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plone.recipe.zope2instance: 4.2.14 → 4.2.15
- Always wrap contents of zcml-additional with a <configure /> node.
  This makes it possible to use += assignments with zcml-additional.
- Add support for multiple zeo servers

robotframework: 2.7.7 → 2.8.4

robotframework-selenium2library: 1.4 → 1.5

robotsuite: 1.3.3 → 1.6

selenium: 2.37.2 → 2.43

Plone: 4.3.3 → 4.3.4
- Release Plone 4.3.4

Products.Archetypes: 1.9.7 → 1.9.8
- Allow commas as decimal marks for inputs in float fields. The comma is then
  replaced by Python's standard decimal mark, the dot. Commas as separators
  between the decimal and fractional part are quite common in Central Europe.
  (Backport from master branch)

Products.CMFCore: 2.2.7 → 2.2.8

Products.CMFEditions: 2.2.9 → 2.2.11
- Depend on ZODB3>=3.9.0 for blob support.

- Fix AT tests to work with >=1.5.11

- Fix #16: Allow developers to define a ``@@version-view`` to customize how a version of an item is
  displayed in ````.

- Fix #14: Duplicate functionality in ``@@history`` and ````.
  Now ```` is deprecated.

- Fix bug: ``CopyModifyMergeRepositoryTool.manage_setTypePolicies`` method
  modifies sequence while iterating over it.

- Purging old versions did not properly remove all references
  to the blob fields, resulting in old blobs to stay there forever.

Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool: 3.0.6 → 3.0.7
- Allow to pass the option to skip certain steps to GenericSetup's

- switch to using volatile attributes for detected errors so we don't
  write to the ZODB on read

- Fixed a bug where listing the installable products would always
  result in a transaction payload.

- Remove InstalledProduct instance when a product is uninstalled.
  Leaving the instance around can prevent settings from being stored
  properly on subsequent installation of the product.

- interfaces/
  Don't use list as default parameter value.

- Ported tests to and removed CMFTestCase dependency

- PEP8 cleanup

Products.contentmigration: 2.1.7 → 2.1.9
- Migrate translated items when or LinguaPlone present.

- Changed all old-style to new-style classes for easier method overloading from
  derived classes.

Products.GenericSetup: 1.7.4 → 1.7.5

Products.Marshall: 2.1.2 → 2.1.3
- Remove duplicate code which is already available from Products.Archetypes
  and add deprecation warnings about it.

Products.MimetypesRegistry: 2.0.5 → 2.0.6
- Remove "Article" from magic matching.

Products.PasswordResetTool: 2.0.16 → 2.0.17
- Fix i18n of 'This field is required' for the login field in pwreset form.

Products.PlacelessTranslationService: 2.0.4 → 2.0.5
- .gitignore added.

Products.PlonePAS: 4.1.3 → 4.1.4
- Allow ``properties`` to be passed to ``PloneUser.setProperties``.
  This was previously ignored as ``setProperties`` solely utilised
  keyword arguments.

Products.PortalTransforms: 2.1.3 → 2.1.4
- Don't force utf-8 when sub is run on a unicode string. This fixes
  unicodedecodeerror when we have a match in a unicode string containing
  non ascii chars.

Products.ResourceRegistries: 2.2.10 → 2.2.11
- Include ``insert-after`` as an attribute when exporting ResourceRegistries.

- Skip data URIs when making URLs absolute

Products.TinyMCE: 1.3.6 → 1.3.8
- Fix i18n of upload error messages.

- Update Italian, Czech, French translations.

- Update Traditional Chinese translations.

- Call convertURL when inserting link or image.
  Fixes `#13721`__.

archetypes.querywidget: 1.0.10 → 1.1.2
- Added 'SelectionWidget', a single selection widget.

- Declare the correcty ``application/javascript`` contenttype for the
  ``@@datepickerconfig`` view.

