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This program can be used to transmit a specified file between 2 computers, using a simple audio cable (for better SNR and higher speeds) or a simple headset, allowing true air-gapped communication (via a speaker and a microphone).
Maintained by Roman Zeyde; Registered 1 hour ago
BaGPipe L2
Mechanism driver for Neutron ML2 plugin using BGP E-VPNs/IP VPNs as a backend.
Maintained by BaGPipe L2 drivers; Registered 1 hour ago
The Online Monitoring branch was very messy. I have created a new branch containing all the messy revisions, just in case that we need to go back to a version in here. Unlikely, but best to be safe.
Maintained by Rhys Gardener; Registered 3 hours ago
This project superseeds `python-neutronclient` by adding the MidoNet Neutron Plugin extension calls
Maintained by Midonet Drivers; Registered 5 hours ago
AX Plugins
Maintained by Quentin THEURET @TeMPO Consulting; Registered on 2015-03-03
#legendbecamemyth Your OS now your virtual assistant with an epic way.
Maintained by DragonOS Core; Registered on 2015-03-03
ncurses based console audio player
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-03-03
Maintained by maozhou; Registered on 2015-03-03
Same Cards
Game where you need to pick matching cards
Maintained by Sebastien Bacher; Registered on 2015-03-03
A microservice providing REST API for requesting source package tests.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-03
Adventures in Shadowland - Game
A 2d, top-down game devloped by the people at Dark Tales Interactive
Maintained by Dark Tales Interactive; Registered on 2015-03-03
Test suite covering OTA update/upgrade functionality
Maintained by Canonical Platform QA Team; Registered on 2015-03-03
networking-arista project hosts all networking drivers for Arista Networks. These drivers include ML2 as well L3 Service Plugin
Maintained by Sukhdev Kapur; Registered on 2015-03-03
Krux branch of lucid supervisord
Maintained by Justin Patrin; Registered on 2015-03-03
A microservice that knows how to invoke adt-run to run the tests associated with a source package.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-02
Landscapefor Map
" Map" it's a map-based Content Management System.
Maintained by Valerio Bozzolan; Registered on 2015-03-02
nodont use
Maintained by malcjohn; Registered on 2015-03-02
Prenota corsi scolastici
Un progetto commissionato da $ente
Maintained by Valerio Bozzolan; Registered on 2015-03-02
Tracing framework for full system simulators
Maintained by Simutrace; Registered on 2015-03-02
Testing project
Maintained by Hugh Saunders; Registered on 2015-03-02
CodeforGermany Website Translation
Maintained by Sonia; Registered on 2015-03-02
Just used to test the launchpad features.
Maintained by jiang weiwei; Registered on 2015-03-02
study.cs.ucl Study Web Clients
This place is used to host the general web client infrastructure. The Desktop Web Clients are based on Qt, and should build and run on Linux, *NIX, OS X and Windows (unlike specialised clients which are built for a specific platforms). See also lp:~study.cs.ucl-websites
Maintained by Maintainers of study.cs.ucl; Registered on 2015-03-01
Websnap is a small command line application for transforming URLs to PNGs
Maintained by Jared Baldridge; Registered on 2015-03-01
Maintained by Andrew Rohde; Registered on 2015-03-01
Tracker for teward's PPAs
This project is used as an answers/bugs tracker for the PPAs of Thomas Ward ( Series names equate to PPA names or URL segments. Tagging your bug or answer with one of those series, or including a brief descriptor at the beginning of a bug or answer is advisable so that the PPA involved is known.
Maintained by Thomas Ward; Registered on 2015-03-01
Web dev project I'm working on for the Esplanade Condo Home Owner Association
Maintained by Siggi Bjarnason; Registered on 2015-02-28
Maintained by rafal dudek; Registered on 2015-02-28
Random collection of perl scripts authored by Siggi Bjarnason
Maintained by Siggi Bjarnason; Registered on 2015-02-28
Siggi's VBScripts
A random collection of vbscripts authored by Siggi Bjarnason
Maintained by Siggi Bjarnason; Registered on 2015-02-28
DeliLisp is a Lisp that is in development by James-Robert Knight.
Maintained by James-Robert Corken Knight; Registered on 2015-02-28
Toontown Original
Private server of toontown online
Maintained by michael; Registered on 2015-02-28
Ubuntu Unity scope that displays movies in KODI/XBMC etc. It is planned to have offline access to the KODI/XBMC library.
Maintained by Peter Sasse; Registered on 2015-02-28
GTK+ comic book viewer.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-02-28
Odoo 8.x Portugal
Develop modules for Portuguese needs.
Maintained by Carlos Eduardo Serra Luis; Registered on 2015-02-27
Organize your projects.
Maintained by Jonas; Registered on 2015-02-26
C Prime
A prime number generator that is based off of a seiving algorithm. It is capable of generating any number of successive prime numbers while keeping a constant memory footprint. File IO and the user interface are implemented using process parallelism. The seiving algorithm is implemented using task parallelism.
