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Tengine is a web server originated by Taobao, the largest e-commerce website in Asia. It is based on the Nginx HTTP server and has many advanced features. Tengine has proven to be very stable and efficient on some of the top 100 websites in the world, including and Tengine has been an open source project since December 2011. It is being actively developed by the Tengine team, whose core members are from Taobao, Sogou and other Internet companies. Tengine is a community effort and everyone is encouraged to get involved.
Maintained by ChillyWilly; Registered 5 hours ago
Nymea is an IoT platform which allows to integrate all kinds of hardware/services via plugins.
Maintained by guh GmbH developer; Registered 5 hours ago
Ubuntu Calamares Settings
This project exists to hold the default Calamares settings, including slideshows, etc. for all of Ubuntu's flavors.
Maintained by Calamares Settings Maintainers; Registered 13 hours ago
A Device as a Service.
Maintained by Jun Hee Yoo; Registered 15 hours ago - technology for you
Maintained by Vitor Aloisio Guia; Registered 16 hours ago
The Information Party
The Information Party is a political party that utilizes software platform(s) to allow the individual people to organize and promote better governance for the people by the people.
Maintained by The Information Party; Registered on 2018-01-21
Robin Qua
AI engine with Javascript and Prolog
Maintained by Roman Pylypchuk; Registered on 2018-01-21
Home Assistant is a home automation platform running on Python 3. It is able to track and control all devices at home and offer a platform for automating control.
Maintained by Alex Sarmiento; Registered on 2018-01-20
Maintained by ROHIT JOSHI; Registered on 2018-01-20
ROSRobot snaps
Maintained by Lingaprahasam; Registered on 2018-01-19
ROSHello snap
Maintained by Lingaprahasam; Registered on 2018-01-19
Mirror of for building Snap packages.
Maintained by T2; Registered on 2018-01-19
Simple flask app for caching some revisions and results so they can be referenced later
Maintained by Canonical Hardware Certification; Registered on 2018-01-19
This is the finished code from the course at
Maintained by Code Review Videos; Registered on 2018-01-19
Doctrine Databasics This is the finished code from the course at :)
Maintained by Code Review Videos; Registered on 2018-01-19
Various tweaks, tools, apps for Ubuntu-Unity desktop.
Maintained by Khurshid Alam; Registered on 2018-01-19
Documentation for the Server Wait On Clients system.
Maintained by Mark Grant; Registered on 2018-01-19
Task and timesheet tracking software for internal use by vertace employees
Maintained by Ram Prasad M; Registered on 2018-01-19
Maintained by networking-spp-integration-ci; Registered on 2018-01-18
Online Payday Loans in Ohio
Payday OH helps people in Ohio that are in financial difficulties.Immediate online payday loans approval.No faxing, No credit check. Get cash in minutes!!
Maintained by Payday OH; Registered on 2018-01-18
eml to pst
<a href="">eml to pst</a>
Maintained by Ankrishten Downey; Registered on 2018-01-18
EML to Gmail Converter to Restore EML to Gmail Account Easily
EML to Gmail Converter is the ultimate solution that easily imports EML files to Gmail account. The software allows to batch convert EML to Gmail without losing information. The software comes up with very simple user interface to make the conversion very easy. EML to Gmail Import solution is capable to upload EML to Gmail along with attachments. During the conversion from EML files to Gmail, the software always maintains the formatting and integrity of data. It maintains all the Meta properties such as to, bcc, sent, receive, date, and time etc. With this software, you can easily get the unlimited conversion from EML to Gmail without losing a single bit of information. This software is completely free from any type of risk and virus. You can easily install this software on any Windows platform. The tool supports all the older and newer versions of Windows Operating system. Advanced Features of EML to Gmail Converter: The software provides many features that make the conversion so unique. 1. Convert EML files to Gmail along with attachments. 2. Import EML files to Gmail without any data loss. 3. EML to Gmail Converter provides a simple interface. 4. Provides safe, secure, and accurate conversion. 5. The software maintains the formatting of the structure. 6. Easily converts EML to Gmail account in 3 steps. 7. Supports all the editions of Windows platform. 8. EML to Gmail Import tool is completely risk-free. This amazing software comes up with the free demo version facility. With this Free EML to Gmail Converter, users can import 10 messages from EML to Gmail account.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2018-01-18
Health Network Program
Health Network Program in Tanzania
Maintained by Ally Shaban; Registered on 2018-01-18
A universal snap package for the tor onion router
Maintained by Manu Bertrand; Registered on 2018-01-17
QAT & Spacetime
The QAT system is a toolkit, based upon the Qt library, for manipulating and plotting functions, taking derivatives and integrals, solving ordinary differential equations, solving problems in Hamiltonian mechanics, and performing data analysis. The Spacetime library manipulates vectors, four-vectors, spinors, Dirac and Weyl spinors, Lorentz transformations, four-currents, gamma matrices and other such objects that appear in Feynman diagrams. Home page and documentation at
Maintained by Joseph F. Boudreau; Registered on 2018-01-17
This is core computational engine of MOOSE simulator (
Maintained by Dilawar Singh; Registered on 2018-01-17
Tea Mantra
Selling best teas of Inida online
Maintained by Ashish Bansal; Registered on 2018-01-17
that is for translation Mon Language
Maintained by talachan; Registered on 2018-01-17
Maintained by Holger; Registered on 2018-01-16
A simple charm for configuring policy routing rulesets
Maintained by Legacy - Canonical WTFB; Registered on 2018-01-16
Dorper YouTube Unblocker
Maintained by Carver Harrison; Registered on 2018-01-16
Ginga iTV middleware
Maintained by Roberto Azevedo; Registered on 2018-01-15
Event handling and 2D graphics for Lua scripts
Maintained by Roberto Azevedo; Registered on 2018-01-15
Test project
Maintained by AET; Registered on 2018-01-15
Traduction de Poudlard
Maintained by Sylvain; Registered on 2018-01-15
This is the code for the Ansible tutorial series at
Maintained by Code Review Videos; Registered on 2018-01-14
This is the code for the Doctrine Query Optimisations course at
Maintained by Code Review Videos; Registered on 2018-01-14
My Project
Maintained by Bharanendra Nallamotu; Registered on 2018-01-13
OpenStack panko charm
The panko charm: this LP project is for bug tracking only. Code lives in OpenStack git.
