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On access ClamAV antivirus scanner
Maintained by jay; Registered 1 hour ago
Octave implements most of the Matlab language, but it doesn't (yet) implement the UICONTROL function or callbacks like BUTTONDOWNFCN. Until those get implemented, IPlot offers an alternative way to create simple graphical user interfaces in Octave.
Maintained by Daniel Wagenaar; Registered 1 hour ago
Maintained by Algoll; Registered 4 hours ago
Text editor for Ubuntu mobile devices
Maintained by Paweł Stroka; Registered 4 hours ago
A text editor that is very suitable for working with source code on any form factor.
Maintained by Christian Dywan; Registered 7 hours ago
Chatnoir game
Maintained by Marcin Bartkowiak; Registered 7 hours ago
powtool is a simple tool to shutdown/restart/halt your GNU/Linux machine very quickly.
Maintained by Philippe Loctaux; Registered 9 hours ago
Big Moving Text
Simple app for Ubuntu phone
Maintained by Michal Predotka; Registered on 2015-03-27
Convert ADT results to UTAH results.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-27
C parser in Python
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2015-03-27
Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code.
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2015-03-27
cryptography is a package which provides cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers.
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2015-03-27
Provides enhanced HTTPS support for httplib and urllib2 using PyOpenSSL
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2015-03-27
ASN.1 types and codecs
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2015-03-27
Maintained by Adrien; Registered on 2015-03-27
Maintained by Jose Manuel Cantera; Registered on 2015-03-27
Projeto Duzeru Linux
Maintained by Emanuel Negromonte; Registered on 2015-03-27
Find the cheapest petrol station nearby (for Austria only)
Maintained by themeles; Registered on 2015-03-27
Maintained by vandana; Registered on 2015-03-27
testing razer synapse application
Maintained by alexsun; Registered on 2015-03-27
SQEE Editor
Editor and SDK for the SQEE (Sassy Quick Expandable Engine) RPG engine.
Maintained by James Gangur; Registered on 2015-03-27
Where's My Package Indicator
wmp-indicator is a small app that tracks your package whether it’s from USPS, FedEx, or UPS.
Maintained by David González; Registered on 2015-03-27
This app allows sharing images to imgur with the Ubuntu Content Hub.
Maintained by Michael Zanetti; Registered on 2015-03-26
RSM is a command line based mainline kernel updater. It will automatically fetch and install either the most recent stable mainline kernel, or at the user's discretion, the latest release candidate. The project can be found in my ppa:
Maintained by Josh Marquardt; Registered on 2015-03-26
Demon-type tool for checking output of MICE experiment
Maintained by chrisrogers1234; Registered on 2015-03-26
test summary
Maintained by Carlos Henrique Severino; Registered on 2015-03-26
First App Application For OpenStack
First App Application For OpenStack
Maintained by Christian Berendt; Registered on 2015-03-25
webapp for the austrian Newspaper (unofficial).
Maintained by themeles; Registered on 2015-03-25
FPGA-based open network interface design.
Maintained by Han Wang; Registered on 2015-03-25
Halide is a language for image processing and computational photography QtHalide is a set of classes usable from Qt and QML to take advantage of Halide. Use your own image processing functions or reuse existing ones from your Qt/QML user interface.
Maintained by Ubuntu Phablet Team; Registered on 2015-03-25
core result checker
A microservice that checks test results and makes them public.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-24
A microservice that runs tests on a core image in nova.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-24
A micro-service that converts and publishes Ubuntu Core images to glance.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-24
A micro-service that watches for new Ubuntu core images.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-24
a handly score keeper for Ubuntu. With help from ahayzen!
Maintained by Aaron Honeycutt; Registered on 2015-03-24
UbuntuPhone (bq)
Summary of Usability Bugs of the bq Ubuntu Smartphone
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-03-24
The CARMENES gto data archive
Maintained by Mauro; Registered on 2015-03-24
Tools that make it easier to develop and work with OpenStack Fuel.
Maintained by Fuel Python Team; Registered on 2015-03-24
Son addons de OpenERP creados para nuestros clientes.
Maintained by Aitor; Registered on 2015-03-24
Trabalho da matéria de Teste
Trabalho da matéria de Teste
Maintained by Grupo de Teste; Registered on 2015-03-24
The repository for common code for use when authenticating against Keystone (OpenStack Identity).
