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Serious Donut
Serious Donut
Maintained by Serious Donut Dev team; Registered 59 minutes ago
ترجمهٔ بنیاد آسیموف
تلاشی برای ترجمهٔ کتاب بنیاد از ایزاک آسیموف به صورت آزاد
Maintained by Danial Behzadi; Registered 10 hours ago
Script for syncing Launchpad bugs to Trello board
Maintained by Adam Collard; Registered 15 hours ago
Katak-support is an online help desk software solution for handling client requests through a web based support ticket system.
Maintained by Tomark; Registered on 2016-04-28
Quick+ provides additional tools, items and scenegraph nodes for QtQuick 2.
Maintained by Loïc Molinari; Registered on 2016-04-28
Modlib is a lightweight Modbus library.
Maintained by Jacajack; Registered on 2016-04-28
a motorcycle/biking app for weather info on Ubuntu phone.
Maintained by Aaron Honeycutt; Registered on 2016-04-27
Content - where and when you want it
Maintained by Ulrik Mikaelsson; Registered on 2016-04-27
An OpenStack API to serve a "sad panda"
Maintained by JJ Asghar; Registered on 2016-04-27
Color Management System, calibrator and profiler Color Management System, calibrator and profiler (data files) Color Management System, calibrator and profiler (documentation) debug symbols for package argyll debugging symbols for argyll
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2016-04-27
colorscheme designer for the GNOME desktop debug symbols for package agave
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2016-04-27
Maintained by SpotTech; Registered on 2016-04-27
jeremyje published binaries
Published binaries from
Maintained by Jeremy Edwards; Registered on 2016-04-27
Aadya Project
Aadya metaproject: all official Aadya Launchpad projects in one spot.
Maintained by Aadya Project; Registered on 2016-04-26
A controller service for lifecycle management of Pooled bare-metal hardware infrastructure like Rack Scale architecture which uses Redfish as one of the management protocols.
Maintained by Mrittika Ganguli; Registered on 2016-04-26
Wisely clean useless data from your computer to free disk space.
Maintained by draftik; Registered on 2016-04-26
Create an ubuntu-core snap of nmap.
Maintained by Joe Talbott; Registered on 2016-04-25
Tools required by the Ubuntu SDK IDE
Maintained by Ubuntu SDK team; Registered on 2016-04-25
LibDt is a cross-platform library which provides a comprehensive set of C-language functions to operate with date and time.
Maintained by libdt; Registered on 2016-04-25
FreeBSD GRUB Menu Entry Generator
This program looks through each device partition table and attempts to generate GRUB menuitem entries for each bootable FreeBSD filesystems found. Currently only supports UFS2 filesystems.
Maintained by Ayan George; Registered on 2016-04-24
WebApp for
Maintained by bademux; Registered on 2016-04-24
Small cleanup Script
Make the Server/PC update automatically and cleanup Packages
Maintained by Maciej Krüger; Registered on 2016-04-24
At least one lowercase letter or number, followed by letters, numbers, dots, hyphens or pluses. Keep this name short; it is used in URLs as shown above.
Maintained by amrishboss; Registered on 2016-04-24
this is created by amrish to work on
Maintained by Kumar Amrish; Registered on 2016-04-24
Ema Control
Ema Control
Maintained by John W. Viloria Amaris; Registered on 2016-04-23
moviego, ubuntu, client
Maintained by Marius; Registered on 2016-04-23
JfxRestApp for learning
Maintained by Łukasz Urbański; Registered on 2016-04-23
APM Planner 2
APM Planner 2.0 is an open-source ground station application for MAVlink based autopilots including APM and PX4/Pixhawk that can be run on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
Maintained by Dave Carpentier; Registered on 2016-04-23
ownCloud-sync client for Ubuntu Devices ownCloud-sync client allows users of Ubuntu devices to backup and synchronise data between their device and their owncloud storage.
Maintained by ownCloud-Sync Devs; Registered on 2016-04-22
Evonomics em Português
Tradução do site Evonomics pra português.
Maintained by Devanil Júnior; Registered on 2016-04-22
Eco Boutique Plaza Hotel
Maintained by Trabuca Proyectos; Registered on 2016-04-22
Collection of Murano applications for providing PaaS
Maintained by Open PaaS Drivers; Registered on 2016-04-22
Yakkety Backports
This project is for requesting, processing, testing, and coordinating packages in the yakkety-backports repository. Information on how to effectively contribute can be found at Please read the "How To Request Backports" section before requesting a backport.
Maintained by Ubuntu Backporters; Registered on 2016-04-22
Webapp de
Maintained by Sergio Ordaz; Registered on 2016-04-22
Vertical Odoo for sport schools
Maintained by John W. Viloria Amaris; Registered on 2016-04-21
Maier: A social network for creatives.
Maintained by Graham Binns; Registered on 2016-04-21
Unity8 PolicyKit Agent
A PolicyKit Agent using Unity8 Snap Decisions to query for the authentication information.
