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Pebble app for consulting NMBS/SNCB trains
Maintained by Kristof Willen; Registered 1 hour ago
ProxyCare is an application for mounting a local CNTLM proxy, also for checking the quota of internet in the University of Informatics Sciences. It's a fork of Qt-CNTLM.
Maintained by Jorge Fernandez; Registered 5 hours ago
BurstOS repository
All the apps do you need for using Burst.
Maintained by Kartojal; Registered 15 hours ago
Epiphany testing
I use this repogitory to work for the bug fix in bountysource. Some of this repogitory can be broken.
Maintained by Akira Nakagawa; Registered 16 hours ago
Opensource clone for Ubuntu of the falldown game for Android
Maintained by Riccardo Padovani; Registered on 2015-04-27
Dynamic resource scheduling service for OpenStack cloud
Maintained by terracotta-drivers; Registered on 2015-04-27
FreeCAD Community Extras
This project gathers works consisting as python modules from the FreeCAD community with the goal of making them easier to install and maintain for end users of FreeCAD on Ubuntu and Ubuntu-derived systems.
Maintained by FreeCAD Community; Registered on 2015-04-27
Kcm Grub2
Configuration module for the GRUB2 bootloader
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-26
Python Colorlog
Colored output formatter to use with the logging module of Python
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-26
The Session Indicator for Wingpanel
Maintained by WingPanel Devs; Registered on 2015-04-26
Date & Time Indicator
The date & time indicator for wingpanel
Maintained by WingPanel Devs; Registered on 2015-04-26
isocopy copies a ISO-Image to a USB-Stick using the tool dd
Maintained by Oliver Rerich; Registered on 2015-04-25
Bittye is a startup, we let businesses advertise their products and services at dirt cheap cost by providing free samples and users get to choose limited number of samples and win one of the chosen samples every month.
Maintained by Pavan; Registered on 2015-04-25
BFME2 Patch 1.08.x.x
Gamereplays Post Official Patching
Maintained by charlie; Registered on 2015-04-25
A dictionary app for Ubuntu Touch
Maintained by fuxixi1991; Registered on 2015-04-25
osu!Sync is a tool for a game called osu! If you're a player please check out the forum thread:
Maintained by naseweis520; Registered on 2015-04-24
iHRIS Train Customization for Open Data in Tanzania
Maintained by Juma Lungo; Registered on 2015-04-24
Personal finance manager
Maintained by Jose Robson Mariano Alves; Registered on 2015-04-24
Parses a RoboMind .irobo and/or .map file into an AST, which can be interpreted using robomind-interpreter. This project is meant for translations only.
Maintained by Marten de Vries; Registered on 2015-04-24
Carrom Game
A simple OpenGL2 carroms game. Supports a modular design and neon like theme.
Maintained by Parth Laxmikant Kolekar; Registered on 2015-04-24
Things I need.
Maintained by Thialfihar; Registered on 2015-04-24
Ubuntu SSO client for Django applications
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2015-04-24
Cards Against Humanity (uk)
We translate card game Cards Against Humanity to Ukrainian
Maintained by Ruslan Belziuk; Registered on 2015-04-24
Online Feed Simulator
Online Feed Simulator for Rome
Maintained by DHIS 2 India Developers; Registered on 2015-04-24
Tuxemon is a completely free, open source turn-based monster fighting RPG.
Maintained by ShadowApex; Registered on 2015-04-24
For building APT pkgs from in dreamcat4 PPA
Maintained by dreamcat4; Registered on 2015-04-23
Command shortcuts to show the keyboard status and reset it, if necessary
Maintained by Mad-Halfling; Registered on 2015-04-23
it comes on codeignter framework but with the addition of easy installation of programs necessary for its operation , as are nodejs , npm , stylus. Besides that a creator of views and models through the shell . at times only this thought for Debian derivatives .
Maintained by carlos; Registered on 2015-04-23
Maintained by Jose Luis Ahumada; Registered on 2015-04-23
An Apache module with a simple SAML 2.0 service provider
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-23
Level App
A simple app which uses a device's accelerometer to indicate the angle of surfaces
Maintained by Level App Developers; Registered on 2015-04-23
openstack gui and cli automation tool for non technical
Maintained by Nicholas; Registered on 2015-04-23
Le développement de l'hébergeur LC-heberg !
Maintained by Arthur Dupont; Registered on 2015-04-22
By giving an option of customized theme to user, we can attract a community that loves a system, made it in their own way. Where they can change the look , size, Notification patter, and even the pattern of switching b/w apps.
Maintained by NISHANT PACHOURI; Registered on 2015-04-22
A web multimedia player server written in c++ with Wt
Maintained by Marco-gulino; Registered on 2015-04-22
Artivity is a project funded by JISC which aims to produce a toolkit for capturing contextual data produced during the creative process of artists and designers while working on a computer. This data may include browsing history, email exchange and file editing statistics. Such information is already provided by GNOME's Activity Journal (zeitgeist framework). This project will extend Activity Journal to capture data about the way designers and artists use popular software applications such as Inkscape and GIMP.
Maintained by Sebastian Faubel; Registered on 2015-04-22
summery about the project
Maintained by Romany; Registered on 2015-04-22
Cox Issue Management System
Maintained by Nagarjuna Reddy; Registered on 2015-04-22
Aplicación de emisoras de radio para Ubuntu Phone.
