Pogo 0.8

Written for Pogo by Jendrik Seipp on 2012-09-05

A new pogo version is out! It features many bugfixes and updated translations, but most importantly the command line options have been extended: You can now control pogo from the commandline. E.g. to pause pogo invoke "pogo pause". The commands play, pause, next, prev and stop are available. To let pogo continue playback at startup use "pogo play".

Here is the complete changelog:

* Control pogo from the commandline. The commands play, pause, next, prev and stop are supported. (lp:986164)
* When pogo is started with tracks on the commandline, append the tracks to the old playlist.
* Start playback automatically at startup by calling "pogo play".
* Prevent automatic playback when tracks are given on the commandline with "pogo MyFile.mp3 pause".
* Delete corrupted cover file if a cover cannot be correctly resized.
* Do not try to update missing rows when a search is made quickly after startup.
* Do not change volume level (sets volume to max in Fedora).
* Highlight the parts of the query all at once to fix false highlighting.
* Update translations.

The tarball is available at https://launchpad.net/pogo/+download. Ubuntu users are advised to use the daily PPA to always get the latest versions (https://code.launchpad.net/~pogo-dev/+archive/daily). The PPA is considered stable and there will be no separate deb files on the downloads page anymore.


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