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Maintained by Jonathan Anez Lora; Registered 9 hours ago
Sun Coin
A cryptocurrency for the future.
Maintained by Sun Wallet; Registered 14 hours ago
A file watching service
Maintained by Jam Risser; Registered 18 hours ago
i3-gaps – i3 with more features
Maintained by Jam Risser; Registered 19 hours ago
تور اصفهان
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered 19 hours ago
көрө баяндоо
Maintained by vrmskplp; Registered 22 hours ago
madblues repo
Maintained by MADBLUE; Registered 22 hours ago
Basu students
Maintained by Mohsen yazdani; Registered on 2018-12-14
Gofault is a geological web app
Maintained by Luis Ayala Carazas; Registered on 2018-12-14
China's Open Source SDN Controller
Maintained by Yanwei XU; Registered on 2018-12-13
TrenchBroom Snap Packaging
TrenchBroom Launchpad page
Maintained by Alfred E. Neumayer; Registered on 2018-12-13
Timber Wolf Sublime Text Plugins
Sublime Text plugins for the Timber Wolf programming language
Maintained by Timber Wolf; Registered on 2018-12-12
Timber Wolf EMACS Plugins
Emacs plugins for the Timber Wolf programming language
Maintained by Timber Wolf; Registered on 2018-12-12
Timber Wolf VIM Plugins
The VIM plugins for the Timber Wolf programming language
Maintained by Timber Wolf; Registered on 2018-12-12
Timber Wolf Fixer
The Timber Wolf fixer tool which allows us to update source code to a new version of the language
Maintained by Timber Wolf; Registered on 2018-12-12
iotr5 snap creation
Maintained by Manish Gupta; Registered on 2018-12-12
Maintained by Manish Gupta; Registered on 2018-12-12
The dispel is 65816 disassembler.
Maintained by Сергей Карбивничий; Registered on 2018-12-11
Timber Wolf Compiler
The Timber Wolf compiler (twc)
Maintained by Timber Wolf; Registered on 2018-12-11
Timber Wolf IntelliJ Plugins
2 plugins for the IntelliJ platform * Timber Wolf language plugin * Timber Wolf builder plugin
Maintained by Timber Wolf; Registered on 2018-12-11
Timber Wolf Builder
The Timber Wolf builder, dependency and project management tool
Maintained by Timber Wolf; Registered on 2018-12-11
Timber Wolf Programming Language
The tutorial, user and reference manual for the Timber Wolf Programming Language
Maintained by Timber Wolf; Registered on 2018-12-11
Timber Wolf Bootstrap
The Timber Wolf bootstrap compiler for the Timber Wolf programming language (twbc)
Maintained by Timber Wolf; Registered on 2018-12-11
gLabels Label Designer (Qt/C++)
Maintained by Kristopher Ives; Registered on 2018-12-11
DB Dumper
Simple but yet powerful tool to dump large DB data and split the file. Exclusively design for low spec server however it's works better on high end spec
Maintained by Muhammad Iqmal; Registered on 2018-12-11
Auto-execution of files that are needed to confort use of MikroTik WinBox
Maintained by Tomáš Batelka; Registered on 2018-12-11
A fork of KDE Breeze decoration with additional options
Maintained by Kristopher Ives; Registered on 2018-12-10
This is the best app to track your climbing and boulder sessions automatically. iRedpoint gives you detailed overview and feedback on your ascents. Use your Apple Watch as a fitness tracker for bouldering and climbing. Contribute your climbing session to closing your daily rings! Workouts are stored in HealthKit and therefore visible in the Health app and Workouts app as well.
Maintained by Frederik Riedel; Registered on 2018-12-10
A Linux SVG-based theme engine for Qt4/Qt5 and KDE
Maintained by Kristopher Ives; Registered on 2018-12-10
This charm will sync Glance images between OpenStack installations. In master mode, the charm will provide image files and an accompanying metadata file, containing any glance tags, etc. In slave mode, the charm can register its public SSH keys with the master, in order to be allowed rsync over SSH access, in order to sync the images. This project aims to combine the 'glance-sync-master-layer' and 'glance-sync-slave-layer' into a single charm layer.
Maintained by Glance-sync Charmers; Registered on 2018-12-10
General Purpose system with i/o and AtmegaAvr as cpu. Uses Arduino Language. This will be a platform to develop small applications using AVR and Arduino.
Maintained by prasad k b; Registered on 2018-12-10
Robot Raconteur
The Robot Raconteur communication framework
Maintained by John Wason; Registered on 2018-12-09
The District Risk Insurance Information System.
Maintained by master; Registered on 2018-12-09
VMWare ESXi Backup. XSIBackup works at the ESXi operating system level and uses the built in ESXi cron service to schedule backup jobs. It is managed through an SSH session as root, just as you would manage any Linux server. It has a minimum footprint on the server's resources yet offers close to hardware's theoretical limits at the time to backup data.
Maintained by Daniel J. García Fidalgo; Registered on 2018-12-08
Mu2e HV Readout for V3 AMB.
Maintained by Jean-Francois Caron; Registered on 2018-12-07
Ubuntu Support Tools
Set of programs to capture and analyze systems when supporting Ubuntu machines.
Maintained by Ubuntu Support Team; Registered on 2018-12-07
Cellulose Analysis
The INS analysis of cellulose using various calculation schemes and comparison with experiment.
