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download icon Plone-4.2.6-64.dmg (md5, sig) Plone 4.2.6 OS X Binary Installer for Lion and Mountain Lion 1,312
last downloaded 12 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.2.6-UnifiedInstaller.tgz (md5, sig) Unified Installer (source kit; installs on Linux, BSD, OS X) 8,113
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
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plone.recipe.zope2instance: 4.2.10 → 4.2.13

- adding support for zopectl umask
- be able to set zeo client as read only from buildout configuration
- When creating the blobstorage dir, make it only readable for the
  current user, otherwise you get a ZODB warning on startup. This
  uses code from the ZODB, which does the same when Zope starts up and
  the blobstorage directory does not exist yet.
- Fixed check for empty custom_access_event_log and custom_event_log.

plone.recipe.zeoserver: 1.2.3 → 1.2.6

- nothing changed yet
- add support for setting zeoserver as read only
- Add integration with ZRS
- Nothing changed yet.
- Adding ability to control output script name for repozo. Use the
  repozo-script-name option to change the script name.

collective.xmltestreport: 1.2.2 → 1.2.6

lxml: 2.3.4 → 2.3.6

Plone: 4.2.5 → 4.2.6

- Release Plone 4.2.6

Products.ATContentTypes: 2.1.12 → 2.1.13

- Fixed : add menu doesn't appear for a user that can't add on folder's parent
  if this folder have a different content type.

Products.Archetypes: 1.8.6 → 1.8.8

- Make some methods of TypesWidget unpublishable.
- Remove UIDResolver's resolve_url and protect UIDCatalogBrains' getObject.
  Protect ReferenceEngine's getReferences and getBackReferences.
  Add security declarations to functions in
  (Security fixes from PloneHotfix20130618)
- Revert a change in KSS that broke Plone 4.2 compatibility.
- Add a transaction note when setting a default value for a field which doesn't
  have a storage yet
- Avoid UnicodeDecodeError in @@at_utils.translate if the value contains special chars
- Ignore missing file and blob uploads during content_type validation
- Before validating the field, make sure you actually have the field
  objects for the type
- Fix issue #7556 ( by adding
  validation of uploaded blobs by checking the allowable_content_types
  attribute of a field
- Provide fix for issue #9774 (
  change import target and update order params in install_uidcatalog
  from setuphandlers has different order params
- Provide sane defaults for minute_step, which is an integer
  everywhere else.
- Fix when using archetypes.schemaextender. the keyword widget call to
  field.getAccessor return None, so to let integrator do sth we
  need to said index name is equal to field name.
- Don't fail if contenttype can not be acquired (eg PFG)
- Translate selection values in base_view, fix #7627 (

Products.CMFDynamicViewFTI: 4.0.3 → 4.0.5

- Add i18n translation domain to the zcml to remove UserWarning.
- Add cmf.ModifyViewTemplate zcml permission for "Modify view template"

Products.CMFPlone: 4.2.5 → 4.2.6

Products.contentmigration: 2.1.3 → 2.1.5

- Keep redirections from when migrating.
- Default to position 0 if folder position is not assigned.
  [kroman0, pbauer]

Products.MimetypesRegistry: 2.0.4 → 2.0.5

- Add missing module security declarations.

Products.PasswordResetTool: 2.0.12 → 2.0.15

- Nothing changed yet.
- Always try to look up what the user entered as a login name before
  treating it as a user id.
- Make sure password reset form action url is based on the reset tool and not
  the "passwordreset" python script. Fixes issue where the "passwordreset"
  was executed before the pwreset_form action handler was traversed to and
  caused an error before the reset request could even be attempted.
- Fix exception when use_email_as_login is on and the user enters
  an invalid login on pwreset_form.

Products.PlacelessTranslationService: 2.0.3 → 2.0.4

- Add module security declarations. Prevent publishing of
  the translate method. (Fixes from PloneHotfix20130618.)

Products.PloneTestCase: 0.9.15 → 0.9.17

- Install conditionally and only for Plone 4.4 and up.
- Fix broken imports, have conditionnaly loaded.

Products.ResourceRegistries: 2.2.7 → 2.2.9

- Allow users to add resources starting with '//', the proper way to link
  to external resources when serving over http and https. This makes it
  much easier to manage content on CDNs.
- Avoid recursive call of _migrateCookedResouces method in BaseTool which
  prevented the old concatenated resource storage from beeing migrated.
  The problem emerged when migrating from Plone 4.2 to 4.3.

