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Tor Charm
A machine charm (Charmed Operator) to deploy TOR (The Onion Router)
Maintained by Tor Charmers; Registered
π—’π˜€π˜‚π—Ί π—™π—™π— π—£π—˜π—š is a πŸ“Ή media utility tool πŸ› οΈ that gives the normal users the power of FFMPEG πŸ’ͺ to convert formatsβš™οΈ β€’ loop video πŸ” β€’ mute audio πŸ”‡ and much more in a beautiful UI.
Maintained by Aswin Murali; Registered
dohq-artifactory is a live python package for JFrog Artifactory. This module is intended to serve as a logical descendant of pathlib, and it implements everything as closely as possible to the origin with few exceptions. Current module was forked from outdated parallels/artifactory and supports all functionality from the original package.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered
Kube OVN Charm
A Software Defined Network based on Kube-OVN. This project is for bug tracking only. Code lives in
Maintained by CDK; Registered
Clone of Github-hosted certification-docs repository.
Maintained by Rod Smith; Registered
OpenStack Cinder HPE 3PAR Charm
The cinder 3PAR charm provides integration between Cinder service and HPE 3PAR storage array solution.
Maintained by OpenStack Charmers; Registered
ChainSafe Lodestar
Lodestar is a TypeScript implementation of the Ethereum Consensus specification developed by ChainSafe Systems.
Maintained by ChainSafe Lodestar; Registered
GNOME Shell Extension Alphabetical App Grid for Wasta
Restore the alphabetical ordering of the app grid
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered
Deploy a monitoring mesh of VMs for a cloud using Juju and OpenStack
Maintained by Canonical IS BootStack; Registered
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered
This is a test
Maintained by Kevin Grande; Registered
data analysis in lagou
Maintained by Jace Ho; Registered
Maintained by sparkstar; Registered
the lowball
Maintained by Jad Saklawi; Registered
Testing area for ROCKs and container images
Maintained by ROCKs Team Dev Account; Registered
.NET frontend for Uname on Unix systems
Maintained by EoflaOE; Registered
Persistent Memory Development Kit
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered
vSphere Cloud Provider Charm
The vSphere Cloud Provider Charm source layer. This project is for bug tracking only. Code lives in
Maintained by CDK; Registered
GNOME Shell Extension click-to-close-overview for Wasta
Close the overview by clicking empty space.
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered
personal deb package of onnxruntime (no official package available currently)
Maintained by RandomPrototypes; Registered
Multi-platform camera library with functions to enumerate the available cameras, available formats, and record the result.
Maintained by RandomPrototypes; Registered
project planner
Project planner is a tool which helps to organize work and improve productivity of your team. It provides you with an ability to effectively manage and track projects, tasks, and schedules. Project planner is a very effective tool for planning, documenting, and tracking tasks in an organized manner. It makes it easy for users to create time-schedules for different tasks specified in a project.
Maintained by Paul M; Registered
Simple multi-platform socket library with buffering and little/big endian conversion functions
Maintained by RandomPrototypes; Registered
Packaging for Lua Fluent rock by alerque
Maintained by The SILE Typesetter; Registered
Packaging for Lua CLDR rock by alerque
Maintained by The SILE Typesetter; Registered
Packaging for Lua loadkit rock by leafo
Maintained by The SILE Typesetter; Registered
A charm to deploy some but not all of the files and services needed to host
Maintained by The Canonical Sysadmins; Registered
Waza Juego X
Game in which you control a drawing of 'Waza', and you have to kill the 'Potaxianas' before they kill you WARNING: Waza
Maintained by Ete Pepe; Registered
Proxy server
Maintained by kl222; Registered
A charm that performs some but not all of the configuration needed to run
Maintained by The Canonical Sysadmins; Registered
PCOIN Project
PCOIN project
Maintained by PCOIN dev team; Registered
Maintained by ahmed; Registered
Maintained by bat; Registered
A simple program to encrypt a directory and its content.
Maintained by val; Registered
A simple git command that allows to list the type of all the git objects along with the hashes for the specified directory. Usage Example: git-check-object /home/sadist/myproject (MY_PROJECT_DIRECTORY) It requires git to be initialized for the specified directory.