- Add a ``custom_query`` parameter to ``QueryField.get`` method, which allows
  for run time customization of the stored query, e.g. by request parameters.

- Support for jQuery 1.7+, including 1.9. Drop support for jQuery 1.4.

archetypes.referencebrowserwidget: 2.4.20 → 2.5.2

archetypes.schemaextender: 2.1.3 → 2.1.4
- archetypes.schemaextender assumes presence of getRaw method which
  ComputedField does not provide

diazo: 1.0.5 → 1.0.6
- Use formencode's xml_compare method to compare test results. This solves test
  failures on several systems.

- Also evaluate if-not-content. However, we are at risk of replicating
  apply-conditions.xsl in it's entirety. this needs refactoring.

- Remove any xml:lang attribute from content to prevent multiple
  xml:lang attributes when the html tag's attributes are copied.
  [danjacka] 1.5.9 → 1.5.10
- Fix tests to work with barceloneta theme.
  [vangheem] 1.0.11 → 1.0.12
- Add a ``custom_query`` parameter to the ``Collection`` class' ``results`` and
  ``queryCatalog`` methods, which allows for run time customization of the
  stored query, e.g. by request parameters.

- Use instead of plone.act.

- Refactor robots tests.

- Add b_size field. We can choose batch size (number of element visible on one
  page) for a view with this field.

- Fix error "zero length field name in format" for python 2.6.
  [bsuttor] 2.1.4 → 2.1.5
- Always show inactive content in the folder_contents view.
  This is part of a fix for

- Allow modifying the pagesize by adding a request-string e.g. "?pagesize=100".
  [pbauer] 3.0.6 → 3.0.8
- Registered the copy event so rules can now be triggered for it.

- Do not write on read
  [vangheem] 2.0.11 → 2.0.12
- Don't throw an error if allowed_content_types is none or missing.

- PLIP #13705: Remove <base> tag.
  [frapell] 2.2.12 → 2.2.14
- Make comments editable.
  [pjstevns, gyst]

- Fix Spanish translation.

- Replace $.live with $.on for jQuery >= 1.9 compatibility. This works on
  jQuery >= 1.7 (Plone 4.3 onwards).

- Register events as Content Rules Event Types if plone.contentrules is present

- Trigger custom events on comment add/remove/reply

- Execute the proper workflow change when using the moderation buttons instead
  of hardcoding the workflow action to always publish
  [omiron] 2.0.2 → 2.0.3
- Fix url to switchLanguage to include the view

- Ported to
  [tomgross] 1.0.10 → 1.0.11
- explicit include zcml of ``z3c.caching`` in order to make testrunner

- Cache image scales using the plone.stableResource ruleset
  when they are accessed via UID-based URLs.
  [davisagli] 1.5.7 → 1.6.2
- Revert "check each tooltip for existence, fixes issue 349". Fixes broken
  [vincentfretin, thet]

- Fix dateinput (change event was not triggered anymore).

- Ensure jQuery 1.7+, including 1.9 compatibility by using the dev branch of
  jquerytools and applying further fixes. We now use a fork of jquerytools at:

- Fix ``overlayhelpers.js`` to work with jQuery 1.7 and 1.9.
  jQuery.buildFragment has a slightly changed API. While it accepts a list of
  context objects in jQuery 1.7, it expects an explicit context object in
  jQuery 1.9. See::



- Switched to Grunt based build system.

- Switch test infrastructure to
  [sdelcourt] 2.3.11 → 2.3.12
- Fix related items viewlet listing dexterity related folder's descendants.
  [rpatterson] 1.5.4 → 1.5.5
- Keep reference integrity also for URLs that are calling ``FSPythonScript``
  (like ``...atfile/at_download/file``)

- Be sure that every absolute path is relative to portal root, not only ones that
  starts with portal id. This will fix an issue of missing references when Plone is
  behind virtual hosting
  [keul] 4.3.3 → 4.3.4
- New messages from, plone.stringinterp
  and (new Actions portlet) for Plone 4.3.4.