Maintained by Keystone Drivers; Registered on 2015-03-23
A small webapp that controls servos, which in turn control servos that mash the buttons on a phone... because reasons! (and QA).
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-23
Storage for semantic networks
Maintained by Denis Koronchik; Registered on 2015-03-23
ubuntu banner ads
this project's main focus is to make cool looking banner ads for linux users to use on there web sites
Maintained by branden; Registered on 2015-03-23
Maintained by Matthew Roberts; Registered on 2015-03-23
PetManiac (Test)
Testing for functionalities
Maintained by Alan; Registered on 2015-03-23
Federico experiments
Maintained by Federico Cavalieri; Registered on 2015-03-22
Maintained by sluk; Registered on 2015-03-22
IRacing Setup Co-Op
iRacing Setup Co-op is entirely committed to making, improving, and contributing Setups for iRacing OPEN series' and the iRacing NIS OPEN Series.
Maintained by Nathan Tippie; Registered on 2015-03-21
Writer's Workshop
This story tells the tale of two friends that find a way to survive World War 2.
Maintained by Mason Jones; Registered on 2015-03-20
Liste des départements français pour Ubuntu Touch
Maintained by Sebastien Bacher; Registered on 2015-03-20
The snappy core launcher
Maintained by Michael Vogt; Registered on 2015-03-20
The website project
Website source - Mirror of GitHub Repository:
Maintained by Mehmet Mert Yıldıran; Registered on 2015-03-20
Cobacoba 7331
Maintained by Yana Permana; Registered on 2015-03-20
Stores all messages it receives in durable storage before forwarding to workers. Takes care to avoid deleting messages until workers have acknowledged them. Includes python client to show how to send messages to be stored and forwarded.
Maintained by Clint Byrum; Registered on 2015-03-19
Receives messages on an incoming gearman function (queue) and sends copies to all known subscribers. Includes a sample python client to show how clients should subscribe and unsubscribe to and from topics and another to show how to send broadcast messages.
Maintained by Clint Byrum; Registered on 2015-03-19
Linux Distro Based on Ubuntu Customized For Programmer and Web Developers Includes must of Code editors , IDEs , and Compilers
Maintained by semicode; Registered on 2015-03-19
The main goal of the Debian Science project is to provide a system with all the most important free scientific software in each scientific field.
Maintained by Doug Torrance; Registered on 2015-03-19
S[mart|stupid]Build is a set of scripts for compiling and cross-compiling MinGW-w64 and MSYS2 packages.
Maintained by LRN; Registered on 2015-03-19
Flash ubuntu devices
Maintained by Sergio Schvezov; Registered on 2015-03-19
Simulator of Aperture Synthesis for Radio Astronomy by I. Marti-Vidal (Nordic node of ALMA Regional Center, Sweden)
Maintained by Ivan Marti-Vidal; Registered on 2015-03-19
Test account
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-03-19
Project Simple
Simple Software - Project Simple.
Maintained by Game Expert; Registered on 2015-03-19
Today Scope
Get all of your information from one scope
Maintained by Today Scope Team; Registered on 2015-03-19
Juste des tests ...
Maintained by Adrien; Registered on 2015-03-18
Hyper-V Nova Compute Driver
Maintained by Compute Hyper-V Drivers; Registered on 2015-03-18
gCube System
gCube System
Maintained by gCube; Registered on 2015-03-18
A small multitaksing operating system.
Maintained by Michael Rochester; Registered on 2015-03-18
Module to install and configure puppet services.
Maintained by Yolanda Robla; Registered on 2015-03-18
Ehtuelios is a patched version of Linux Mint. It want to provide a better GNU/Linux experience for italian schools.
Maintained by Valerio Bozzolan; Registered on 2015-03-18
Maintained by Zalongwa Technologies; Registered on 2015-03-18
Liquidity Project
Finance manager for mobile devices
Maintained by Luiz Carlos Douglas de Jesus; Registered on 2015-03-18
Maintained by KwonChanwoo; Registered on 2015-03-18
BioUno is a project that applies Continuous Integration tools and techniques in Bioinformatics. It uses tools like Jenkins for creating biology workflows and to manage computer clusters.
Maintained by kinow; Registered on 2015-03-18
Puppet module for Gnocchi
Maintained by Emilien Macchi; Registered on 2015-03-18
175 of 35884 results