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download icon setup-plone42-4.2.0-5294-win32.exe (md5) Windows Installer for Plone 4.2b2 311
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.2b2-leopard.dmg (md5, sig) Plone 4.2b2 OS X Binary Installer for Leopard / Snow Leopard (Intel) 65
last downloaded 21 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.2b2-lion.dmg (md5, sig) OS X binary installer for Lion 69
last downloaded 21 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.2b2-UnifiedInstaller.tgz (md5, sig) Unified Installer for Plone 4.2b2; source kit for Linux/BSD/OS X/Unix 242
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
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distribute: 0.6.21 → 0.6.24

z3c.ptcompat: 0.5.7 → 1.0

z3c.template: 1.2.1 → 1.4

lxml: 2.3 → 2.3.3

Plone: 4.2b1 → 4.2b2

Products.ATContentTypes: 2.1.5 → 2.1.6

- Fix the change/modify permission used for changing or managing
  Topic/Collection criteria.
- Calculate the localized datetime string based on UTC time. Refs
  [malthe, ajung]
- Replace getParentNode() with __parent__ / aq_parent as appropriate.

Products.Archetypes: 1.7.10 → 1.7.12

- Animated GIF loses animation if Archetypes ImageField original_size property set
- Archetypes ImageField converts GIF to PNG when it scales
  see [anthonygerrard]
- Delete image also when field mutator is given a None
  argument. Previously, an image would only be deleted if given the
  string "DELETE_IMAGE".

  Note that we still return immediately if provided an empty string.

Products.CMFCore: 2.2.4 → 2.2.5

Products.CMFEditions: 2.2.2 → 2.2.3

- Changed the get_macros python skin script into a browser view. This
  avoids an Unauthorized exception when viewing revisions when using (Chameleon).
- Implement a special base modifier that allows retention of specific
  annotation elements from the working copy. Use this in the OM
  modifiers to ensure we don't stomp annotations for folders on retrieval.
- If an object has a component registry (AKA site manager), make sure
  the bases of that registry are not recursively copied when saving

Products.CMFPlone: 4.2b1 → 4.2b2

Products.DCWorkflow: 2.2.3 → 2.2.4

Products.GenericSetup: 1.6.4 → 1.7

Products.PloneLanguageTool: 3.2.3 → 3.2.4

- Prevent UnboundLocalError for unassigned variable lang when
  switchLanguage is called without parameters.
- Remove versions.txt.

Products.PlonePAS: 4.0.9 → 4.0.11

- Do some more checks when changing or deleting a member portrait.
- Pass request along to getGroupsForPrincipal for caching purposes.
- Fixed typo in method name hasOpenIDExtractor, keeping the old name
  (hasOpenIDdExtractor) around for backwards compatibility.

Products.PluggableAuthService: 1.7.5 → 1.7.7

- Explicitly encode/decode data for GS
- Launchpad #795086: fixed creation of PropertiesUpdated event.

Products.PluginRegistry: 1.3b1 → 1.3

- Change default encoding for importexport from None to utf-8.

Products.TinyMCE: 1.2.9 → 1.2.10

- Fixed AttributeError: 'ATDocumentFieldsView' object has no attribute
  'absolute_url' when using inline editing. Inline editing then still
  does not work though (checked on Plone 4.2 dev).
- Fixed a few test failures in combination with
- Do not fail with an AttributeError when the member has no
  wysiwyg_editor property.
- Initialize TinyMCE with "media_strict: false" to allow embed tags if
  they are removed from the list of nasty tags.
- Updated Spanish translation

Products.ZSQLMethods: 2.13.3 → 2.13.4

archetypes.referencebrowserwidget: 2.4.8 → 2.4.10

collective.z3cform.datetimewidget: 1.0 → 1.0.5
---------------------------------------------- 1.0 → 1.0.1

- Properly handle a changed configuration from with etags to no etags by
  forcing a page refresh
- When not caching with etags, don't sent an etag header to stop caching
- When there was an error like Unauthorized, 200 status and empty body would be
  cached in RAMCache instead of not caching anything.
  This is due to a bug with Zope 2.13 publication events :
  response.status is not set when IPubBeforeAbort is notified.
  Fixed by using error_status stored on request by plone.transformchain.
- Added 12 translation strings for ruleset's title and description. Corresponding translation
  strings have been added in in PloneTranslations
- Added 6 translation strings for caching profiles' title and description. Corresponding translation
  strings have been added in in PloneTranslations
- Changed wrong i18n domain in the messagefactory. plone.caching ->
  [giacomos] 2.0.4 → 2.0.5

- Restore the workflow menu on the folder contents page as it is the
  only way to change the state of the folder when it has a default
  page. Improves the fix to
  [rossp] 2.1.3 → 2.1.4

- Fix missing CMF Permissions declaration in ZCML declaration (Julien Stegle)
- Fixed wrong error plone message after a failure on a delete content rule.
  [thomasdesvenain] 2.2.2 → 2.2.3

