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horloge bidon
Maintained by COELHO; Registered 2 hours ago
Tanyard Springs Voting Record
This application is developed expressly for the Tanyard Springs Community in Glen Burnie, MD as a way for residents to understand the votes that were cast at every board meeting
Maintained by Michael Brown; Registered 3 hours ago
Assenze Docenti
Programma che permette di gestire le assenze dei docenti.
Maintained by Giulio Tripi; Registered 3 hours ago
An OS based off of Ubuntu GNOME designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind.
Maintained by ngpaladi; Registered 4 hours ago
A simple mod that adds a shadow to the player.
Maintained by RobertZenz; Registered 5 hours ago
Set up a Wasta-Offline 'local cache repository'
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered 9 hours ago
Offline Software Updates or Installs
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered 10 hours ago
iHRIS Database for Sierra Leone
iHRIS Database for Sierra Leone Ministry of Health
Maintained by Sierra Leone HRHIS Database; Registered 13 hours ago
Kingbird is a stand alone centralized service to help resource management and operation across multiple OpenStack instances in multisite cloud, initated from OPNFV multisite project ( ). All resources like VM/Volume/Network/...provisioning will still be done directly on each OpenStack intance's API, Kingbird will work standalone to provide features like centralized quota management, centralized management interface for distributed virtual resouces, global view for tenant level IP address/mac address space management, clone ssh key/image/flavor/etc across regions, centralized metering data management...
Maintained by Chaoyi Huang; Registered 17 hours ago
Home Automation Indicator
An Indicator to control my house.
Maintained by Marcus Wichelmann; Registered on 2015-10-03
Application Menu Limiting System
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2015-10-03
progetto everyS
Maintained by nicolaardito; Registered on 2015-10-03
This project created for testing
Maintained by MIrantis_Employee; Registered on 2015-10-02
Memory Management Scheme for MMUless Embedded Systems
Memory Management Scheme for MMUless Embedded Systems
Maintained by Io.D.; Registered on 2015-10-02
Ubuntu's application lifecycle controls the execution of applications on the system. It decouples the respective app-facing infrastructure from the actual policy, thus enabling adjustments to the policy depending on context, e.g., a phone being docked and connected to external input devices. This project serves as the primary way to report use-cases/issues with a specific lifecycle policy, e.g., a use-case an app would be unable to handle given the currently available infrastructure. The goal is to track these issue in a central place, prioritize them and iterate on existing infrastructure to solve the issues.
Maintained by Thomas Voß; Registered on 2015-10-02
sailfish-dict dictionary client for Sailfish OS.
Maintained by Dica-Developer; Registered on 2015-10-02
Software related to ddrace-network infrastructure
Maintained by Ac1d Beef; Registered on 2015-10-02
Maintained by ihmin; Registered on 2015-10-02
Lightweight SMTP client written in Go
Maintained by Hectane Maintainers; Registered on 2015-10-02
Android Asset Placer
A tool to automatically extract images from a zip archive to their proper directories in an android project.
Maintained by Joe Diragi; Registered on 2015-10-01
A web UI for the SPI project.
Maintained by Tanuki Squad; Registered on 2015-10-01
Bacon2D - QML Game Engine
Maintained by Ken VanDine; Registered on 2015-10-01
Openstack Tailgate Testing
Openstack Tailgaters project
Maintained by Gema Gomez; Registered on 2015-10-01
An agent for controlling and deploying Ironic controlled baremetal nodes.
Maintained by Ironic Drivers; Registered on 2015-10-01
a redirection code.
Maintained by Henri Behari; Registered on 2015-10-01
Mirror Qt packaging from Debian git
Maintained by Timo Jyrinki; Registered on 2015-10-01
Online publishing of the Ubuntu documentation
The Ubuntu documentation is published at <>. This project comprises branches for maintaining the online contents. There is also a bug tracker for keeping track of overall publishing issues, as opposed to issues which are specific to a particular set of docs.
Maintained by Ubuntu Documentation Committers; Registered on 2015-10-01
POA Providers
A project listing all available providers.
Maintained by elementary Pantheon team; Registered on 2015-10-01
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS initramfs issue
In Ubuntu 10.04 LTS We have to the OS with manual partition for our environment. But below is the issue we are facing. a) Automatic partition b) Manual partition While we do the automatic partition we are not getting “initramfs” issue. If we power off the server switch without proper shutdown, no issues, OS is booting. While we do the manual partition we are not getting “initramfs” issue. But if we power off the server switch without proper shutdown, we have issues that is “initramfs” issue. OS is not booting. Kindly help us to resolve the issue. Thanks Sivakumar N.
Maintained by; Registered on 2015-10-01
Owncloud Client
development files for owncloudsync folder synchronization with an ownCloud server - GUI folder synchronization with an ownCloud server - cmd client ownCloudSync folder synchronization - documentation ownCloudSync folder synchronization - libraries ownCloudSync folder synchronization - localization
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-10-01
I3lock with the i4 logo:
Maintained by Morty; Registered on 2015-10-01
Library providing metacontacts infrastructure debug symbols for package libkpeople development files for libkpeople
Maintained by Kubuntu Members; Registered on 2015-10-01
dbus-cpp bindings for Go.
