IMPORTANT: Please upgrade to the upcoming version 0.93.6

Written for Polly by Conscious User on 2013-03-04

Dear users,

As I type this, a new bugfix version of Polly, 0.93.6, is being built. I advise you all to upgrade to this version once it lands on the repositories.

The reason is that this update switches Polly to version 1.1 of the Twitter API. Up until now, I've been using version 1, but that one is going to be shut down very soon:

my original plan was to move to 1.1 in the upcoming 0.94 rewrite. Unfortunately, several personal factors including a new job forced me to postpone it until at least April. So I'm releasing this emergency bugfix to move 0.93 to 1.1.

So please update in the next days, otherwise you'll start experiencing the "blackouts" described in the link above. Please report any bugs you find in the transition.

I'll release a 0.93.7 bugfix if needed.

Updated on 2013-03-04.

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