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OMB snap
Maintained by Damien; Registered 4 hours ago
CLI for using and interacting with Testflinger
Maintained by Canonical Hardware Certification; Registered 8 hours ago
The Bootstack ops project
Maintained by Canonical WTFB; Registered 13 hours ago
PACS Mobile Responsive Grid
A Fluid, mobile first grid system framed within HTML5, CSS3 and the jQuery library.
Maintained by Scott Randell; Registered on 2017-01-20
Maintained by gwelican; Registered on 2017-01-19
Card Battle
Card battle game fundamental parts only
Maintained by Quyet DX; Registered on 2017-01-19
Tempest Snap
Snap package for OpenStack Tempest
Maintained by OpenStack Snappers; Registered on 2017-01-19
Maintained by Fabio; Registered on 2017-01-19
Munkhiin tun
Munkhiintun LLC
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-01-19
Papirus theme for FileZilla
Maintained by Papirus; Registered on 2017-01-18
Python client library for Tricircle
Maintained by Victor Morales; Registered on 2017-01-18
Baking made easy.....
Baking made easy every time....
Maintained by Jason Nipper; Registered on 2017-01-18
Papirus symbol style for LibreOffice
Maintained by Papirus; Registered on 2017-01-18
Maintained by anto samalona; Registered on 2017-01-18
In instance software configuration agents for heat orchestration service.
Maintained by Heat Drivers; Registered on 2017-01-18
Rally Snap
Snap package for OpenStack Rally
Maintained by OpenStack Snappers; Registered on 2017-01-18
Armadito antivirus
Armadito Antivirus is an open-source antivirus that protects your computers and servers from malwares and viruses.
Maintained by Armadito antivirus; Registered on 2017-01-18
plataforma educativa
Maintained by Richard; Registered on 2017-01-18
Mod Gnutls
Apache module for SSL and TLS encryption with GnuTLS
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-01-18
a trial of the CakePHP framework in creating applications
Maintained by viatu-masahala; Registered on 2017-01-17
Community developed SaltStack formulas ecosystem
Maintained by Salt Formulas Developers; Registered on 2017-01-17
Arc KDE customization
Maintained by Papirus; Registered on 2017-01-17
doing the trials of uploading a project to bzr
Maintained by Peter Abely Mwaikambo; Registered on 2017-01-17
Implementación python de MVCGI. Para más info:
Maintained by Eugenia Bahit; Registered on 2017-01-17
Remote Storage Git
A Python script that turns a cloud based storage system into a Git repository. Since the entire repository is uploaded and / or downloaded for each command, it is only recommended for small repos and for single users.
Maintained by Elliott Karpilovsky; Registered on 2017-01-17
Definitive personal knowledge manager with Markdown editor.
Maintained by Martin Dvorak; Registered on 2017-01-16
G-u.arda-T.V+>Torino-Milan Di.r.e.t.t-a S-t.r.e.a.m.i-n.g- Serie A 16.01.2017
G-u.arda-T.V+>Torino-Milan Di.r.e.t.t-a S-t.r.e.a.m.i-n.g- Serie A 16.01.2017 TV: TV: TV: TV:
Maintained by sehen gratis; Registered on 2017-01-16
Autonomous driving project.
Maintained by Yitzchak Acevedo; Registered on 2017-01-16
The test framework for destructive testing of OpenStack clusters
Maintained by MOS QA Team; Registered on 2017-01-16
Xrandr Indicator
Indicator for simple xrandr manipulations
Maintained by Serg; Registered on 2017-01-16
Maintained by Prabha; Registered on 2017-01-16
MediathekView Stable
This application searches for various media center video content of the German television program (ARD, ZDF, Arte, 3Sat, MDR, ORF, SRF and many more). You can watch, download and even subscribe to an offered show.
Maintained by MediathekView; Registered on 2017-01-16
Kubuntu Automation
Kubuntu Automation, for obsoleting people []
Maintained by Kubuntu Packagers; Registered on 2017-01-16
Papirus Icon Theme
Papirus icon theme for Linux
Maintained by Papirus; Registered on 2017-01-15
Maintained by SANDEEP SHAH; Registered on 2017-01-15
library of graphic data types
Maintained by GNOME3 Team; Registered on 2017-01-15
Finger Painting
A simple, multi-touch painting app for Ubuntu Touch
Maintained by Brian Douglass; Registered on 2017-01-15
Just for testing
Maintained by SmartFinn; Registered on 2017-01-14
Collection of games available on Mir
Maintained by Alan Griffiths; Registered on 2017-01-14
Camping puzzle game
Maintained by Tents Development Team; Registered on 2017-01-14
Home of Docker snap
Maintained by Docker, Inc; Registered on 2017-01-13
8Kdata test
Maintained by Matteo Melli; Registered on 2017-01-13
Food dispensor cctv for my dog
Maintained by Jinwoo Lee; Registered on 2017-01-13
File statistics script.
