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G-ra-t-is+>Milan Juventus 22.10.2016
G-ra-t-is+>Milan Juventus 22.10.2016 TV: TV: TV: TV:
Maintained by Sehen; Registered 13 hours ago
i love this
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered 14 hours ago
Ubuntu backports from Debian
Maintained by Ubuntu backporters from Debian; Registered on 2016-10-22
Repository for Massachusetts Open Cloud : - proxy to handle mix&match federation of resources
Maintained by python-reflex-drivers; Registered on 2016-10-21
OpenStack LXD Charm
OpenStack Nova LXD Charm: this LP project is for bug tracking only. Code lives in OpenStack upstream.
Maintained by Ryan Beisner; Registered on 2016-10-21
A few utilities for testing and curling from http servers
Maintained by raymond william mintz; Registered on 2016-10-21
An online programming competition run by Two Sigma and Cornell Tech.
Maintained by Michael; Registered on 2016-10-20
BOCA Online Contest Administrator
Unofficial project page for BOCA Online Contest Administrator system.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2016-10-20
Maintained by utnubudnai; Registered on 2016-10-20
FabLab à des Sources
FabLab à l'école secondaire des Sources
Maintained by Félix Desjardins; Registered on 2016-10-20
SGT Puzzles Collection
A launcher for Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection (sgt-puzzles package in Ubuntu)
Maintained by Sean Davis; Registered on 2016-10-19
PHP Microservicio - Test
Es la parte funcional que usará el framework FilghtPHP con patrones encontrado en composer "softweb/microservice_php"
Maintained by José Valdivia Caballero; Registered on 2016-10-19
Fuel plugin that simplifies bare metal deployments by provisioning ready to use virtual machines In mailing list use tags: [fuel][plugins][nitrous]
Maintained by AT&T Fuel Team; Registered on 2016-10-19
A fast file search utility for Unix operating systems
Maintained by Christian Boxdörfer; Registered on 2016-10-19
MazDB is a Qt/QML NoSql database based on googles leveldb
Maintained by Dan Chapman ; Registered on 2016-10-19
A template project to illustrate the minimum required to create an out of tree OpenStack Neutron extension.
Maintained by neutron-skeleton-extensions-drivers; Registered on 2016-10-19
Maintained by AT&T Fuel Team; Registered on 2016-10-18
Molten Iron is a system to manage a pool of Bare Metal testing machines that will allocate and release machines in the pool among other things.
Maintained by OpenStack Administrators; Registered on 2016-10-18
Jarun Software
A small collection of software created by Jarun.
Maintained by Johnathan Jenkins; Registered on 2016-10-18
This project is for QA candidate to submit testing bugs.
Maintained by Jerry Kao; Registered on 2016-10-18
Payloads for openstack syntribos project
Maintained by Vinay Potluri; Registered on 2016-10-18
Horizon client components packaged as a Ubuntu Snap and configured to bootstrap into the Blue Horizon managed infrastructure. Clone of
Maintained by Michael Dye; Registered on 2016-10-17
syntribos-openstack-templates project consists of templates to be used in syntribos API Security Testing Tool for openstack projects nova, neutron, glance, cinder, swift & keystone.
Maintained by syntribos-core; Registered on 2016-10-17
Virtual OrangeBox
A software implementation of a Canonical OrangeBox
Maintained by Craig Bender; Registered on 2016-10-17
A fresh OpenStack dashboard
Maintained by Alessandro Pilotti; Registered on 2016-10-17
Debian Testing
Metapackage's repo
Maintained by Siewdass; Registered on 2016-10-17
Wine Wizard
Wine Wizard is a modern GUI for Wine and easy solution for installing Windows applications in Linux/Unix, written in Qt.
Maintained by Baltix GNU/Linux activists; Registered on 2016-10-17
Charm helpers for Ceph charms
Maintained by OpenStack Charmers; Registered on 2016-10-17
Nextcloud Unofficial Builds
A safe home for all your data Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication & more at home and in your enterprise.
Maintained by Laurent Dinclaux; Registered on 2016-10-17
AMDiS (Adaptive MultiDimensional Simulations) is a C++ library to solve a broad class of partial differential equations (PDE) using adaptive finite elements.
Maintained by Simon Praetorius; Registered on 2016-10-16
Just a test because if currently offline
Maintained by Timo; Registered on 2016-10-16
PHP 5.3 FPM for ubuntu 16.04
Maintained by Galvani; Registered on 2016-10-15
Snapt is a CLI interface to communicate with both snap and the Debian/Ubuntu repositories at once. It is written in python3 and makes use of the OS module.
Maintained by Fred; Registered on 2016-10-14
A common library for OpenStack projects wishing to interact with XenAPI-based Hypervisors such as Citrix's XenServer
Maintained by Citrix OpenStack development team; Registered on 2016-10-14
Masked Data Compressor GUI
Simple GUI For panker1992's Masked Data Compressor.