Maintained by Anton P.J. Stampfl; Registered on 2018-12-07
A fork of BreezeEnhanced to make it (arguably) more minimalistic and informative
Maintained by Kristopher Ives; Registered on 2018-12-07
Maintained by Maciej Kisielewski; Registered on 2018-12-06
Juju Charmed version of Open Source Mano
Maintained by OSM Charmers; Registered on 2018-12-06
This aims to drive remote agent which runs Sikuli script
Maintained by SAM RASAMIZANANY; Registered on 2018-12-06
Rsyslog Forwarder HA Charm
The rsyslog-forwarder-ha charm for Juju
Maintained by Rsyslog Charm Maintainers; Registered on 2018-12-06
The CAE IT team handles HPC clusters and Linux applications at Volvo Cars
Maintained by VCC CAE IT; Registered on 2018-12-06
SIP Express Media Serve
Maintained by Oleh Horbachov; Registered on 2018-12-06
PI Display
A short paragraph to introduce this project's work.
Maintained by Raphael Schütt; Registered on 2018-12-05
Maintained by sappublic; Registered on 2018-12-05
Wordpress Theme Charm
Charm for Wordpress Themes
Maintained by Wordpress Theme Charmers; Registered on 2018-12-04
Ubuntu apt
Clone from Ubuntu apt
Maintained by Miranda Schumacher; Registered on 2018-12-04
Repositorio test para debian
Maintained by tapemaster; Registered on 2018-12-04
Linux devices manager for the Logitech Unifying Receiver.
Maintained by gogo; Registered on 2018-12-03
Snap Store
Maintained by Ubuntu Desktop; Registered on 2018-12-03
Build Project for PPA THIS IS ONLY A MIRROR!
Maintained by Andreas; Registered on 2018-12-03
iHRIS Manage for The Gambia
ihris customization for Gambia MoH
Maintained by iHRIS Gambia; Registered on 2018-12-02
Bring your Desktop Back to Life
Maintained by Ubuntu Budgie Developers; Registered on 2018-12-02
Translation of a game
Maintained by Nicolas; Registered on 2018-11-30
Radeon Profile daemon
System daemon for reading info about Radeon GPU clocks and volts as well as control card power profiles so the GUI radeon-profile application can be run as normal user.
Maintained by gogo; Registered on 2018-11-30
Radeon Profile
Simple application to read current clocks of ATi Radeon cards (xf86-video-ati, xf86-video-amdgpu).
Maintained by gogo; Registered on 2018-11-30
An open source text-based subtitle editor that supports basic operations as well as more advanced ones, aiming to become an improved version of Subtitle Workshop for every platform supported by Plasma Framework.
Maintained by gogo; Registered on 2018-11-30
Debian files for PRL OMPL
Maintained by Jeongseok Lee; Registered on 2018-11-30
OMPL code for PRL
Maintained by Jeongseok Lee; Registered on 2018-11-30
policy-based cloud monitoring & automation
Maintained by Congress Drivers; Registered on 2018-11-29
Irssi Charm
Charm for Irssi
Maintained by Irssi Charmers; Registered on 2018-11-29
ROS catkin_lint
Check Robot OS catkin packages for common errors
Maintained by Timo Röhling; Registered on 2018-11-28
Wordpress Services Charm
Charm for Wordpress Services
Maintained by Wordpress Services Charmers; Registered on 2018-11-28
Maintained by ztz; Registered on 2018-11-28
make it done
Maintained by crazycode; Registered on 2018-11-28
Maintained by Ally Shaban; Registered on 2018-11-27
Software Development Template
Software Development Template are package of varios frameworks including Zend Framework, Zion Framework, Ext JS, TCPDF, PHPExcel, PHPWord and PHPPowerPoint. This can be used make enterprise class software projects with PHP backend and powerful AJAX based frontend. This template supports MySQL database. Software Template comes with ready made user database with cascading Access Control List with unlimited user roles which includes deny/allow access to execute all PHP backend functions and also view control scripts. So General User Interface can be programmed to looks like different between user roles. This is made with Zend Framework and Zion Framework and users, user roles and access control list is in a MySQL database. This feature is fully integrated to MVC system of Zend Framework.
Maintained by Matti Kiviharju; Registered on 2018-11-27
Piper is a GTK+ application to configure gaming mice. Piper is merely a graphical frontend to the ratbagd DBus daemon, see the libratbag README for instructions on how to run ratbagd.
Maintained by gogo; Registered on 2018-11-27
libratbag is a configuration library for gaming mice. It provides a generic way to access the various features exposed by these mice and abstracts away hardware-specific and kernel-specific quirks. libratbag exports the devices over a DBus daemon called ratbagd, see the ratbagd DBus Interface description. Users interact through a GUI like Piper. For developers, the ratbagctl tool is the prime tool for debugging
Maintained by gogo; Registered on 2018-11-27
foo test for deb pkg
Maintained by erik.m.bernard; Registered on 2018-11-26
Tundra Wolf UI
User interface tools/libraries used by the project
Maintained by Tundra Wolf; Registered on 2018-11-26
A Modern Terminal Emulator
Maintained by Liam Galvin; Registered on 2018-11-25
linuxmuster-v7 project
Maintained by Linuxmuster; Registered on 2018-11-25
Olive Video Editor
Non-linear video editor focused on performance and simplicity. Find out more at:
Maintained by Olive Team; Registered on 2018-11-25
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