Portable Computing Language

pocl 0.6.0

The first packaged release.

Even though the OpenCL 1.2 standard is not yet implemented fully and it contains known bugs, we now consider pocl ready for wider scale testing. pocl 0.6 compiles and runs successfully most of the Rodinia benchmark, all of ViennaCL test cases, and most of the OpenCL Programming Guide samples.

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Pekka Jääskeläinen
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Release notes 

The first packaged release.


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Kernel library

- Added initial optimized kernel library for X86_64/SSE.
- Preliminary support for ARM architectures on Linux
  (briefly tested on MeeGo/Nokia N9).

Pthread device driver

- Multithreading at the work group granularity using pthreads.
- Tries to figure out the optimal maximum number of
  threads for the system based on the available hardware
  threads. Currently works only in Linux using the
  /proc/cpuinfo interface.
- Region-based customized memory allocator for speeding up buffer

Kernel compiler

- Most of the tricky work group barrier cases (barriers inside
  for-loops etc) now supported.
- Support for local variables, also automatic locals.
- Reuse previous compilation results, if available.
- Automatic vectorization of work groups (multiple work items
  in parallel).


- Installable Client Driver (icd) support.
- Event profiling support (incomplete, works only for kernel and
  buffer read/write/map/unmap events).

Known issues

- Non-pointer struct kernel arguments fail due to varying ABIs
  * https://bugs.launchpad.net/pocl/+bug/987905
- Produces always "fully unrolled" chains of work items for
  work groups causing code size explosion for large WGs.

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