Maintained by ShRP; Registered on 2017-01-13
Juju Act plugin
A Juju plugin to improve the command line usability of Juju actions
Maintained by Stuart Bishop; Registered on 2017-01-13
Maintained by Ahmed Abd Elbadee; Registered on 2017-01-13
Test ROS package on snappy ubuntu core
Maintained by Ahmed Abd Elbadee; Registered on 2017-01-13
Empire building game
Maintained by Jiří Hajda; Registered on 2017-01-12
learnit app
Maintained by Kyle Nitzsche; Registered on 2017-01-12
dmcoles nightly
collection of random projects
Maintained by darren; Registered on 2017-01-11
My dotfiles.
Maintained by Niko Pavlinek; Registered on 2017-01-10
Node-RED is graphical flow editor for event based applications. Runs on node.js - using a browser for the user interface. See for more information, documentation and examples.
Maintained by DaveCJ; Registered on 2017-01-10
pgbouncer charm
Juju Charm of pgbouncer, a lightweight connection pool for PostgreSQL.
Maintained by PostgreSQL Charm Maintainers; Registered on 2017-01-10
TT-UDP Game for the telecom tower
Maintained by Jacques Supcik; Registered on 2017-01-10
USDevel oper/opment lib code
Maintained by USDevel; Registered on 2017-01-09
Private server of toontown online
Maintained by Toontown: Nations Divided; Registered on 2017-01-09
This project is all about Appmajix projects.
Maintained by kiran gutha; Registered on 2017-01-09
Currency converter made with UbuntuSDK
Maintained by Levis; Registered on 2017-01-09
Peat's mirror of Coova-chilli master branch
This is a mirror of Don't send a bug report or a pull request here. This is set up just for code auto-import and auto-build only.
Maintained by Ratchanan Srirattanamet; Registered on 2017-01-08
Sample by Fox Team
Maintained by Jeff Fox; Registered on 2017-01-08
Weight Management
We have developed a formula for loosing weight rapidly.
Maintained by Aniekeme Udodong; Registered on 2017-01-07
Midnight Commander snap package
Maintained by Pavel Bakhmetev; Registered on 2017-01-07
You have one word, and you cannot say other words. PHP replacement of Taboo®.
Maintained by Valerio Bozzolan; Registered on 2017-01-07
Support tools for writing snaps for OpenStack projects.
Maintained by OpenStack Snappers; Registered on 2017-01-07
There are many ways to read comic books, and one of those that has become more common in recent years is on a computer. Peruse was created as a way to make exactly that as easy and pleasant as possible, and to simply get out of the way and let you read your comic books. One could say that it allows you to peruse your comic books at your leisure, but that would be a silly way of putting it - so, peruse your comic books at your leisure!
Maintained by Kubuntu Ninjas; Registered on 2017-01-07
The BEM++ boundary element library
Maintained by BEMPP Solutions; Registered on 2017-01-07
Type check wrapper for Hack
Maintained by Noritaka Horio; Registered on 2017-01-07
Crypto-currency software using Node.js made to launch free currencies based on the relative theory of money.
Maintained by RavanH; Registered on 2017-01-07
An operating system created by Malachi Microsystems.
Maintained by Kain Malachi Snyder; Registered on 2017-01-07
A python wrapper for openzwave
Maintained by bibi; Registered on 2017-01-07
Projekt do nauki
Maintained by katar123; Registered on 2017-01-06
test project
Maintained by Pavel Bakhmetev; Registered on 2017-01-06
Collectd snap for Raspberry Pi 3
Maintained by Pavel Bakhmetev; Registered on 2017-01-06
Mosquitto snap package for Raspberry Pi 3
Maintained by Pavel Bakhmetev; Registered on 2017-01-06
A package for testing CI integrations
Maintained by Azer Abdullaev; Registered on 2017-01-06
175 of 39375 results