Maintained by Kyle Fazzari; Registered on 2015-09-30
Application to schedule tasks or commands. Actually time, wireless lan based schedule and muting/unmuting of Ubuntu touch phone speaker and enable/disable of wireless lan is implemented. Application creates script for upstart (replacement for crontab) to be called by user. Thus scheduling is done in background even without application's running.
Maintained by Peter Sasse; Registered on 2015-09-30
Maintained by Malyavkin Alexander; Registered on 2015-09-29
DiamondQuest is built in the tradition of command-line games like Nethack. In this, you answer math problems to dig down, and you find various buried treasures. Can you beat your high score? This game was built by Jason McDonald for a very special friend, but you can enjoy it too!
Maintained by MousePaw Games; Registered on 2015-09-29
Odoo fleet Module for Transbordaralamedida bussiness
Maintained by John W. Viloria Amaris; Registered on 2015-09-29
Cisco Ironic Contrib
Package containing Cisco specific ironic work that doesn't fit into the core ironic tree.
Maintained by Sam Betts; Registered on 2015-09-29
Project for working eith API
Maintained by MIrantis_Employee; Registered on 2015-09-29
A wonderful circular icon pack inspired by OSX!
Maintained by pinbadge; Registered on 2015-09-29
An open source re-implementation of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.
Maintained by OpenRCT2 Team; Registered on 2015-09-29
Erle Robotics team
Erle Robotics team
Maintained by Victor Mayoral; Registered on 2015-09-29
Lucyd News
An RSS/News reader for Linux
Maintained by Vimalkumar Velayudhan; Registered on 2015-09-29
Noni Kernel
This is a little Customized Linux Kernle with Driver support for only one computer, Dell Mini Inspiron 910. I made this because my Great grandmother had a computer (The same one) and Driver support can be maintained with a custom kernel.
Maintained by Alex Barres; Registered on 2015-09-28
Project creating for API uses
Maintained by Malyavkin Alexander; Registered on 2015-09-28
Maintained by N; Registered on 2015-09-28
COS Astrolab
Astrolab is a web app based Astronomy resource
Maintained by Alchymy Laboratory; Registered on 2015-09-28
Extra qmake features required by the Ubuntu-SDK templates.
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2015-09-28
SenseHAT LED Utils
The SenseHAT LED utilities are a number of convenience functions living inside a Python class, which can change / alter what is shown on the Raspberry Pi's SenseHAT LED matrix.
Maintained by Jochen Schnelle; Registered on 2015-09-27
Maintained by elementary Apps team; Registered on 2015-09-27
Vitrage - The OpenStack RCA Engine
OpenStack RCA (Root Cause Analysis) Engine
Maintained by Vitrage Drivers; Registered on 2015-09-27
TURN and STUN server for VoIP
Maintained by Oleg Moskalenko; Registered on 2015-09-27
Touch app based on Ruben Parra's uRadio
Maintained by Mick21367; Registered on 2015-09-26
the smartest way to consume threat intelligence
Maintained by Wes Young; Registered on 2015-09-26
Color Fish Linux OS
An Artistic fork of Ubuntu LTS based the Pantheon Desktop Environment as seen on elementary OS.
Maintained by Dominic Damoah; Registered on 2015-09-25
OpenStack git-repo manifests
OpenStack manifests that can be used with the git-repo program.
Maintained by John L. Villalovos; Registered on 2015-09-25
Security for the internet of things...and beyond.
Maintained by Overwatch Team; Registered on 2015-09-25
ConMan is a serial console management program designed to support a large number of console devices and simultaneous users.
Maintained by Yuriy Shestakov; Registered on 2015-09-25
Killick provides Certificate Authority and Registration Authority services, with automated certificate policy enforcement.
Maintained by Doug Chivers; Registered on 2015-09-25
Linux webcam application
Maintained by econsysqtcam; Registered on 2015-09-25
lightweight C websockets library lightweight C websockets library - debug symbols lightweight C websockets library - development files lightweight C websockets library - test servers
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-09-25
A universal iOS client that interfaces with the OpenStack API.
Maintained by Jay_Clark; Registered on 2015-09-25
Nemo's Action to publish files or folders with Yandex.Disk.
Maintained by HeeppyDev; Registered on 2015-09-24
Odoo 8 Fleet with SMS module
Odoo 8 Fleet with SMS module
Maintained by John W. Viloria Amaris; Registered on 2015-09-24
BlumbangReksa Alpha Firmware
Maintained by Atnic; Registered on 2015-09-24
Sample Project
Maintained by Farid Inawan; Registered on 2015-09-24
Puppet module for Aodh
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2015-09-24
Cloudstrap is a bootstrapping system for Cloud machines. It sets up a Puppet environment with a puppet master and agents and retrieves Hiera configuration from a Git repository. It can be used for completely automated setup of a multi machine service stack.
Maintained by syseleven-platform; Registered on 2015-09-24
Linux web cam application
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-09-24
test project
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-09-24
Puppet module for murano. Part of Openstack.
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2015-09-24
Maintained by 林振书; Registered on 2015-09-24
Web de Cavasoft SAC.
Maintained by CofiGrup; Registered on 2015-09-23
Project focused towards basic VCS package unit testing for dvln.
Maintained by Erik; Registered on 2015-09-23
AppArmor bindings for Go.
Maintained by Kyle Fazzari; Registered on 2015-09-22
175 of 36952 results