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Scalable user load testing tool written in Python
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered 21 hours ago
UBports Meta
A project to track general roadmaps and organizational information for UBports.
Maintained by UBports Community; Registered on 2017-04-26
Collaboration of MariaDB/MySQL packaging in Debian and Ubuntu
Maintained by MySQL Ubuntu Packagers; Registered on 2017-04-26
downpour exports tenant data from an OpenStack cloud to create a set of Ansible playbooks for importing the data into another cloud.
Maintained by OpenStack Downpour; Registered on 2017-04-26
A Ubuntu Unity indicator to show local and remote IP addresses.
Maintained by Daniel Kraus; Registered on 2017-04-26
Setting up a website with java that can contain personal information for further checkups but in a format that cant be exposed even to the administrator.
Maintained by Akmal Yousuf; Registered on 2017-04-26
Office Setup Help
Setup and install microsoft office from or and integrate a feature to this website through MY SQL that can verify the customer and the details directly through microsoft loop.
Maintained by Akmal Yousuf; Registered on 2017-04-26
Azure IoT Gateway for tailored IoT solutions.
Maintained by Microsoft Azure IoT; Registered on 2017-04-25
The Ubuntu-power-systems project
The Ubuntu-power-systems project
Maintained by pmteam; Registered on 2017-04-25
A shell project to provide patches for a psp gen program
Maintained by Alberto Garcia; Registered on 2017-04-25
Bash Messege
Maintained by Abu Dawud; Registered on 2017-04-25
A program to keep track of and save basic finance
Maintained by Jan Odding; Registered on 2017-04-25
Terminally Tetris
Tetris in the terminal! Includes "boss mode" to disguise the game as normal command activity.
Maintained by Daniel Bishop; Registered on 2017-04-24
tempel is a tool for paste your snippet to as default it will get data from clipboard as text.
Maintained by anto samalona; Registered on 2017-04-24
test demo
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-04-24
Working with Monads in OCaml
A presentation for Compose Conference 2017.
Maintained by Stephen Compall; Registered on 2017-04-23
Nextcloud client expermiments
Experimental project for the Nextcloud desktop client
Maintained by István Váradi; Registered on 2017-04-23
An app that sets desktop wallpapers in a random way using Unsplash as image source
Maintained by Daniel Pereira; Registered on 2017-04-23
hswitch is a hosts file content switcher to modify your static ip addresses quickly for development
Maintained by Patrizio Bekerle; Registered on 2017-04-22
Kruskal's algorithm maze generator
Maintained by Miłosz Ryguła; Registered on 2017-04-21
Snapcraft Parts Service
Parts are reusable components that are the main building blocks used to create snaps using Snapcraft. SPS is the parts repository used by snapcraft.
Maintained by Daniel Manrique; Registered on 2017-04-21
Python virtualenvs in Debian packages
Maintained by Sebastien DOIDO; Registered on 2017-04-21
A simple flashcard based game for learning kana.
Maintained by Andrew Hayzen; Registered on 2017-04-21
python-zvm-sdk is a libary that helps to invoke zvm system mangagement APIs.
Maintained by Huang Rui; Registered on 2017-04-21
class project
Maintained by sabinusi mlambo; Registered on 2017-04-20
UBports Infrastructure
A project dedicated to planning and tracking issues in UBports infrastructure.
Maintained by UBports Infrastructure; Registered on 2017-04-20
zulip-electron test app
Maintained by Akash Nimare; Registered on 2017-04-20
Tizen repo
Maintained by Tizen; Registered on 2017-04-20
16.04 Linux Kernel ACS override
Building the 16.04 kernel with pcie acs override patch
Maintained by JairunCaloth; Registered on 2017-04-20
Test data
Maintained by Jorge Gomez; Registered on 2017-04-20
The Silph Road
The Silph Road is the premier grassroots Pokemon Go community.
Maintained by Marco Ceppi; Registered on 2017-04-19
A collection of notes on various topics, for example, administering a Ubuntu Linux system, using the Vim text editor, using documentation systems such as Docutils and Asciidoc/Asciidoctor, etc.
Maintained by Dave Kuhlman; Registered on 2017-04-19
mi proyecto team
Maintained by Xavier Vicente; Registered on 2017-04-19
nuevo proyecto
Maintained by Xavier Vicente; Registered on 2017-04-19
Unit Ambiance
Unit Theme from official Ambiance theme
Maintained by Unit Team; Registered on 2017-04-19
A simple extension which sticks to the top bar for immediate suspension of the system.
Maintained by YASH KRISHAN; Registered on 2017-04-19
Best Solutions to Recover Excel Password & Unlock Excel Password using of PDS Excel Password Recovery Software which smoothly recover forgotten MS Excel file password and break Excel sheet protection password. Software has two types of option dictionary or brute force attack to remove excel file protection password. Visit Here:
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-04-19
Food Tracker
An app that lets you organise your food you have with expiration date. Part of the Omix Project.
