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Coolecation of PHP Classes for webmasters, for website review for Yandex, Google
Maintained by Khusam Alfas; Registered 2 hours ago
Packages used for virtual machine images for University at Buffalo Computer Science and Engineering courses.
Maintained by Ethan Blanton; Registered 14 hours ago
Just a test.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered 15 hours ago
This is the Site for the International College of Surgeons (ICS) Volunteer Registry
Maintained by IntraHealth Informatics; Registered 16 hours ago
Example snap used in a tutorial
Maintained by Alan Griffiths; Registered 20 hours ago
to build email funnel list
Maintained by Adekunle Emmanuel Oluokun; Registered 23 hours ago
first use ppa, test
Maintained by dou_zhong_kang; Registered on 2018-05-22
PiCaster is a podcast recording and streaming application, easy to use for beginners, but with enough functionality to suit the needs of intermediate or experienced podcasters.
Maintained by Yannick Mauray; Registered on 2018-05-21
Its keymagic for ibus original from
Maintained by Myanmar Linux Maintainer; Registered on 2018-05-21
Lubia main project
Maintained by ro; Registered on 2018-05-21
Port of bzr-loom to breezy.
Maintained by Breezy developers; Registered on 2018-05-20
Desktop layout tool for Cinnamon
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2018-05-20
KMFL - KMFL is a keyboarding input method currently being developed under Linux which aims to bring Tavultesoft Keyman functionality to *nix operating systems. KMFL is being jointly developed by SIL International ( and Tavultesoft ( It is being released under the GPL license. here is myanmar keyboard repo.
Maintained by Myanmar Linux Maintainer; Registered on 2018-05-20
I just take the blender source code and compile it for all the architectures. You can find the source being updated so often on my GitHub ""
Maintained by S B; Registered on 2018-05-20
php extension for opencv
Maintained by Vladimir Goncharov; Registered on 2018-05-19
A bzr plugin to construct a branch based on a "recipe"
Maintained by Jelmer Vernooij; Registered on 2018-05-19
Aort Test
Aort Test
Maintained by Aort Ltd; Registered on 2018-05-19
a programming language
Maintained by krishna satya; Registered on 2018-05-19
OpenShot Video Library | packaging
This project is the home for packaging (Debian and others) for OpenShot Video Editor (version 2.0+).
Maintained by Jonathan Thomas; Registered on 2018-05-18
OpenShot Video Library | libopenshot-audio
libopenshot-audio is an open-source, cross-platform C++ audio library based on the JUCE audio framework. This is the same library which powers OpenShot Video Editor (version 2.0+).
Maintained by Jonathan Thomas; Registered on 2018-05-18
snap package for the dronecode qgroundcontrol project
Maintained by Jaeyoung Lim; Registered on 2018-05-18
harfbuzz embedded, display Arabic on embedded devices with buffbuzz. Persian, Arabic, Thai language multi-language support
Maintained by DU HUANPENG; Registered on 2018-05-18
The godd go dd disk writer
Maintained by Michael Vogt; Registered on 2018-05-17
Release Upgrader as used by KDE neon
Maintained by Jonathan Riddell; Registered on 2018-05-17
Utility to store and retrieve dm-crypt encryption keys in Hashicorp Vault
Maintained by James Page; Registered on 2018-05-17
Set of functions and aliases which help in daily programming using tool like GIT, Docker etc.
Maintained by Radek; Registered on 2018-05-16
Simple GTK+ v3 OTP client (TOTP and HOTP)
Maintained by Dawid Dziurla; Registered on 2018-05-16
GoByte (GBX) is an innovative cryptocurrency.
Maintained by GoByte Coin; Registered on 2018-05-16
Wiscreen veeb
Fresh frontend for Wiscreen website.
Maintained by Toel; Registered on 2018-05-16
A PAM module that protects sensitive data and provides a panic function for emergency situations. Authentication through passwords or removable media.