Maintained by OpenStack Charmers; Registered on 2018-01-12
Maintained by Yaconeill; Registered on 2018-01-12
2018 En Yeni Şarkılar
2018'in en yeni ve en çok dinlenen şarkıları bu projede sizlerle... Devamı için yazımızı okumaya devam edin.
Maintained by Özgür; Registered on 2018-01-12
This project is an import from an experimental EdgeX Foundry core snap project used to build the snap.
Maintained by Tony Espy; Registered on 2018-01-12
Building packages for the ECC wallet.
Maintained by Alt Jensen; Registered on 2018-01-10
Introducing the testing geological software
Maintained by Geraldo Neto; Registered on 2018-01-10
Database Browser For Sqlie packaging scripts.
Maintained by Gajj GNDU; Registered on 2018-01-09
Gtk+ Math Game for children 4-9 years old written in Free Pascal
Maintained by Roman; Registered on 2018-01-09
TeX Live
TeX Live is an easy way to get up and running with the TeX document production system. It provides a comprehensive TeX system with binaries for most flavors of Unix, including GNU/Linux, and also Windows. It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts that are free software, including support for many languages around the world.
Maintained by Adam Reviczky; Registered on 2018-01-09
qRail packages
Maintained by qRail; Registered on 2018-01-09
Desktop Layout Tool for Cinnamon
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2018-01-08
a free, open source, and cross-platform media player
Maintained by Daniel van Vugt; Registered on 2018-01-08
A summary would be here
Maintained by Leo Watson; Registered on 2018-01-08
Charm for OpenStack Ironic.
Maintained by OpenStack Charmers; Registered on 2018-01-07
Upstream home for Leonid Domnitser's Stepic steganography application
Maintained by Stepic Developers; Registered on 2018-01-06
targetd from open-iscsi
Maintained by MOZGIII; Registered on 2018-01-06
Accelerometer Logger
Firmware for an Adafruit Feather M0 datalogger talking over I2C to an Adafruit LSM9DS1 sensor breakout board, recording the measurements to an SD card.
Maintained by Jean-Francois Caron; Registered on 2018-01-05
Genie is a cross platform code generation tool
Maintained by Shanaka Rusith; Registered on 2018-01-05
qtpass backports from debian sid
Maintained by MOZGIII; Registered on 2018-01-04
MGE system utilities library.
Maintained by Mark Grant; Registered on 2018-01-04
Como Curar Para La Diabetes
Este proyecto está dedicado a ayudar a millones de espanairds que sufren diariamente de diabetes mellitus. Este proyecto les brindará pasos viables para revertir la diabetes de forma segura y permanente y llevar una vida sana de nuevo.
Maintained by Adheer Saxsena; Registered on 2018-01-04
Try to build a dvswitch snap package from git source so it will work with newer ubuntu/debian releases.
Maintained by walterav; Registered on 2018-01-03
Astian OS is a operating system and tablets is under development. Astian Foundation is the Colombian organization which is involved in the development of this system. Count on profits which may incorporate and integrate the services of Astian, Google, Facebook and others companies
Maintained by Astian Foundation; Registered on 2018-01-03
viking in snap package format.
Maintained by Rex Tsai; Registered on 2018-01-03
Unofficial build for cutecom.
Maintained by Nikolay Epifanov; Registered on 2018-01-03
Sudha Risk
mrm project
Maintained by GS Kiran Kumar; Registered on 2018-01-03
proto pour la mesure de performance de détection de variantes de TrC dans TeC (fichier modifié qui ne contient que les variantes) et utlisation du script de Silvio pour avoir des contre-exemples (lectures Littérale)
Maintained by Pasquer; Registered on 2018-01-02
Test for packaging of sstp-client
Maintained by enaess; Registered on 2018-01-01
Command line tool to transform, validate and infer ABOUT files
Maintained by Victor Romero; Registered on 2018-01-01
Multiplatform ham radio logging program
Maintained by Jaime; Registered on 2018-01-01
Maintained by OpenGenus; Registered on 2017-12-31
Maintained by OpenGenus; Registered on 2017-12-31
Kernel for the Orange Pi Zero with the bare minimum drivers and modules. (See
Maintained by Chris Lance; Registered on 2017-12-31
Opensource Fallout game engine written in C++ and SDL
Maintained by falltergeist; Registered on 2017-12-31
The IFSCL is a free game, professionally made by a passionate fan, a completely interactive exact reproduction of the user interface of the supercomputer that Jeremie uses at the factory!
Maintained by TehEnderz; Registered on 2017-12-31
SSTP support for NetworkManager This requires the Linux SSTP client installed This project was a clone based on the network-manager-pptp project. Thanks to the authors of network-manager-pptp for their time and dedication. network-manager-pptp - 0.7.x version: (C) 2008 Dan Williams <>, and Tambet Ingo <> network-manager-pptp - 0.6.x version: (C) 2005 - 2007 Antony Mee Based entirely on OpenVPN support by Tim Niemueller
Maintained by enaess; Registered on 2017-12-31
Debian packaging for sstp-client
Maintained by enaess; Registered on 2017-12-31
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