- Update Traditional Chinese translation.

- Updated Romanian translation.

- Updated Czech translation.

- Add messages from plone.namedfile and packages.

- New messages from (Show inactive filter).
  [vincentfretin] 2.4.8 → 2.5.2
- Abstract the search form and livesearch action URLs making it easier to
  extend the search portlet with custom views or other actions.

- Remove test dependency on Fix ``convert_legacy_portlets``
  method in utils module to use correct Assignment classes.

- Register `Events` and `Calendar` portlet if ```` is not
  available - which is default in Plone <5.0

- Reintegrate changes from ``2.4.x`` branch, add conditional imports of
  ```` Event and Calendar portlet assignment.

- Reverted all Plone 5 relevant commits (especially the DL/DT/DD merge, ), so we can ship
  ```` <= 2.5 with Plone 4.3 as we wrote in README before.

- In actions portlet, include modal pattern options if specified
  as an action property.

- Fix empty img in actions portlet.

- Add actions portlet.

- Replace DL's etc. in portlets.

- Remove DL's from portal message in templates.

- Don't break if portal_factory is missing.

- Don't show the ``New user?`` link in the Login portlet if there isn't
  a register URL available from portal_actions.

- Fix navigation root of portlets when root field is unicode.
  This is the case when portlet is imported with generic setup.

- Merge in changes from portlets.Calendar and portlets.Events
  are moved to, while here are still BBB imports from there.

- Acquisition-wrap portlet assignments retrieved from storage.

- fix z3cform support - add status messages when redirecting
  [sunew / tmog]

- fix z3cform support - respect referer
  [tmog / sunew]

- fix z3cform support - fix for vocabularies, lifted from
  p.dexterity addForm.
  [tmog / sunew]

- Don't require a macro for classic portlets - rendering a browser view doesn't
  need one.

- Change class prefix for the top node from "section-" to "nav-section-"
  to avoid clash with the body tag.
  [kleist] 1.1.1 → 1.2.3
- Fixed build DateIndex query.

- Fix wrong query field vocabulary declaration of the show_inactive field from
  ``AllRoles`` to ``Roles``.

- Add a ``custom_query`` parameter to the ``QueryBuilder._makequery`` method,
  which allows for run time customization of the stored query, e.g. by request

- Added support for depth in relativePath operator.

- Fixed upgrade_1_to_2 upgrade step in case the registry doesn't contain the
  named value

- Added show inactive operation which uses the roles vocabulary in order
  to assign permission to show or hide the inactive objects of the given query

- Migrate tests to

- Fix querybuilder code if results object does not provide an
  actual_results_count attribute. This regression has been introduced in
  release 1.1.1 (fixed broken handling of limit and batch size).

- bugfix for #22: Names not matching for operations getObjPositionInParent
  plus test

- Implement multipath queries:
  - Parsing a path returns always a list.
  - Special handling for paths in parseFormquery.

- Fixes

- querybuilder results can now be manipulated using
  ``IParsedQueryIndexModifier`` named utilities.
  [keul] 1.1.7 → 1.1.8
- (backport) #13999 Do not error if Plone 3 advanced search parameters
  are used
  [anthonygerrard] 1.2.3 → 1.2.4
- Force WYSIWYG, so when we start with 'text/plain' (or another MIME),
  selecting 'text/html' will cause TinyMCE to spring into life.

- Tell Products.TinyMCE what the MIME type is, so it doesn't have to work it out.

- Use closest_content to navigate through the sea of subforms to
  find something that we can use portal_url on.

- Do not give an error when the raw value is not unicode and isn't
  ascii. In that case, encode as unicode then decode as the proper
  string, bang head on desk.

- Internationalization.
  [thomasdesvenain] 1.1.1 → 1.1.3
- Fix "Insufficient Privileges" for "Site Administrators" on the control panel.

- Add "Test Styles" button in control panel to expose, test_rendering template.

