Polly 0.92 (pre-alpha 2) released

Written for Polly by Conscious User on 2011-09-19

I am happy to announce that Polly has reached its first development milestone! After a long time of refactorings and even rewritings from scratch, the basic underlying framework has finally stabilized. While still far from finished, we reach this milestone with a nice set of features:

* Tweet streams:
     - Home+Mentions
     - Home
     - Mentions
     - Sent
     - Favorited by me
     - Retweeted by me
     - Retweeted to me
     - Retweeted from me

* User streams:
     - My followers
     - My friends

* List streams:
     - My memberships
     - My subscriptions
     - My lists

* Message streams:
     - All messages
     - Received messages
     - Sent messages

* Tweets
     - delete, reply, and retweet (old-style and new-style)
     - mark/unmark as favorite
     - view retweeters and conversations

* Users
     - send direct messages
     - follow/unfollow, block, and report as spam
     - enable/disable retweets and mobile notifications
     - add/remove from your lists
     - view followers and friends
     - view sent tweets and favorite tweets
     - view memberships, subscriptions, and owned lists

* Lists
     - create, edit, and delete your own lists
     - follow/unfollow lists of other people
     - view tweets, memberships, and subscriptions

* Basic support for trends and suggestions.

* Image upload to img.ly, twitpic, and twitvid.

* Image previews for imgur, img.ly, yfrog, twitgoo, twitvid, twitpic, tinypic, picplz, lockerz, brizzly, instagram, flickr, and youtube.

* URL shortening with is.gd, bit.ly, or goo.gl.

* Autocomplete, spellcheck and proxy support.

* Pure GTK+ interface that uses colors from the currently selected theme.

* Native notification bubbles.

* Choice between the Messaging Menu or a traditional notification area icon.

For those who do not like to live always on the edge, in addition to the daily builds I am now providing a PPA for development milestones:


I would like to thank a lot of people who helped me reach this stage of development:

* Joern Konopka, the great artist behind the Polly icon.

* Travis Hartwell and Xu Zhen for providing patches.

* The people who were interested in Polly on its infancy: Akshat Jain, Carl Draper, David Callé, David Nielsen, Gaurav Butola, Georg Schmidl, George Karavasilev, Joey-Elijah Sneddon, John Pyper, Luke Benstead, Mack Richards, Owais Lone, Reuben Swartz, and Tommaso Donnarumma.

* Benjamin Humphrey and Joey-Elijah Sneddon for featuring Polly in OMG! Ubuntu!

* Matthew Paul Thomas, James Gifford, Caio Rodrigues, and all others who provided valuable feedback via bug reports and Twitter comments.

After some days of resting, work will resume with full speed and the main target for pre-alpha 3 is the port to the streaming API, which will allow real-time updates.

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