Maintained by IP Man; Registered on 2016-10-13
Monitoring tools for Masakari
Maintained by masakari-drivers; Registered on 2016-10-13
Python client library for Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) service for OpenStack
Maintained by masakari-drivers; Registered on 2016-10-13
सिया पुस्तकालय व्यवस्थापन प्रणाली
सिया पुस्तकालय सफ्टवेर Siya is a Django Based Library Management System. We focus on ease of use and flexibility
Maintained by Ayush Jha; Registered on 2016-10-13
Huawei FusionCompute virtualization driver for OpenStack Nova
Maintained by nova-fusioncompute; Registered on 2016-10-13
Open Game Panel
OGP is a game server control panel. This project will manage the language files here.
Maintained by Robert Kiss; Registered on 2016-10-12
OpenStack Dashboard plugin for CloudPulse - Openstack Health Service
Maintained by Dmitry Ratushnyy; Registered on 2016-10-12
Snap testing of Qt
Maintained by Timo Jyrinki; Registered on 2016-10-12
Test Qt app
Maintained by Timo Jyrinki; Registered on 2016-10-12
Snapcraft packaging for quasselcore-moon127 snap in Snappy Store
Maintained by Gareth Woolridge; Registered on 2016-10-12
Snapcraft packaging for quasselclient-moon127 in the Snappy Store
Maintained by Gareth Woolridge; Registered on 2016-10-12
Snapcraft packaging for claws-mail, registered snap store app claws-mail-moon127 to avoid namespace clash with upstream
Maintained by Gareth Woolridge; Registered on 2016-10-12
The first open source SDN controller focused on cloud computing data centers
Maintained by jianqingjiang; Registered on 2016-10-12
Based on the efficient multi-threaded performance of C, DCFabric shows very high efficiency in network topology discovering,message/event handling, and OpenFlow table entries installing.
Maintained by jianqingjiang; Registered on 2016-10-12
This project provides a script capable of purging excessive kernels from Ubuntu Linux even in tricky conditions. It is versatile; it can do automatic purging and manual purging optionally using a checklist. It can take into account that some kernels are needed for kernels updates. It has text-based interface, so it can be used over ssh connection in terminal.
Maintained by Jarno Suni; Registered on 2016-10-11
OpenStack + StackStorm (integrating the two in a nice and useful manner).
Maintained by Kris Lindgren; Registered on 2016-10-11
Disk Indicator
A system tray indicator for managing devices on Ubuntu
Maintained by Tony George; Registered on 2016-10-11
Various imports
Various imports
Maintained by hda_launchpad; Registered on 2016-10-11
crossbar - WAMP application router
Maintained by Crossbar; Registered on 2016-10-11
this project will keep the cplane bugs and review process.
Maintained by Narinder Gupta; Registered on 2016-10-11
Upgrad Case Study 3
Maintained by Sandeep Kumar; Registered on 2016-10-11
Pushbullet for elementary os
Maintained by Nikolaj Janko; Registered on 2016-10-10
OpenStack Charm Guide
OpenStack Charm Guide - Code is upstream, bugs are tracked here.
Maintained by Ryan Beisner; Registered on 2016-10-10
Women of OpenStack - OpenStack Summit - Git and Gerrit Lunch and Learn project.
Maintained by austinll; Registered on 2016-10-10
Ubuntu SDK image tools
Tools for creating and validating Ubuntu SDK images
Maintained by Ubuntu SDK team; Registered on 2016-10-10
Provider for Plainbox - TPM2
Upstream TPM2 integration tests
Maintained by Sylvain Pineau; Registered on 2016-10-10
Sogou Reader Scope
This project is one scope that shows book info from Sogou.
Maintained by sogoureader-scope-team; Registered on 2016-10-10
Lossless image format with extremely high compression ratios.
Maintained by Nathan Osman; Registered on 2016-10-10
Sina Sports Scope
This project is one scope that shows sports news from Sina.
Maintained by sinasports-scope-team; Registered on 2016-10-10
Export the image of Amazon EC2 instance to Amazon S3
Maintained by mowenlong; Registered on 2016-10-10
IceBuntu Reborn
A New IceBuntu Attempt. An Ubuntu Remix that will feature the IceWM Window Manager and Lightweight Applications for Older Machines and Netbooks.
Maintained by Alex Barres; Registered on 2016-10-10
A simple antiransomware application written in Vala.
Maintained by Félix Brezo; Registered on 2016-10-09
A simple Todo management application written in Vala.
Maintained by Félix Brezo; Registered on 2016-10-09
Ampare Read Book Records
Record which book you read and how many page you already read and able to search it
Maintained by Juthawong Naisanguansee; Registered on 2016-10-09
Qt5 Configuration Tool (qt5ct) Homepage: Project page made for package building purpose.
Maintained by hda_launchpad; Registered on 2016-10-08
Dosemu2 is a virtual machine that allows you to run DOS software under Linux.
Maintained by Dosemu2; Registered on 2016-10-07
A utility and server to control GPIO pins on RPi
Maintained by Omer Akram; Registered on 2016-10-06
Puppet module for FD.IO projects including VPP and Honeycomb
Maintained by puppet-fdio-drivers; Registered on 2016-10-06
osmand malayalam transalation
This is a short project to complete malayalam transalation for osmand
Maintained by Sunil K; Registered on 2016-10-06
Collection of Juju Charms created/modified by GARR-CSD department
Maintained by Fulvio Galeazzi; Registered on 2016-10-06
some wallpapers for ubuntu kylin
Maintained by Ubuntu Kylin Members; Registered on 2016-10-06
175 of 38906 results