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1.0.1 release from the polyester-kde3 series released 2007-05-27

Release information
Release notes:

This release contains mainly bug fixes for both the window decoration and the widget style. Improvements for better gtk-qt cooperations have been made.


Polyester 1.0.1:
- corrected a build problem with automake 2.6+
 - better management of the menu stripe width
 - another hack for gtk-qt: the menu stripe is always off (yeah, it's a broken solution but it was managed too bad...)
 -when both toolbar separators and menubar emphasis with border are turned on don't draw an extra line under the menubar
 - when the focus policy is set to "focus follows mouse" the bad flickering should be done (need some testing)
 - corrected a bug that caused the windows not being completely painted when kcompmgr is activated

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