Pogo 0.4 "I am a complicated guy"

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I am a complicated guy
Jendrik Seipp
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download icon pogo-0.4.deb (md5) Deb file 2,729
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon pogo-0.4.tar.gz (md5, sig) release tarball 811
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
Total downloads: 3,540

Release notes 

This version adds support for WAV files. You can also export your tracks to the popular M3U format now by right-clicking on the playlist. Many bugs have been fixed and the performance has been improved.


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* Support for WAV files (LP:684161)
* Export playlist to .m3u format (right-click playlist)
* Show "Open containing folder" in context menu also for seaches
* When caching the files in the music directories do not slow down application
* Save cover size between sessions
* Fix: adding files from command line by removing bash start script
* Fix: Compiz cover display problem
* Fix: Save maximized state
* Fix: Start playback automatically when tracks are appended, but not when inserted
* Fix: Unhighlight not selected tracks always
* Code: Assert copyright with date (LP:692792)
* Code: Use pogo.py as binary directly for installations
* Update translations

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