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Maintained by Kakhaber Kheladze; Registered 3 hours ago
Programs from learning path haskell
Maintained by Roel Sergeant; Registered 12 hours ago
QuickBooks Setup and Installation Support 18009272480
QuісkBооkѕ аrе highly еffісіеnt іn еvоlvіng your buѕіnеѕѕ. It hеlрѕ уоu organize аll kіndѕ оf functional рrосеѕѕеѕ that уоur company еmрlоуееѕ hаvе tо handle. Plus, іt is very hеlрful іn соntrоllіng your cash flоw also. Thіѕ іѕ duе tо the feature through whісh уоur bіll рауmеntѕ become automatic. Wіth thіѕ kind оf оrgаnіzеd business approach, уоu get tо сrеаtе a рrоfеѕѕіоnаl rерutаtіоn аmоng уоur сuѕtоmеrѕ and clients.
Maintained by Iltor1958; Registered 22 hours ago
julian project testbed
Maintained by Julian Liu; Registered on 2017-08-18
Linux IDS, NSM, and Log Management
Maintained by Hans; Registered on 2017-08-17
Static analysis build tools
Maintained by Colin Ian King; Registered on 2017-08-17
Arduino code & python interface to do the readout of the HV tests of the Mu2e panels.
Maintained by Jean-Francois Caron; Registered on 2017-08-16
Trash Cli
Command line interface to the trashcan. Edit
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-08-16
A GUI interface for the KPDR900 vacuum pressure controller from Kurt J. Lesker Company. Also compatible with the identical PDR900 from MKS Instruments.
Maintained by Jean-Francois Caron; Registered on 2017-08-16
Flexible and lightweight program to renders GLSL shaders, that can be run directly from the console
Maintained by; Registered on 2017-08-16
MSG Converter Toolkit
Mailsware MSG Converter is the effective solution that provides the complete conversion of Outlook MSG files. With this software, you can easily export multiple MSG files at once without losing any bit of information. This software also provides the free demo version by which you can understand the complete working of the tool and import 25 items of each folder. The best thing about this software is that it supports non-English text messages. MSG Converter always maintains the folder structure during the conversion. This software provides the accurate and safest conversion of your Outlook MSG files.
Maintained by annie watson; Registered on 2017-08-16
EDB to PST - EDB file into PST File
EDB to PST Converter software is the great solution to repair crashed EDB file in order to convert EDB file to PST file. It helps you to extract Exchange database to MS Outlook. EDB converter software perfectly convert data from EDB file into PST file. Read more-
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-08-16
Mizgi is a content and data display framework.
Maintained by Mizgi; Registered on 2017-08-15
ROS robot on pi 2
Maintained by Lingaprahasam; Registered on 2017-08-15
Telecom Tower server
Server for the telecom tower
Maintained by Jacques Supcik; Registered on 2017-08-14
Enso Keyboard Settings
Keyboard settings - Change keyboard layout and shortcuts
Maintained by Enso OS team; Registered on 2017-08-14
Enso Greeter
A Lightdm login screen - a fork of elementarys pantheon greeter
Maintained by Enso OS team; Registered on 2017-08-14
Enso Desktop Settings
Change desktop settings - a fork of elementarys Pantheon Switchboard plug to work outside of Switchboard
Maintained by Enso OS team; Registered on 2017-08-14
SSY project
Maintained by kivanc gumrukcu; Registered on 2017-08-14
Unofficial build of monodevelop
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-08-13
Linux distro
Maintained by Otto Nemeth; Registered on 2017-08-13
DDCcontrol is a software used to control monitor parameters, like brightness, contrast, RGB color levels and others.
Maintained by Miroslav Kravec; Registered on 2017-08-13
A daemon for basic monitoring Juju controller health.
Maintained by Tim Kuhlman; Registered on 2017-08-11
Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform built on Ethereum. This is a mirror of to automate the continuous delivery of the snap to the store.
Maintained by Leo Arias; Registered on 2017-08-11
NanoPi NEO Gadget
Bootloader files and partitoning data to create a bootable Ubuntu Core image for the NanoPi NEO.
Maintained by Oliver Grawert; Registered on 2017-08-11
Filebeat Charmers
Juju charm for Filebeat log file data shipper
Maintained by Filebeat Charmers; Registered on 2017-08-11
Spin on Ubuntu for education, inspired by Edubuntu
Maintained by Joshua Bayfield; Registered on 2017-08-10
Dependencies for AriseBank's blockchain network
Maintained by Jared Rice Sr.; Registered on 2017-08-10
a Tea Timer 4 U
Just 'snap' a plain timer based on Java. (You are welcome to transform it ...)
Maintained by Juergen Smolka; Registered on 2017-08-10
Obs Websocket
Remote control of OBS Studio made easy
Maintained by chepecarlos; Registered on 2017-08-10
Open source object storage server compatible with Amazon S3 APIs.
Maintained by minio; Registered on 2017-08-10
An onscreen keyboard useful for tablet PC users and for mobility impaired users. This is the C++ port of Onboard, meant to be embedded into GNOME Shell under X and Wayland. The original Python-based project can be found at
Maintained by marmuta; Registered on 2017-08-09
my program
Maintained by Abhinav Kumar; Registered on 2017-08-09
Gala - light A fork of the elementary WM gala to remove some of the fat
Maintained by Enso OS team; Registered on 2017-08-09
LX-Control-Center mirror from github
Maintained by Julien Lavergne; Registered on 2017-08-08
JabRef is an open source bibliography reference manager. The native file format used by JabRef is BibTeX, the standard LaTeX bibliography format. JabRef runs on the Java VM (version 1.8 or newer), and works equally well on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Maintained by JabRef; Registered on 2017-08-08
InfluxDB Charm
Juju charm for deploying InfluxDB
Maintained by InfluxDB Charmers; Registered on 2017-08-08
Relieve stress or block out distracting background noises with tranquil
Maintained by Enso OS team; Registered on 2017-08-08
Yoaup is a YouTube Audio Player for the desktop
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2017-08-08
Perhaps the smallest useful terminal multiplexer in the world.
