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How do I verify a download? release from the trunk series released 2010-07-30

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Release notes:

This version brings more bug fixes plus a couple of important features before 0.2.

Now you can run rootstock as user, by giving the argument --no-root. Running as user will require to run debootstrap's second phase and first boot entirely in a VM, so things can be slower than running as root.

When running rootstock in a x86* machine, the normal path now goes with chroot and qemu-arm-static as running the first boot in a VM is quite unstable.

Another interesting feature is the ability to run rootstock in a native ARM environment. This is probably the best way to generate big images, as we avoid all the issues with Qemu.

There will be probably one or two releases before 0.2, fixing more bugs and improving rootstock-gtk, as it's currently not working with these new features.

Also, rem...


New Features

 * rootstock now works without requiring root privileges (#553963)
 * ability to run rootstock in a ARM machine without using qemu (#589104)
 * --version argument (#600540)
 * normal path now uses qemu-arm-static and chroot, avoid using a full vm (qemu too buggy)

Bug Fixes

 * rootstock: bashism introduced in bzr revision 94 (#575854)
 * admin user cant be used in rootstock (#569946)
 * rootstock should understand http_proxy that uses mDNS for local host lookup during the build (#600539)
 * rootstock options should work with = sign on the command line (#600541)

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download icon rootstock- (md5, sig) Bugfixes, --no-root and native arm release. 7,058
last downloaded 3 days ago
Total downloads: 7,058

0.1 release from the trunk series released 2009-08-26

Release information
Release notes:

initial release

File Description Downloads
download icon rootstock- (md5) bugfixes for: #455622, #527159, #540822, #538965, #556304, adds support for generating initramfs from external kernel debs, potentially improves teh situation with teh hang on big tasks (#532733) 825
last downloaded 13 weeks ago
download icon rootstock- (md5) More bugfixes to gui and script, close to 0.2 release 297
last downloaded 39 weeks ago
download icon rootstock- (md5) bugfixes in gui code, gui is now responsive and starts getting usable :) 116
last downloaded 38 weeks ago
download icon rootstock-0.1.99.tar.gz (md5) alpha pre-release for 2.0, adds gtk gui, still buggy though 49
last downloaded 35 weeks ago
download icon rootstock-0.1.3.tar.gz (md5) fix bug 435221 so debootstrap works correctly on jaunty 3,286
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
download icon rootstock-0.1.2.tar.gz (md5) adjust for new upstart, add support for qemu-arm-static, bugfixes 51
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
download icon rootstock-0.1.1.tar.gz (md5) manpage fixes 291
last downloaded 40 weeks ago
download icon rootstock-0.1.tar.gz (md5) initial 0.1 release 103
last downloaded 44 weeks ago
Total downloads: 5,018