- (backport) #14107 bot requests like /widget/oauth_login/info.txt causes
  problems finding correct context with
  [anthonygerrard] 1.3.6 → 1.3.7
- Add upgrade-profile for vs5002 and update rolemap.xml to include
  "Mail forgotten password"-permission also to Managers.

- Added upgrade step for which adds new operations and

- Plone 5 upgrade: Respect previous installed when migrating
  first_weekday setting.

- #12286 Need (Plone 4.0 upgrade) migration step for hidden static text

- provide upgrade step for plone.protect
  [vangheem] 1.2 → 1.2.1
- Fixed missing adapter registration for FileFields. Fixes
  [cewing] 2.0.5 → 2.0.6
- Use the ``!important`` directive for the ``.hide`` and ``.show`` CSS
  declarations on the ``@@manage-viewlets`` view. Twitter Bootstrap is using
  ``!important`` on these class names too, which made the viewlet management
  view unusable.
  [thet] 2.1.14 → 2.1.16
- Added the missing Authenticated and Anonymous roles within the

- Cleanup.

- Make ``KeywordsVocabulary`` more customizeable using an ``keyword_index``
  class variable to allow users to inherit and just override that attribute
  to build their own keyword vocabularies.

- Add datetime related vocabularies: timezones, weekdays, months.
  This are moved from ```` and extended by to be more

- Add catalog source which can eventually replace the vocabulary.
  [davisagli] 2.1.7 → 2.1.9
- Show login-name even if it is the same as the user-id.

- Introduce ````.
  ``LocalrolesModifiedEvent`` gets fired after local roles have been changed.

- Introduce ``required_interface`` attribute on
  [rnix] 0.7.6 → 0.7.7
- Handle an error where group.__name__ being None caused fieldsets to be given
  the id 'fieldset-none', which causes issues the inline validation.

plone.autoform: 1.6 → 1.6.1
- pep8 cleanup, utf8-header,sorted imports, readability, ...

- Fix issue where multiple (plone.supermodel) fieldset directive calls for the
  same fieldset name resulted to duplicate fieldsets (e.g. when updating
  fieldset with new fields in a subschema)

plone.batching: 1.0.1 → 1.0.2
- Fix issue where a start >= end will always return last item.\

- Fix multiple_pages if the length of the sequence is exactly the
  page length.

plone.cachepurging: 1.0.5 → 1.0.7
- Fix installation issues due to missing commas in

- Add undeclared dependencies

plone.dexterity: 2.2.1 → 2.2.4
- Fix the default attribute accessor to bind field to context when finding
  the field default.

- fix: when Dexterity container or its children contains any AT content with
  AT references in them, any move or rename operation for the parent
  Dexterity object will cause AT ReferenceEngine to remove those references.
  see #20.

- Let utils.createContent also handle setting of attributes on behaviors, which
  derive from other behaviors.

- overhaul (no logic changed):
  pep8, sorted imports plone.api style, readability, utf8header,
  remove bbb code (plone 3)

- Re-release 2.2.2 which was a brown bag release.

- Add a 'success' class to the status message shown after successfully
  adding or editing an item. The previous 'info' class is also
  retained for backwards-compatibility.

- If an object being added to a container already has an id, preserve it.

plone.formwidget.namedfile: 1.0.9 → 1.0.10
- Catch mimetype exception, avoid site error if mimetype is not recognized.

- Avoid error if widget is not used in acquisition context.

- Add Italian translation

plone.locking: 2.0.4 → 2.0.5
- Adding "create_lock" to "plone_lock_operations"

- The locking timeout is now modifiable through LockType definition

- Ported to

plone.namedfile: 2.0.5 → 2.0.7
- Fixed inserting filename in Content-Disposition header.

- Internationalize field factory label.