Maintained by Dawid Dziurla; Registered on 2017-08-07
a mini docker project
Maintained by Daniel Manrique; Registered on 2017-08-07
Small script to keep the IP updated on DuckDNS.
Maintained by fcole90; Registered on 2017-08-07
Provide Ansible plugins for Kolla-ansible
Maintained by kolla-ansible-plugins-drivers; Registered on 2017-08-07
i want to create a project that can make your old laptop/pc work on the latest software /drivers/upgrades and so it can always be used special for people with les or no monney .
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-08-06
Mikrokosmos is a λ-calculus interpreter, borrowing its name from the series of progressive piano études Mikrokosmos written by Bela Bartok. It aims to provide students with a tool to learn and understand λ-calculus. It supports both untyped λ-calculus and simply typed λ-calculus.
Maintained by Mario; Registered on 2017-08-06
Quark Sphinx Theme
Quark: a Sphinx theme for QTextBrowser
Maintained by Felix Krull; Registered on 2017-08-05
Random android project
Maintained by Walter V. Faustine; Registered on 2017-08-05
Mobile Application Blog Test
Maintained by Walter V. Faustine; Registered on 2017-08-05
An application with graphical interface to create QR Codes
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2017-08-05
Maintained by Raffae Sahli; Registered on 2017-08-04
A Qt based application for analysing and logging keyboard layouts.
Maintained by Akiva; Registered on 2017-08-03
Snap for running a Samba DC on a Pi
Maintained by Anthony Davies; Registered on 2017-08-03
Snap for running a Samba DC on a Pi
Maintained by Anthony Davies; Registered on 2017-08-03
Subversion plugin for Breezy
Maintained by Jelmer Vernooij; Registered on 2017-08-03
A VirtualBox image that has all the tools needed to begin OpenStack upstream contribution
Maintained by Mark Korondi; Registered on 2017-08-02
MAG Student Portal
This project is a "school" project for a course in JavaEE at Lexicon AB in Gothenburg, Summer 2017. The project it meant to provide a way for teachers to take attendance and for students to register to courses.
Maintained by Gustav Hartvigsson; Registered on 2017-08-02
An open source cross platform desktop client for
Maintained by tahnik; Registered on 2017-08-01
Gnocchi Charm
Juju Charm for Deploying Gnocchi
Maintained by OpenStack Charmers; Registered on 2017-08-01
OpenStack Public Cloud WG
A project for the OpenStack Public Cloud Group.
Maintained by OpenStack Public Cloud WG; Registered on 2017-08-01
Python client library for Rack Scale Design (RSD)
Maintained by Nate Potter; Registered on 2017-07-31
Ansible OTC packaging
Maintained by Frank Kloeker; Registered on 2017-07-31
This software is hardly of any use. When I started learning C I used it to experiment with new things I had learned. Now that I am new to bazaar and launchpad I use it to experiment with those.
Maintained by Christoph Mayer; Registered on 2017-07-31
A build of Ubuntu's nginx packages with the upstream healthcheck feature patched in.
Maintained by Brightbox; Registered on 2017-07-31
Maintained by nallasivam; Registered on 2017-07-31
sphinx-autodoc-annotation packaging
Maintained by Steve Kondik; Registered on 2017-07-31
Packaging for hsluv-python
Maintained by Steve Kondik; Registered on 2017-07-31
Packaging for the Grapefruit Python module
Maintained by Steve Kondik; Registered on 2017-07-31
Packaging for python-evdev 0.7+
Maintained by Steve Kondik; Registered on 2017-07-31
Packaging for the Colr python module
Maintained by Steve Kondik; Registered on 2017-07-31
kurly is an alternative to the widely popular curl program. kurly is designed to operate in a similar manner to curl, with select features. Notably, kurly is not aiming for feature parity, but common flags and mechanisms particularly within the HTTP(S) realm are to be expected. The current authors are not security experts, but want to contribute to the fledging movement of replacing key tools and services with equivalents based on modern and safe languages. We recognize that people are fallible (including ourselves), and for this reason believe we need all the help we can get. Several languages exist which could be used to fulfill our goal, but in this case we picked Golang.
Maintained by Carla Sella; Registered on 2017-07-30
Maintained by Ferran Pujol; Registered on 2017-07-30
TTW Toontown Wicked
A non-profit video game originally by Disney
Maintained by Zachary Davidson; Registered on 2017-07-30
Compile picard snaps.
Maintained by Marc Peña; Registered on 2017-07-29
Liri OS (snap packages)
This project only exists in order to automate builds of our snap packages
Maintained by Tim Süberkrüb; Registered on 2017-07-29
Classic dimension for snappy
This snap allows to run a "classic" Ubuntu environment on an Ubuntu Core system. This means that the traditional package management tools like apt and dpkg are available in this environment. It also means that tools like gdb, tcpdump, strace and valgrind (to name a few) are just a simple apt install strace away.
Maintained by Snappy Developers; Registered on 2017-07-29
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