Polly 0.93.10 (pre-alpha 3.10) released

Written for Polly by Conscious User on 2013-06-27

Version 0.93.10 (pre-alpha 3.10) of Polly has been uploaded to the unstable PPA.

This release ports the search functionality to version 1.1 of the Twitter API. I thought/hoped that the search endpoint of version 1 wasn't going to be retired, but it was. So this release now ties this loose end and fixes the remaining 410 errors.

Some of you might be thinking "what search functionality?", since selecting "Search..." on the menu so far did nothing more than showing a "NOT IMPLEMENTED YET" popup. Polly has had, in fact, a rudimentary search implementation for a long time now. But so far it could only be accessed by clicking on a hashtag. I have now added a basic popup for opening search columns with arbitrary queries, but it's still a rudimentary implementation that has no real-time streaming support.

On the other hand, an welcome bonus of this 1.1 port is that search columns now contain full-fledged tweets instead of the incomplete tweets given by version 1.

Updated on 2013-06-27.

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