Maintained by Purshottam Nepal; Registered
Automated snap building for the gimp snap package
Maintained by Dani Llewellyn; Registered
A Qt/C++ class to inhibit the screen saver, multi-platform.
Maintained by Alberto Mardegan; Registered
cqlsh is a Python-based command-line client for running CQL commands on a cassandra cluster
Maintained by Maximiliano Bertacchini; Registered
ReCT is a small programming language made by ma boi RedCube.
Maintained by Jimmy Jimmson; Registered
openSUSE Build Service utilities
Helper scripts for use with the openSUSE Build Service.
Maintained by Mark Grant; Registered
Snap containing QtWebengine libraries, only intended for nightmayr-qt-sdk snaps to use as stage-snaps.
Maintained by Umayr Saghir; Registered
A Cryptocurrency designed to blow BTC out of the water with your help we can blow it out of the water together
Maintained by Brian Casper; Registered
GPU Agent
Maintained by Flynn; Registered
Personal Project
Maintained by Mitch Burton; Registered
A fork of chromium
Maintained by Douglas; Registered
Post-processor to minify class and ID selector names.
Maintained by Adam Gian; Registered
RSS/Atom reader for plasma desktop
Maintained by Connor Carney; Registered
Alight Motion MOD APK
Alight Motion is the first professional motion design app bringing you professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing, and more!
Maintained by Ervin Jason; Registered
This snap includes a Qt stack and shares it through the content interface.
Maintained by Umayr Saghir; Registered
james hello world!
Maintained by James Deng; Registered
A charm to collect and publish sanitized and up to date Juju status outputs and bundle exports.
Maintained by Canonical BootStack Charmers; Registered
Es una prueba de bazzar
Maintained by Johan Israel Curicho Soria; Registered
Prueba para el proyecto de MYCS
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered
Tic Tac Py - Tkinter Edition
A Tic Tac Toe game written in Python 3, powered by Tkinter.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered
Inkscape Extension GCode Tools
GCode Tools for Inkscape
Maintained by Inkscape Developers; Registered
Inkscape Extension Manager
Tools to dynamically manage extensions
Maintained by Inkscape Developers; Registered
Inkscape Extension Clipart
An Inkscape Extension to import clipart
Maintained by Inkscape Developers; Registered
Project to improve snapd for desktop applications.
Maintained by Snappy Developers; Registered
Maintained by Mayank Bhardwaj; Registered
A service for retrieving mirrors for ubuntu.
Maintained by Canonical Launchpad Engineering; Registered
Library of routines that generate the parameters for the GFN-FF universal force field including for periodic systems (pGFN-FF)
Maintained by Julian Gale; Registered
Dice endgames
Dice endgames is a gambling and logical game with perfect information, at the same time being a variety of both variants of chess and checkers-like games, and dices. In this game, the arrangement of chess pieces depends on the values on the sides of the dice. It was conceived as teaching and training how to solve endgames, problems or random arrangements, such as Fischer's chess, in various board games of logic.
Maintained by Yevgeniy R. Sova; Registered
testing automata
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered
Hacking distribution
Maintained by Agostino Di Lillo; Registered
GNOME Console
Simple user-friendly terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop
Maintained by GNOME3 Team; Registered
Snaptube APK
Hello, if you are having problem about downloading video or mp3 directly in regular YouTube app then I suggest you to use Snaptube app.
Maintained by John Lee; Registered
Simple AI for recognising time of day in the photo. Trained on 100 iterations of one photo.
Maintained by Ivanushenko Vitaliy; Registered
A simple utility for camera translation in Picture-in-Picture mode
Maintained by Ivanushenko Vitaliy; Registered
Maintained by Ivanushenko Vitaliy; Registered
Project clone of "cloud-images", for testing purposes
Maintained by Cristovao Cordeiro; Registered
A reboot of tonerdo's ReadLine library for .NET
Maintained by EoflaOE; Registered
A set of small open source tools.
Maintained by Developer Kevin; Registered
for test
Maintained by rachel test; Registered
Andrey Fedoseev Test Project
This is a test project
Maintained by Andrey Fedoseev Test Team; Registered
OpenStack2 project in Institute of Computer Science, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland (iipw = Instytut Informatyki PW)
Maintained by Rafal Bajorek; Registered
175 of 44585 results