Products.TinyMCE: 1.2.15 → 1.2.17

- Check for a 'enable_tinymce_livesearch'property in order to override the
  enable_livesearch of site_properties for instances where you want to have
  livesearch enabled on the portal_search and yet you do not want it enabled
  within TinyMCE and the other way around
- Fixed charset in source editor for non en languages.
- Fixed javascript error when using Firefox because of editor_plugin.js found
  within plonestyle and definitionlist plugins.
  This is a backport of a solution done in master branch in changeset 8efc3145
- Fixed plone.namedfile dependecy check

Products.kupu: 1.5.1 → 1.5.2

archetypes.kss: 1.7.2 → 1.7.3

- On KSS Validation, pass REQUEST to validate method.
  Without it, it can happen that the language negociator chooses
  a different language for error messages than the regular form validation.
  This can result in error messages in different languages for kss
  and normal form validation.

archetypes.querywidget: 1.0.8 → 1.0.9

- Fix CSS to ensure that multiple selection widgets are accessible and visible
  to the user.

archetypes.referencebrowserwidget: 2.4.17 → 2.4.19

- Modified pagination links selector to use only ".listingBar" instead of
  "div.listingBar". The template can be customized in a
  theme and use a different structure, "ul.listingBar" for example.
- If we have a sort_on parameter in base_query,
  use it instead of getObjPositionInParent to display folder content.
- Added two widget properties that allow to add help messages on popup,
  in two slots (top and bottom).
- Added css ids in popup.
- Wrap jQuery functions for better compatibility.

collective.z3cform.datetimewidget: 1.2.3 → 1.2.5

diazo: 1.0.3 → 1.0.4
-------------------- 1.5.7 → 1.5.8

- Use obj.Schema() instead of obj.schema in the migration process.
  [gbastien] 1.1.3 → 1.1.6

- Fix double purge of paths for items whose default view is the same as /view
- Register the plone.atobjectfields adapter not only when Products.Archetypes
  but also is installed.
- Fixed purge paths for virtual hosting scenarios using virtual path components.
  [dokai] 1.0.8 → 1.0.9

- Provide /RSS view for collection so we at least have an option
  for syndication before 4.3
  [vangheem] 1.0.4 → 1.0.5

- Add missing getDataOrigin method to interfaces.
  [timo] 2.2.11 → 2.2.12

- Do not assume roles managed through the control panel include Manager.
  [danjacka] 1.0.7 → 1.0.9

- Make getQuality always return an integer.
- Make the quality of scaled images configurable through the configlet.
  [khink] 2.1.9 → 2.1.10

- Fixed error on checking in the working copy of an object linked in it's
  parent rich text field, see:
  [radekj] 2.2.9 → 2.2.10

- Fixed AttributeError for FilesystemResourceDirectory
- Check appropriate permission for 'Revert to this revision' button.
  [danjacka] 1.5.1 → 1.5.3

- Set a maxsize when decompressing request data.
- Fixed dexterity referenceablebehavior integration.
- Fix #13681, documents referencing each other will now also trigger a link
  integrity warning.
- Exceptions now return the repr() and not the str() of the object. This way
  we avoid, for File content types, loading the whole object data into memory.
  This closes
  [ericof] 2.3.8 → 2.3.9

- Acquisition-wrap portlet assignments retrieved from storage.
- Added portal_calendar types to the calendar portlet. Now each type is working if it's listet in portal_calendar. This fix is already migrated in 2.4.x[dr460neye]
- Added portal_calendar types to the event portlet. Now each type is working if it's listet in portal_calendar. This fix is will be also migrated in 2.4.x[dr460neye] 1.0.7 → 1.0.8

- Fix UnicodeDecodeError on utf8-encoded Subject strings.
  [tisto] 1.2.5 → 1.2.6

- Add upgrade profile for Plone 4.2.5
  [esteele] 2.0.3 → 2.0.4

- Handle exception during viewlet rendering process: log the exception and
  display an error message. [toutpt] 2.1.10 → 2.1.11

- SlicableVocabulary context is not needed when initialing
- KeywordsVocabularyFactory now accepts query which filters keywords listed in vocabulary
- add support for a catalog vocabulary

plone.contentrules: 2.0.2 → 2.0.3

- Fix: Plone 4.3 sites were broken by "Content added" content rules created before 4.3.

plone.i18n: 2.0.5 → 2.0.9

- German URL normalizer: handle German ‚single‘ and „double“
  quotation marks, em dash –, paragraph § and € sign.
- Add Portuguese normalizer.
- Fix regression in normalizer: handle POSIX locale identifiers
  in addition to IETF language codes.
- Fixed does not correctly handle client HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE is
  language/country combination.

plone.outputfilters: 1.8 → 1.9

- If we have an image description it should go into the alt text of the img

plone.portlet.collection: 2.1.3 → 2.1.4

- Support for Dexterity-based collections added. Use 'title_or_id' instead of
  the AT-specific 'pretty_title_or_id'.
- Remove deprecated getIcon() method from collection portlet view.

plone.rfc822: 1.0.1 → 1.0.3

- Branch for Plone 4.2/4.3 compatibility changes.
- Marshall collections as ASCII when possible.
- Add support for marshalling decimal fields.

plone.stringinterp: 1.0.7 → 1.0.9

- Added id substitution variable
  that works with content events and user events.
- Email substitutions are not restricted to contentish anymore,
  so we can use them with user events.
- Added editor_emails substitution variable.
  [thomasdesvenain] 1.2.1 → 1.2.2
---------------------------------- 1.2 → 1.2.1

plone.behavior: 1.0.1 → 1.0.2

plone.directives.form: 1.0 → 1.1

plone.formwidget.autocomplete: 1.2.4 → 1.2.5

plone.formwidget.namedfile: 1.0.4 → 1.0.5

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