Maintained by Szulovszky Balázs; Registered on 2017-04-18
Omix Project
A collection of Omix apps and related things. More info at:
Maintained by Szulovszky Balázs; Registered on 2017-04-18
Limes is an OpenStack-compatible quota/usage tracking service, originally designed for SAP's internal cloud.
Maintained by Stefan Majewsky; Registered on 2017-04-18
Unit Desktop
Unit Desktop is a light and fast Desktop Environment created for Linux Unit.
Maintained by Unit Team; Registered on 2017-04-18
testing lp
Maintained by MRMillon; Registered on 2017-04-18
HDD Ranger
HDD Ranger - The best defrag tool for Ubuntu
Maintained by Jouni Rajala; Registered on 2017-04-18
Old packages of the PHP 5.5 for Ubuntu 16.04 needed for compatibility reasons.
Maintained by Blade; Registered on 2017-04-17
open source media center forked from Kodi
Maintained by lga369; Registered on 2017-04-17
Cairo w/ DRM support
Maintained by Enrico Weigelt, metux ITS; Registered on 2017-04-16
Maintained by kpp; Registered on 2017-04-16
This project manages the networking drivers and plugins for OpenContrail project
Maintained by networking-opencontrail-drivers; Registered on 2017-04-16
A simple Salesforce BayeuxClient for subscribing to PushTopics
Maintained by Chris Sanders; Registered on 2017-04-15
Python form generator
This is a form generator written in python, for now just have text field, email field and text area
Maintained by Ellery; Registered on 2017-04-15
Rule-based packet sniffer
Maintained by binaryfrost; Registered on 2017-04-14
SB SIEM - A great SIEM project for Small Business
Maintained by Kr0ll; Registered on 2017-04-14
Charm to configure unattended upgrades and reboots, and report status of pending updates and reboots.
Maintained by Paul Gear; Registered on 2017-04-14
Ubuntu Phone OS Swap
In this Project im taking a samsung galaxy j7 and attempting to install any type of ubuntu touch os.
Maintained by Aubrey Adams Morris; Registered on 2017-04-14
Gadael is a leave management web application. Leave requests, overtime recovery, hierarchical approval...
Maintained by Paul de Rosanbo; Registered on 2017-04-13
VR Love game translation project
Maintained by Carlos Dagnino Navarro; Registered on 2017-04-13
YUV Player and analytics toolset
Maintained by Jens Schneider; Registered on 2017-04-13
Lightweight OCI compliant images for OpenStack
Maintained by openstack-loci-drivers; Registered on 2017-04-13
A simple QGIS repository generator written in Rust.
Maintained by Petr Tsymbarovich; Registered on 2017-04-12
Enso OS
Enso OS is a Xubuntu-based distribution that is aimed around a clean and simple desktop that anyone can pick up and use. Enso integrates Gala WM and Panther Launcher into the Xfce environment To find out more visit our homepage
Maintained by Enso OS team; Registered on 2017-04-12
A project to help users to manage infrastructure under OpenStack.
Maintained by foxnut-drivers; Registered on 2017-04-12
Private package repository
Maintained by Bjørnar Ness; Registered on 2017-04-12
Utility to launch and manage containers using YAML based configuration data
Maintained by Steve Baker; Registered on 2017-04-11
disabilityheard is a contact point and hub for organizing across difference. this app looks to connect people with disability as and with lgbtq 2s poc indiginious organizing of accessible spaces in Kingston Ontario Canada. Projects include film and new media from a disability cultural perspective in solidarity with other intersectional scholarship, and actions both local and worldwide.
Maintained by Lisa; Registered on 2017-04-11
A small tool that helps you create quickly REST APIs.
Maintained by silvioprog; Registered on 2017-04-11
Maintained by sathish; Registered on 2017-04-11
Micro cross-platform C library for XML validation and signature.
Maintained by silvioprog; Registered on 2017-04-11
Micro cross-platform C library for handling strings, files, regex, hashs and among others.
Maintained by silvioprog; Registered on 2017-04-11
Micro biblioteca multiplataforma para comunicação com web services de SPED da SEFAZ (
Maintained by silvioprog; Registered on 2017-04-11
totoro, the most effective scheduler designed for free.
Maintained by saks xu; Registered on 2017-04-11
MIDI editor
Maintained by atomix1040; Registered on 2017-04-11
ISP central
Web interface for ISP network management
Maintained by Jiří Hajda; Registered on 2017-04-10
The next generation modern computer machine quantum computing programming language. Qn.-> as in Quantum, based on the infinite-decimal metric unit (qu), hence a computing variable to define any and every type of data, in SPACE->MEMORY using the Computer Metric System as base to define the Quantum Data Model, with the Computing Transition Unit, It re-defines the traditional computer metric system to form a whole new Quantum Metric System, therefore a new computer data scale.
Maintained by Lindows XL; Registered on 2017-04-10
ubuntu compile lz4 extension
Maintained by Programming Department; Registered on 2017-04-10
The Tritemio project aims to provide a guide and some software for Kubuntu developers who whish to create a personal wannabuild infrastructure.
Maintained by Tritemio Maintainers; Registered on 2017-04-10
175 of 39852 results