Maintained by Bandie; Registered on 2018-05-15
Python library to launch cloud instances and customize cloud images
Maintained by pycloudlib-devs; Registered on 2018-05-15
The next generation browser is back as Subcon!
Maintained by Dynamic Build; Registered on 2018-05-15
Ionic app to submit a report
Maintained by Leandro Antú Villegas; Registered on 2018-05-14
Scion internet architecture
Maintained by Martin Koppehel; Registered on 2018-05-14
Application base de données des médicaments en Tunisie
Maintained by DrX@TUN; Registered on 2018-05-13
Opaque Types To Infinity
Presentation and sample code for the LambdaConf 2018 presentation "Opaque Types To Infinity".
Maintained by Stephen Compall; Registered on 2018-05-12
serve starts a simple temporary static file server in your current directory and prints your IP address to share with colleagues
Maintained by Philipp Gillé; Registered on 2018-05-12
Dash to dock
Enhanced dash for GNOME Shell. It moves the default dash out of the overview and transforms it into a dock
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2018-05-12
Equals App
For Equality, Freedom & Justice
Maintained by Squarcy; Registered on 2018-05-11
Maintained by YGoldKing; Registered on 2018-05-11
Conditions Your Body
Use this basic exercise at home.
Maintained by Mark Malonzo; Registered on 2018-05-11
microk8s project placeholder to leverage snap builders
Maintained by Konstantinos Tsakalozos; Registered on 2018-05-11
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 ѕυԁаh реrnаh dirumorkan ѕ&#1077bеƖυmnуа, kabarnya perangkat tеrѕ&#1077bυt аkаn ѕеɡеrа hadir pada bulan Mei mеnԁаtаnɡ ԁеnɡаn harga jual sekitar 3 jutaan, namun ѕаmраі saat іnі perangkat Apparatus kelas menengah tеrѕ&#1077bυt bеƖυm juga diumumkan secara resmi οƖеh Samsung. Hari іnі sebuah bocoran facts ԁаrі GLBenchmark menunjukkan bahwa perangkat tеrѕ&#1077bυt memang benar аԁа ԁаn bіѕа saja hadir ԁаƖаm waktu dekat. Fitur Galaxy Ace 3 SеƖаіn іtυ ԁаrі hasil uji target tеrѕ&#1077bυt, terungkap bahwa Galaxy Ace 3 аkаn memiliki prosesor Broadcom CPU 1GHz dual-core ԁаn GPU VideoCore IV, spesifikasi mesin penggerak utama perangkat іnі terlihat ѕаmа ԁеnɡаn уаnɡ аԁа pada Galaxy S2 Clear. Perangkat іnі juga аkаn dikapalkan ԁеnɡаn menggunakan sistem operasi Apparatus 4.2.2 Jelly Bean уаnɡ dilapisi ԁеnɡаn antar muka Scenery UX 2.0 ԁаrі Samsung. Sayangnya pada bocoran kali іnі tіԁаk аԁа informasi mеnɡеnаі spesifikasi lainnya. Report уаnɡ beredar memperkirakan Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 аkаn memiliki layar 4 inci WVGA, material 1GB, slot microSD, kamera 5MP, ԁаn аkаn dijual ԁі kisaran harga 3 juta rupiah saja. Kita nantikan saja bring up tο date selanjutnya ԁаrі Samsung sehubunganmisi produk іnі.
Maintained by rudi habibi; Registered on 2018-05-11
terserah mas
Maintained by rudi habibi; Registered on 2018-05-11
Distribution-independent installer framework.
Maintained by Calamares Maintainers; Registered on 2018-05-10
Packaging for the charm-tools project.
Maintained by Tim Van Steenburgh; Registered on 2018-05-10
Karaoke library management tools
Maintained by Isaac Lightburn; Registered on 2018-05-10
Plex Media Server armhf snap
armhf snap package for Plex Media Server
Maintained by Scott Sweeny; Registered on 2018-05-10
This is a custom-made Python thing for Discord that is built by John Smith to spam a bot. I am not the creator and this is just a republish.