Maintained by Unity API Team; Registered on 2016-04-21
Wowza OpenSource project
Maintained by Carlos Camacho; Registered on 2016-04-21
Arc Theme
A mirror of arc-theme from git
Maintained by Simon Kjellberg; Registered on 2016-04-21
This will be an installation of VSmart Prerequisites and initial web interface
Maintained by Rizal Nevado; Registered on 2016-04-21
A set of snaps produced by the Snappy HWE team
Maintained by Snappy HWE Team; Registered on 2016-04-21
It is a script to search for legal cases (by their number) in the judicial system of Chaco Province, in the Argentina Republic, mainly aimed at lawyers usage.
Maintained by mariano jara melagrani; Registered on 2016-04-21
A multiplicative inverses calculator
Maintained by pgcor; Registered on 2016-04-20
Webapp for service
Maintained by Zoltan Balogh; Registered on 2016-04-20
CafeSync is your own personal bulletin board. Whether you are a business, artist, musician, or any other person that needs to get noticed Cafesync aims to make it easier.
Maintained by Vague Entertainment; Registered on 2016-04-20
A Puppet module that updates OpenStack to work with ScaleIO 2.0 block storage. Provides supports for volumes and nova ephemeral storages including live migration and resize.
Maintained by Cloudscaling; Registered on 2016-04-20
A Puppet module that installs and configures the ScaleIO 2.0 block storage service components. The module currently supports Ubuntu 14.04.
Maintained by Cloudscaling; Registered on 2016-04-20
Collection of Juju charms for ScaleIO cluster creation and management. It contains charms for 'mdm', 'sdc', 'sds', 'gateway' and 'gui' ScaleIO components. Also it containts 'scaleio-openstack' charm to connect ScaleIO cluster to OpenStack interfaces.
Maintained by Cloudscaling; Registered on 2016-04-20
Command to Read a coverage file and put the data in a SQL database
Maintained by Masayuki Igawa; Registered on 2016-04-20
The DefCore Working Group is an OpenStack Board organization to determine how commercial implementations of OpenStack can be granted use of the OpenStack trademark.
Maintained by defcore-admins; Registered on 2016-04-20
A devstack plugin which proposes to install software such as qemu and libvirt from tar releases
Maintained by devstack-plugin-tar-installer-drivers; Registered on 2016-04-19
layer for a charm to sync glance images from a master unit
Maintained by The Canonical Sysadmins; Registered on 2016-04-19
layer for a charm to provide glance images to slave units
Maintained by The Canonical Sysadmins; Registered on 2016-04-19
Maintained by Sindhur; Registered on 2016-04-19
A devstack plugin which proposes to install software such as qemu and libvirt from tar releases
Maintained by devstack-tar-installer-plugin-drivers; Registered on 2016-04-19
A devstack plugin which proposes to install custom qemu and libvirt versions from tar releases
Maintained by Michele Paolino; Registered on 2016-04-19
just a test
Maintained by Tom Zsigmond; Registered on 2016-04-19
Guitar tools
Guitar tools is a mobile application containing tools for guitar players like a tuner, a guitar player, a metronome and much more.
Maintained by Simon Stürz; Registered on 2016-04-19
A C++ library for open API of cmcc mcloud service.
Maintained by Gary.Wang; Registered on 2016-04-19
Agricultural Routene database system and Local government monitoring database For bug collection
Maintained by Tuzo Engelbert; Registered on 2016-04-18
ZED OS is a Ubuntu remaster
Maintained by Alexandre Nunes; Registered on 2016-04-18
A virtual BMC for controlling virtual machines using IPMI commands.
Maintained by Ironic Drivers; Registered on 2016-04-18
Normal mode analysis of an elastic network model.
Maintained by sanejouand; Registered on 2016-04-18
Proof of concept/actually only for developers: Access your files on your Synology NAS drive via Ubuntu Touch scope.
Maintained by Peter Sasse; Registered on 2016-04-17
gestionale per tabacchi
Maintained by Guglielmo Marino; Registered on 2016-04-17
Twisted plugin implementing subunit V2 support for trial.
Maintained by Free Ekanayaka; Registered on 2016-04-17
Maintained by guobiao_cn; Registered on 2016-04-16
BeepComp - Chiptune App
Beepcomp is a chiptune maker app. It's an open source project and free software. Create beep music with text and trip back to the 8-bit era!
Maintained by Hiro; Registered on 2016-04-16
A flexible IPv6 DHCP server written in Python
Maintained by Sander Steffann; Registered on 2016-04-16
Ubuntu Kernel Upgrade Utility
Utility for installing the latest mainline Linux kernel on Ubuntu-based distributions.
Maintained by Tony George; Registered on 2016-04-15
Developers Toolbox Environment
This is a simple set of scripts and README useful for initiating your development environment in a clean way using pbuilder.
Maintained by Developers Toolbox; Registered on 2016-04-15
Deploy Openstack on Kubernetes using Kolla Containers
Maintained by kolla-kubernetes-drivers; Registered on 2016-04-15
Maintained by LS2010; Registered on 2016-04-15
Ubuntu performance tests
Maintained by Sergio Cazzolato; Registered on 2016-04-15
Extra icons for elementary OS
A set of custom vector icons designed specifically for elementary OS third party applications.
Maintained by Rafael Pezzuto; Registered on 2016-04-14
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