Popper 0.30 available

Written for Popper by Ralf Hersel on 2011-10-14

Popper 0.30 Readme
Many thanks to all contributors.

What has changed in this version?
- Separate script for speach output.
- Force SSL connection per account.
- Test speach output in configurator.
- Login-Limit bug fixed
- Switch sender and subject output in bubble.
- Help in PDF format.
- Passing more params to user scripts.

How to update?
If you already added the PPA to your package
sources in Software-Center, you will get it
with the next automatic software update.
Ensure that the 'distribution' entry for this
PPA is set to 'oneiric'.

How to install?
Add a new PPA to your package sources in
Software-Center. The name of the PPA is:
Install Popper in Software-Center.

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