- Fix tests after recent change to create a
  useractions view.
- Really make the dependency of the markup control panel on wicked optional.
- Don't use plone_utils's getUserFriendlyTypes for blacklisting calculation in
  navigation-controlpanel, so it isn't dependend on search-controlpanel
  settings anymore. Fixes: #9012.
- Pyflakes cleanup.
  [thet] 2.1.1 → 2.1.3

- Set modified date of object receiving comments so that caching works
  correctly (304s)
- Fixed language code error in Ukrainian translation. The message
  catalog was erroneously set to "English".
- Do not raise an error if the comment text is None.
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Fix that catalog rebuild breaks the path attribute on comments. This fixes
  [pjstevns] 2.0.4 → 2.0.5

- Fix the CheckBoxWidget to work properly with required fields and
  return an error that was previously squashed. Added missing unit tests
  for widget. This should also fix #11449. [rochecompaan] 1.3 → 1.3.1
---------------------------------- 2.2.4 → 2.2.5

- Slightly changed the whitespace in sitemap.xml.gz.
- Use the link_target attribute (e.g. _target) of user actions in
  the personal bar, if set.
- Added a page as a not-js fallback for the user dropdown menu
  [giacomos] 2.0.1 → 2.0.2

- Use fixed spelling of method name hasOpenIDExtractor from PlonePAS.
  We depend on Products.PlonePAS 2.0.10dev or higher for this.
- Add
  [WouterVH] 1.0.1 → 1.0.2

- Fix @@search if the parameter SearchableText is missing in the URL.
- Adapt selenium tests for more recent selenium versions.
  [gaudenz] 1.2b1 → 1.2b2

- Fix adding Site Administrator roles for when
  custom workflows might not have the permission_roles
  for states set.
  [vangheem] 1.1.2 → 1.1.3

- Setting a member data field to an empty string now works.
- Fix for: Plone Administrator unable to edit User Data when email is
  used as login. Fixes
  [vmaksymiv, myroslav]
- Explicitly set the mail_me field as not required.
  [jcbrand] 2.1.3 → 2.1.5

- Ensure that the keywords vocabulary term titles are unicove values,
  as per zope.schema.interfaces.ITitledTokenizedTerm.
- Ensure that the keywords vocabulary term tokens are 7-bit values,
  as per zope.schema.interfaces.ITokenizedTerm.
  [mj] 0.5.6 → 0.5.7

- Corrected formatting for errors on the FieldWidgets object (i.e. from
  invariants). This closes
- Added the i18n:domain attribute in the first div of in order to make the
  "required" tooltip translatable. Fixes

plone.locking: 2.0.1 → 2.0.3

- Check if context is not joined to zodb connection for transaction where lock
  is added.
- Do not cleanup stale lock if database is in read-only mode.

plone.stringinterp: 1.0.4 → 1.0.5

- Recursive get members works in a non wrapped context
  (when getting PloneGroups instead of GroupData from GroupTool)
- Add

plone.transformchain: 1.0 → 1.0.2

plone.z3cform: 0.7.7 → 0.7.8

- Do not display h1 element if there is no label on view.
- Add Chinese translation.

plonetheme.classic: 1.2 → 1.2.1

- Fix the styling of the new content history views.

plonetheme.sunburst: 1.2.1 → 1.2.2

- Fix the styling of the standalone @@historyview view used when
  overlays are turned off.

z3c.form: 2.4.3 → 2.5.1

- Better compatibility with Chameleon 2.x.
- Added *.mo files missing in version 2.5.0.
- Pinned minimum version of test dependency z3c.template.
- Fixed coverage report generator script buildout setup.
- Note: and chameleon are not fully compatible right now with TAL.
  Traversing the repeat wrapper is not done the same way. ZPT uses the
  following pattern:
  <tal:block condition="not:repeat/value/end">, </tal:block>

  Chameleon only supports python style traversing:
  <tal:block condition="not:python:repeat['value'].end">, </tal:block>
- Upgrade to chameleon 2.0 template engine and use the newest and
  z3c.ptcompat packages adjusted to work with chameleon 2.0.

  See the notes from the z3c.ptcompat package:

  Update z3c.ptcompat implementation to use component-based template engine
  configuration, plugging directly into the Zope Toolkit framework.

  The z3c.ptcompat package no longer provides template classes, or ZCML
  directives; you should import directly from the ZTK codebase.

  Also, note that the PREFER_Z3C_PT environment option has been
  rendered obsolete; instead, this is now managed via component

  Attention: You need to include the configure.zcml file from z3c.ptcompat
  for enable the template engine. The configure.zcml will plugin the
  template engine. Also remove any custom built hooks which will import
  z3c.ptcompat in your tests or other places.

  You can directly use the BoundPageTemplate and ViewPageTempalteFile from
  zope.browserpage.viewpagetemplatefile if needed. This templates will implicit
  use the template engine if the z3c.ptcompat configure.zcml is
- Remove unneeded dependency on deprecated
- Fixed ButtonActions.update() to correctly remove actions when called again,
  after the button condition become false.

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