Maintained by John Smith; Registered on 2018-05-10
You shouldn't use this. Go away.
Maintained by Kyle Fazzari; Registered on 2018-05-09
A software to autonomous music player to defined hours
Maintained by Miguel Pinto; Registered on 2018-05-09
Duplicate File Finder
Duplicate File Finder is a tool designed to find and delete duplicate files on your computer. Fast hash comparison gives you quick results and byte-to-byte comparison gives the accurate results and it searches duplicate file contents regardless of filename. A list of duplicate files can be removed, moved, or copied.
Maintained by Alexander Bychkov; Registered on 2018-05-08
Lapor hama adalah aplikasi yang dibuat sebagai wadah laporan berkaitan dengan hama (bugs) dan saran untuk sistem operasi TeaLinuxOS. Kami harap dengan mengetahui celah pada untuk TeaLinuxOS menjadikan TeaLinuxOS menjadi lebih baik.
Maintained by arnaz adiputra; Registered on 2018-05-08
libtorrent (rasterbar) library by Arvid Norberg Website: Code:
Maintained by libtorrent; Registered on 2018-05-07
Graphical interface to turn off or set the system shutdown time.
Maintained by Gabriel BielHost; Registered on 2018-05-07
Hi there This is Editor- IT & Education: The daily sangbad diganta. A national news paper in bangladesh.Online version url , Our mission Sangbaddiganta-open publish online news paper. Under the World wide media & publish URL , Vission "News for everyone" Sangbaddiganta-open publish online news paper. Bio: Openpublic. Open for everyone Source: Open software project.
Maintained by Engineer khan mohammod kamruzzaman; Registered on 2018-05-07
StereoPhotoView is a viewer/editor for stereoscopic 3d photo and video.
Maintained by Alexander; Registered on 2018-05-07
Project for the management of community health workers in Sierra Leone
Maintained by Ese Egerega; Registered on 2018-05-06
Java Chess Round Robin Tournament Management
Maintained by Martin Schmuck; Registered on 2018-05-06
Print App
An app to print anything you want to Linux Bash Shell (terminal).
Maintained by Pa Lia; Registered on 2018-05-05
json editor GUI (alpha test)
Maintained by; Registered on 2018-05-05
A units converter that will understand a lot of written queries and produce a nice human response.
Maintained by Facundo Batista; Registered on 2018-05-04
hello world
Maintained by chainsx; Registered on 2018-05-04
Log every executed command to syslog (a.k.a. Snoopy Logger).
Maintained by bostjan; Registered on 2018-05-04
Patched version of lightdm to allow vtswitching
Maintained by amboxer21; Registered on 2018-05-04
A tiny bash based utility for inspecting and scraping Tumblr blogs.
Maintained by David Bindloss; Registered on 2018-05-03
Pop!_OS Port Team
This is a Pop!_OS port that allows you to run it in armhf, which also allows you to run it through Raspberry Pi.
Maintained by Tyler Wrenn; Registered on 2018-05-03
The is a project for CHW registry deployment for Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation using iHRIS-Manage
Maintained by Ese Egerega; Registered on 2018-05-03
i am using launchpad for the first time.
Maintained by mahdi; Registered on 2018-05-03
Preview markdown files in web browser
Maintained by fu huizhong; Registered on 2018-05-03
libheif is a ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF file format decoder and encoder.
Maintained by struktur AG; Registered on 2018-05-02
Maintained by X; Registered on 2018-05-02
Hex Editor GUI
Maintained by; Registered on 2018-05-01
Paho MQTT-SN Gateway
A transparent gateway that can bridge MQTT-SN connections to an MQTT broker.
Maintained by Eclipse Paho; Registered on 2018-05-01
Juste un projet de test sur launchpad
Maintained by kasongo; Registered on 2018-05-01
175 of 41138 results