Maintained by Norman Smill; Registered on 2015-02-26
Freescale Vendor Code for Openstack Neutron to provide management for Freescale applications.
Maintained by Freescale Openstack Team; Registered on 2015-02-26
This project is a terminal based YouTube client with an interactive text interface and in-built help. It can be used to search YouTube, create local playlists to queue your favourite content, play audio or video (launched in external player) and can download YouTube content in various formats (mp4, flv, webm, ogg, m4a, m4v and 3gp)
Maintained by Zlatan Todoric; Registered on 2015-02-25
iHRIS Train for Nigeria
iHRIS Train for Nigeria
Maintained by IntraHealth Informatics; Registered on 2015-02-25
Application used to search Cactus & Succulent Field number, mostly intended for Cactus & Succulent growers.
Maintained by Tomas Kramaric; Registered on 2015-02-25
This repository maintains collectd packages
Maintained by Maxime VISONNEAU; Registered on 2015-02-25
Patch by uroybd in different projects.
Maintained by Utsob Roy; Registered on 2015-02-25
Create and boot multiboot live linux on a USB disk...
Maintained by Sundar; Registered on 2015-02-25
module for using scrum method in odoo module project
Maintained by sebastian cobert; Registered on 2015-02-25
Generate a report from http logs.
Maintained by xojoc; Registered on 2015-02-25
An alternate application launcher for Xfce.
Maintained by Xubuntu Developers; Registered on 2015-02-25
Brazilian Legal Calculator. Application to perform calculations for brazilian criminal enforcement
Maintained by Tiberio Melo; Registered on 2015-02-25
Python Pyvmomi
VMware vSphere Python SDK
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-02-24
Implementation of HRIS Train for FHI360 Nigeria
Maintained by Chimela Caesar; Registered on 2015-02-24
plaYUVer is an open-source video player with the following features:
Maintained by pixlra; Registered on 2015-02-24
HardcoreKitPvP Recode
Maintained by Falk Seidl; Registered on 2015-02-24
a box for drying
Maintained by Jan Sørensen; Registered on 2015-02-24
Provide class to easy manage ini file
Maintained by Gabriel Melillo; Registered on 2015-02-24
The 100 Experiment
The 100 Experiment is a survey application used to elicit responses from various youth subjects within South East Asia.
Maintained by The 100 Admin; Registered on 2015-02-24
This project contains the integration points for OVN with Neutron. We use Launchpad for bugs and BPs.
Maintained by Kyle Mestery; Registered on 2015-02-24
Jugolo Irc client
This client for irc you can connect to servers and talk to the peapople in it
Maintained by Ronnie; Registered on 2015-02-23
Um Sistema Operacional 100% em Português, voltado para o Núcleo, e não para o Usuário Final.
Maintained by Neo; Registered on 2015-02-23
this is my first project
Maintained by swapnil; Registered on 2015-02-23
Watcher takes advantage of CEP and ML algorithms/metaheuristics to improve physical resources usage through better VM placement. Watcher can improve your cloud optimization by reducing energy footprint and increasing profits.
Maintained by David TARDIVEL; Registered on 2015-02-23
Translation of Holiline Reminder GUI
Maintained by holiline; Registered on 2015-02-23
Maintained by StartledPhoenix; Registered on 2015-02-23
Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE... all these are web browsers with a big toolbar and tabs. In the new era of web apps, it doesn't makes any sense. Webby allow to use Facebook, Youtube or any web app as a regular desktop apps, integrated with the OS, without tabs and using the default system launcher.
Maintained by Erasmo Marín; Registered on 2015-02-23
FM Radio
Native radio player for UT OS.
Maintained by Zonov Roman; Registered on 2015-02-22
Traducción Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Traducción del videojuego de 3DS Zero Escape: Virtue`s Last Reward.
Maintained by José Luis; Registered on 2015-02-22
Backup framework
Maintained by Matvey Kruglov; Registered on 2015-02-22
Exit Bosskey
Press shift+enter to hide the window that is open.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-02-22
Lode Runner graphic project
Maintained by <hidden>; Registered on 2015-02-21
Displays famous quotes in a command line enviroment.
Maintained by Lewis; Registered on 2015-02-21
Easily create a nodejs skeleton to "snappify" your nodejs project.
Maintained by Oliver Grawert; Registered on 2015-02-21
allows teachers to track pupil progress
Maintained by darren5972; Registered on 2015-02-21
A bunch of Linux applications to get net in IITG working without the requirement of a per-app proxy setting.
Maintained by KUNAL KHANDELWAL; Registered on 2015-02-21
iHRIS Guinee
Development and maintenance of iHRIS Manage for Ministry of Health of Guinee and its use in the mHero platform.
Maintained by IntraHealth Informatics; Registered on 2015-02-21
VK Messenger
QML+JS based VK social network messenger for Ubuntu Touch OS.
Maintained by Zonov Roman; Registered on 2015-02-20
Greek layout of Ubuntu keyboard
This is the Greek layout of Ubuntu keyboard.
Maintained by j3lc; Registered on 2015-02-20
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