Maintained by Rubén Parra; Registered on 2015-04-22
Learn programming in new context
Maintained by denis; Registered on 2015-04-21
Guacamole is a flexible, modular system for creating command line applications. Guacamole comes with built-in support for writing command line applications that integrate well with the running system.
Maintained by Zygmunt Krynicki; Registered on 2015-04-21
Tsung is a high-performance benchmark framework for various protocols including HTTP, XMPP, LDAP, etc.
Maintained by tsung maintainers; Registered on 2015-04-21
Like your never ending Operating System
Maintained by Finger of Death; Registered on 2015-04-21
IT profesion
IT profesion MMKN
Maintained by PitPiter; Registered on 2015-04-21
A tool to instrument chaos into a Juju environment.
Maintained by Juju QA Engineering; Registered on 2015-04-20
App Catalog
The OpenStack App Catalog will help you make applications available on your OpenStack cloud by providing a community driven catalog containing Glance images, Heat templates and Murano applications.
Maintained by app-catalog-drivers; Registered on 2015-04-20
Carbon Qt
Mod of Oxygen Widget Style for Qt
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-20
The command line tool and the SDK for RACK
Maintained by RACK Drivers; Registered on 2015-04-20
Provides the ability that can control OpenStack as program resource with an application. It enables you to implement a large scale distributed system in a variety of programming languages on OpenStack.
Maintained by RACK Drivers; Registered on 2015-04-20
Learning python. This is a test env
Maintained by Azhagarasu A; Registered on 2015-04-19
Pam_hblist is a PAM module that will act on failed connection attempts and blacklist the offending remote hosts. It provides many configuration options. It uses the Berkeley database engine.
Maintained by lorenzodes; Registered on 2015-04-19
Sistema dedicado a los pedidos de una pasteleria.
Maintained by Javier Huaman; Registered on 2015-04-19
Tools for early stage alignment file processing
Maintained by German Tischler; Registered on 2015-04-18
Just a simple utility to show binary dump instead of hex dump that I needed and writen to view my eeprom images for microcontrollers. May be it would be useful for somebody, I using it sometimes and it make what it should make.
Maintained by nickey; Registered on 2015-04-18
Circle Message
Add your message to the lockscreen. Simple app for Ubuntu phone.
Maintained by Michal Predotka; Registered on 2015-04-18
Version 2 of a library containing data structures and algorithms
Maintained by German Tischler; Registered on 2015-04-18
LyneOS is a free replacement for Windows on the PC and OS X on the Mac. It comes with what you'd expect, like a fast web browser and an app store with thousands of apps. It comes with free updates and no known viruses.
Maintained by Finger of Death; Registered on 2015-04-18
Performance Co-Pilot is a system performance and analysis framework.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-18
Unity LauncherSwitcher
An automatic switcher for the contents of the (Ubuntu) Unity Launcher's content when switching viewports.
Maintained by Jacob Vlijm; Registered on 2015-04-18
MonetaryUnit Core git: ppa:
Maintained by upgradeadvice; Registered on 2015-04-17
A GUI front end in QML/C++ for Ubuntu touch for the command line program youtube-dl
Maintained by Víctor Matía Rodríguez; Registered on 2015-04-17
Mate Desktop
Library with common API for various MATE modules Library with common API for various MATE modules (common files) Library with common API for various MATE modules (debugging symbols) Library with common API for various MATE modules (development files) Library with common API for various MATE modules (documentation files) Library with common API for various MATE modules (library debugging symbols) Library with common API for various MATE modules (library)
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-16
Horizon plugin for the Openstack Manila project. Code is currently available at When the project becomes an official Openstack Library project, the code will be moved to to
Maintained by Manila UI Drivers; Registered on 2015-04-16
A project for OpenStack third party CI system operators to share tools, plugins, and configurations
Maintained by Kurt Taylor; Registered on 2015-04-16
A quick and easy way to bundle debian format packages into a snappy package.
Maintained by Deb2snap developers; Registered on 2015-04-16
Ubuntu ViGa
Ubuntu ViGa hopes to bring both gamers and game developers/companies to the freedom of Linux.
Maintained by Nick Risvas; Registered on 2015-04-16
Minecraft 비공식 한국어 번역
Minecraft 비공식 한국어 번역
Maintained by FinalChild; Registered on 2015-04-16
Share your soul with the help of music
Maintained by Binayak Ghosh; Registered on 2015-04-16
Maintained by halfopen; Registered on 2015-04-16
Customized Ubuntu packages for Sandvine.
Maintained by Thiago Martins; Registered on 2015-04-15
OpenStack Cinder brick library for managing local volume attaches. Features * Discovery of volumes being attached to a host for many transport protocols. * Removal of volumes from a host. This is an official OpenStack Library project. Code is available at:
Maintained by OpenStack Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-15
A jigsaw puzzle game for gnome-shell...
Maintained by ITPROJECTS; Registered on 2015-04-15
TrucklistStudio is a fork from WebcamStudio software. It is only capable to handle Videos, Music, Picture and Text/Animated-Gifs Overlays. It can Broadcast to almost every kind of services through FMEs XML configuration files. The Main goal is to have a light and stable media playlist broadcasting software.
Maintained by Karl Ellis; Registered on 2015-04-15
Maintained by Igor Malinovskiy; Registered on 2015-04-15
How Many Apples (i18n sample app)
To learn how to internationalize your Ubuntu SDK app, read the tutorial on
Maintained by David Callé; Registered on 2015-04-15
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