- Backward compatibility of NamedFile with FileChunk.
  Avoids NamedFile validation unexpected failures.

plone.outputfilters: 1.12 → 1.14
- for plone 5, always resolveuids

- #12783 img tag referencing non existent scales leads to transform error

plone.portlet.collection: 2.1.5 → 2.1.6
- Add an option for excluding the render context from the collection results
  since in most cases it's undesirable to include the current context in a
  listing on that context's view.

- (backport) Provide a hook to facilitate overrides that do not
  include an empty footer when the more link is turned off.

plone.portlet.static: 2.0.2 → 2.0.3
- Fix the relative url transformation.
  The 'safe_html' transformation has to be called with 'assignment context'
  instead of 'display context'.

plone.registry: 1.0.1 → 1.0.2
- Choice field construction compatible with a simple vocabulary of
  string-based choices, which are converted to values on construction.
  This provides compatibility for plone.registry/
  integration with plone.supermodel >= 1.2.5.

plone.resource: 1.0.2 → 1.0.3
- security hardening: we don't want the anonymous user to look at our fs

plone.scale: 1.3.3 → 1.3.4

plone.schemaeditor: 1.3.7 → 1.3.8
- Internationalize delete field confirmation message.

- We can set a fieldset description.

- We can set that field is required or not required on add form.

- Fix removeField for EditableSchema to allow for the case where there
  is no fieldset on the schema

plone.stringinterp: 1.0.11 → 1.0.12
- Add creator, creator_fullname, creator_email,
  creators_emails and contributors_emails

plone.supermodel: 1.2.4 → 1.2.6
- Code modernization: sorted imports, use decorators, utf8 headers.

- Add i18n serialization from schema value to XML model

- Support Choice fields with terms containing distinct title from value
  as option, while preserving backward-compatible round-trip for all
  Choice fields where title is not distinct from value.

- Fix parsing of empty Choice term to u'', not None, which addresses a
  cause of

- Explicitly construct SimpleTerm instances for each Choice field
  element, instead of relying on zope.schema constructors to do so.
  This ensures that all terms have non-None title attributes.

- Tests for ChoiceHandler serialization and parsing.

plone.testing: 4.0.11 → 4.0.12
- Fixed AttributeError when importing ``plone.testing.z2`` if
  ``zope.testbrowser`` 4.x is used but not ````. [icemac]

- Broke dependency on `unittest2` for Python 2.7+ as all features of
  `unittest2` are integrated in `unittest` there. [icemac]

plonetheme.sunburst: 1.4.6 → 1.4.7
- Add some missing WYSIWIG/editor styles to the Static Text Portlet.

wicked: 1.1.10 → 1.1.12
- Invalidate cache when object has been moved or copied.

- Fix tests to work with auto csrf protection.

z3c.form: 3.1.1 → 3.2.1
- Add DataExtractedEvent, which is thrown after data and errors are extracted
  from widgets. Fixes

- Remove spaces at start and end of text field values.

- Explicitly hide span in ````. This only
  contains hidden inputs, but Internet Explorer 10 was showing them
  anyway. Fixes

- Feature: Added text and password widget HTML5 attributes required by
  plone.login. 1.0.2 → 1.0.3
- Make the test setup independent from basic content types in the
  [timo] 0.5 → 0.7
------------------------------------------ 0.1b4 → 0.1
- use `index` instead of `template` for info viewlet to allow overriding the
  template with zcml registrations (sync approach with that used in

- Fix a problem with the implementation of dexterity support at,
  when this behavior is used with the delete_confirmation form
  was failing because the object than is being deleted doesn't have an intid.
  With this patch the get_relations method simply returns an empty list in this case.
  [jpgimenez] 1.1 → 1.2

plone.formwidget.autocomplete: 1.2.6 → 1.2.7
- make compatible with jQuery >= 1.9

plone.formwidget.contenttree: 1.0.7 → 1.0.9
- Implement ``renderForValue`` on ``ContentTreeBase`` in order to make
  single valued relation fields work.

- Work around bizarro Diazo encoding bug

z3c.relationfield: 0.6.2 → 0.6.3

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