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download icon Plone-4.0.4.dmg (md5, sig) OS X 10.5/6-Intel Installer for Plone 4.0.4 1,396
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.0.4-UnifiedInstaller.tgz (md5, sig) Unified Installer (full source kit for Linux, BSD ...) for Plone 4.0.4 10,368
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download icon Plone-4.0.4.exe (md5, sig) Plone 4.0.4 installer for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 16,615
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This release includes the patches for CVE-2011-0720, so the hotfix is not needed with this release.


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Zope (2.12.16)

Plone (4.0.4)
- Remove useless trailing slash in 404. This fixes [gotcha]
- Use correct argument order in script. This fixes [fRiSi]
- Add missing security declarations on PropertiesTool. [davisagli]
- Add fallback icon for control panels with no icon, in the portlet_prefs portlet. This fixes [topherh, davisagli]
- Remove js-generated inline style from searchbox. Same CSS is in public.css. See, Fixes [msmith64]
- Fixed handling of relative links used as default pages This fixes [fRiSi]
- Re-instate spinner.gif (animation), lost in the move to PNGs. The static spinner.png has been deprecated. Fixes [mj]

Products.Archetypes (1.6.5)
- Remove method docstrings in Referenceable and ReferenceEngine to prevent making them publishable. [davisagli]
- Handle getCharset() returning None in Field.encode/decode. [elro]
- Avoid various deprecation warnings under Zope 2.13. [hannosch]
- Fixed a SyntaxWarning when using assert in the migrations module. [deo]
- Fixed textCounter JavaScript to work with fieldnames with hyphen. API of textCounter-method changed. Second parameter takes now the name of the counterfield, not the DOM object itself. [tom_gross]
- Fixed handling of Anonymous ownership in ExtensibleMetadata, where the ownership tuple is None. Also triggered for views on FactoryTool-wrapped objects. [mj]

Products.CMFEditions (2.0.5)
- Workaround some potential issues with event handlers and transaction.savepoint which can cause exceptions when, for example, zope.sendmail is used to send mail in the same transaction as saving an edition. [rossp]

Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool (3.0.4)
- Protect isProductInstalled so it is only callable by Managers. [davisagli]
- Remove utility mapping in site manager's dictionary to enable a complete uninstall. This fixes an issue where a cascade-based uninstall would not entirely remove utilities, but merely unregister them from the component registry.

Products.PlonePAS (4.0.4)
- Fix missing and broken security declarations. [davisagli]
- Avoid breaking on startup if PIL isn't present. [davisagli]
- Use 'defaultUser.png' as the default user portrait, since the .gif version has been deprecated for a long time now. See [mj]

Products.PluggableAuthService (1.7.3)
- The ZODBRoleManager made it clearer that adding a removing a role does not have much effect if you do not do the same in the root of the site (at the bottom of the Security tab at manage_access). Fixes
- Return the created user in _doAddUser, to match change in AccessControl 2.13.4.
- Fixed possible binascii.Error in extractCredentials of CookieAuthHelper. This is a corner case that might happen after a browser upgrade.

Products.PortalTransforms (2.0.5)
- Fix regression due to the security declarations added in 2.0.4: convertTo should still be public, but not publishable. [davisagli]
- Fix missing security declarations. [davisagli]

Products.TinyMCE (1.1.8)
- Suppress the WYSIWYG editor for fields whose text format is not HTML, and provide a "Edit without visual editor" link like kupu did so that the format can be switched from HTML to something else. [davisagli]
- Fix wysiwyg_support to correctly respect a user's preference to use no wysiwyg editor. [davisagli]
- Updated Norwegian translations. [mj]
- Add tests to make sure user can switch between editors using personalize_form [msmith64]
- Merged test fixes from to fix Plone 3 compatibility test failure. [msmith64]
- Fixed tests that were failing due to unpredictable dict key order. [msmith64]
- Allow users to choose to have no WYSIWYG editor. Fixes [msmith64]
- Do not crash when getting a configuration with styles that have an empty line at the end. [maurits]
- Make sure that tinymce-jsonconfiguration is traversed as a view in [davisagli]
- Transform now handles resolveuid/12345/subobject links correctly. This fixes [fRiSi]

archetypes.referencebrowserwidget (2.2)
- Fixed `getStartupDirectory` method if a `startup_directory_method` was defined, which cannot be traversed to. [hannosch]
- Check the references in the overlay that are checked in the widget when the overlay is constructed or refreshed. [csenger]
- Don't disable checkboxes in overlay when an item is selected. Remove the item from the value list when it is unchecked in the value list. fixes [csenger] (1.4)
- Avoid breaking on startup if PIL is not present. [davisagli] (1.2.2)
- Add missing security declaration on the ViewTemplateContainer. [davisagli] (2.0.2)
- Stop stripping GMT when passed to widget display and replace dates that have "-" with "/" so the proper timezone is applied. See #11423 [eleddy]
- Fix edge case of dates that are greater than the last minute interval. Now rounding down to last interval instead of returning "--". [eleddy] (1.0.3)
- Avoid breaking on startup if PIL is not present. [davisagli]
- Add getAvailableSizes and getImageSize to the @@images view. [elro]
- Protect the control panel with a custom permission, "Plone Site Setup: Imaging", instead of the generic "Manage portal". [davisagli] (2.1)
- Fixed stale catalog entries appearing for references of merged content. [maurits]
- Fixed minor test failure for ``_doAddUser``. [maurits]
- Test Products.CMFPlone version to set default permission, keeping 4.0 compatibility - the next release can be 2.0.1 again. [elro]
- Add autoinclude entry point. [elro]
- Update permission defaults for Plone 4.1's Site Administrator role. [elro] (2.0.7)
- Fixed i18n of the "Log in to add comments" button. It was a regression since 2.0. This fixes [vincentfretin] (1.0.4)
- Fixed test of the default user portrait, which changed from defaultUser.gif to defaultUser.png in Products.PlonePAS 4.0.5. [maurits]

plone.recipe.zope2instance (4.1.5)
- Respect new include-site-packages buildout option introduced in buildout 1.5. Closes [yuppie, hannosch]
- Added option import-directory to point to custom import folder. [garbas]

plone.recipe.zeoserver (1.2.0)
- Only require a nt_svcutils distribution on Windows. [hannosch]

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