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download icon Plone-4.1.6-UnifiedInstaller-Hotfix20121106.tgz (md5, sig) Plone 4.1.6 Unified Installer; Source install kit for Linux/BSD/OS X (Hotfix 20121106) 2,225
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.1.6-UnifiedInstaller-20120708.tgz (md5, sig) Unified Installer for Plone 4.1.6; source kit for Linux/BSD/OS X/Unix; Update 1 473
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
download icon setup-plone41-4.1.6-5363-win32.exe (md5) Plone 4.1.6 Windows Binary Installer 797
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.1.6.dmg (md5, sig) Plone 4.1.6 OS X Binary Installer for Lion 267
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.1.6-UnifiedInstaller.tgz (md5, sig) Plone 4.1.6 Unified Installer; Source install kit for Linux/BSD/OS X 4,444
last downloaded 3 days ago
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Plone: 4.1.5 → 4.1.6

- Release Plone 4.1.6 final.

Products.Archetypes: 1.7.13 → 1.7.14

- removed hardcoded required icon. It can and should be set by CSS as it is done
  in the formTabs
- added 'placeholder' support for StringWidget, DecimalWidget and IntegerWidget

Products.CMFPlacefulWorkflow: 1.5.6 → 1.5.7

- Fixed a few test failures in combination with

Products.CMFPlone: 4.1.5 → 4.1.6

- Add keyword 'latest' to metadata.xml's version tag, which then looks for
  the highest numbered profile that is registered and pins that to the
  upgrade step. This means that the version field in metadata.xml only
  has to be set to 'latest' once and then it automatically searches for
  the highest numbered profile.
- Accessibility: added an id="Creator" for the <input> field by the same name
  on the search form, so that the corresponding <label> can associate with it
  in the case where showAuthors is None.
- Make redirection_view/attempt_redirect fall back to nothing in
  default_error_message template. If gets a URL with
  special characters, OOBTree.get raises a UnicodeDecodeError and the template
  fails. This fixes

Products.PasswordResetTool: 2.0.7 → 2.0.8

- Be less sensitive for white space differences in tests.

Products.PlonePAS: 4.0.12 → 4.0.13

- Require ListPortalMembers permission for searchForMembers
  so anonymous users can not get a list of site users.

Products.PloneTestCase: 0.9.13 → 0.9.14

- Install packages earlier so test setup for new collections works
  correctly in Plone 4.2.
- Fail explicitly (instead of obscurely) if there is no Plone.

Products.PluggableAuthService: 1.7.7 → 1.8

- Added export / import support for the ChallengeProtocolChooser plugin's
  label - protocols mapping.
- In authenticateCredentials do NOT fall back to using the login as
  userid when there is no match, as that gives a high chance of
  seeming to log in successfully, but in reality failing.

Products.TinyMCE: 1.2.11 → 1.2.12

- Add a missing nocall to prevent accidental rendering of the
  object passed to the widget.
- Fix accidental dependency on plone.namedfile.

archetypes.kss: 1.7.1 → 1.7.2

five.customerize: 1.0.2 → 1.0.3

- Fix bug which prevented authorization of TTW views in Zope 2.12+
  [davisagli] 1.5.1 → 1.5.2

- Deprecated aliases were replaced on tests.
- Keep the acquisition context of the blob in index_html, as otherwise
  we cannot get the http__etag method.
- Move download implementation (the index_html method) to the blob
  wrapper class. The wrapper object is now directly viewable via the
  Zope 2 publisher.

  This change adds support for publishing of the original image data
  for any image field via the scaling view (even for fields that have
  been added via schema extension).

  Previously, if the blob wrapper was published for a content object
  that did not derive from the provided image class, Plone's default
  index_html template would be used, rendering an HTML page
  instead of the image.
  [malthe] 2.0.9 → 2.0.11

- Fix TALES path violations revealed by zope.tales 3.5.2.
- Clarify which item is the default view for the folder in the folder
  contents view.
  [rossp] 2.1.4 → 2.1.5

- Fixed <link /> element wasn't closed in controlpanel.
  [mjpieters] 2.1.5 → 2.1.6
----------------------------------- 1.3.1 → 1.3.2

- Add translatable, linked string for close box. Fixes
  [smcmahon] 4.0.11 → 4.0.12

- Updated translations.
- Added messages for new collection type for Plone 4.2 2.1.7 → 2.1.8

- (backported from 2.2.5) Changed the permission for members to be
  able to add portlets to their dashboards.
  ( )
  [credits to buchi and jstegle, applied and tests by frapell] 1.1.2 → 1.1.3

- Support parts of views e.g. mypage/@@myview/somepart
- #12354 will redirect based on the query string as well as path if query_string
  stored. [djay]
- #9967 will append the same query string after redirecting to be more tracker
  friendly. [djay]
- #12858 first suggestion on not found page can be unsuitable
  [anthonygerrard] 1.1.6 → 1.1.7

- Add Plone 4.1.6 upgrade step.
  [esteele] 0.5.7 → 0.5.8

- Prevent empty error divs from being generated if errors are already associated
  with a field.

plone.uuid: 1.0.2 → 1.0.3

- Use zope.browserpage.
- Defensive UUID assignment in addAttributeUUID() handler: keep existing
  UUID value if handler called more than once, except in case of object
  copy event, where original and destination should have distinct UUID.

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