* Make it possible to customize viewlet and portlet templates registered
  with the same name for multiple browser layers.

* Correctly handle objects with a space in their id in the broken-link-checker.

.. _213905:
.. _7936:
.. _7278:
.. _8212:
.. _8260:

Updated packages and products

* Archetypes 1.5.9
* Products.ATReferenceBrowserWidget 2.0.2
* Products.CMFPlone 3.1.3
* Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool 2.1.6
* Products.GenericSetup 1.4.1
* Products.PlacelessTranslationService 1.4.12
* Products.PlonePAS 3.6
* Products.PloneTranslations: 3.1.3
* five.customerize 0.3
* 1.1.3
* 1.1.3
* 1.1.1
* 1.1.3
* 1.0.10
* 1.1.3
* 1.0.9
* 1.1.3
* plone.fieldsets 1.0.2
* plone.portlet.collection 1.1.3
* plone.session 2.0

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