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This Community Builder plugin uses Community Builder's API to automatically delete members whose AEC accounts have been expired for a specified number of months. You can configure how many days you want the plugin to wait before it deletes more inactive members. To save processor cycles and improve load times, the majority of the plugin only runs when an administrator logs in. When the plugin runs, it displays a notification at the top of the main content area telling you how many users it deleted.

This plugin is useful for paid dating or social networking sites which want to avoid having a large number of profiles from inactive users. You want an active community without any zombie members, don't you? : )

Please be sure to test this on a test copy of your site before you use it! I don't take any responsibility for it deleting members you wanted to keep.

If you would like to help develop this plugin, please make a branch, implement your features, and propose it for merging into the trunk.

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  • Version 1.0 released! on 2009-06-09
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