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QML application which shows your internet provider details.
Maintained by Szymon Waliczek; Registered 40 minutes ago
COmpile Time Property Tree (cotprot) is a library to construct trees of objects with properties at compile time. It contains a small domain specific language to declare types and construct trees out of those types. By directly embedding c++11 lambdas to the tree construction behavioural aspects can be added directly. This avoids any additional scripting language or runtime environment. The resulting binary will be small and efficient to execute. The library is still in development and not yet useable
Maintained by Andreas Pokorny; Registered 3 hours ago
Maintained by Alex Velenko; Registered 10 hours ago
The Bambuk project is focused on enabling an Openstack-managed hyper-cloud (cloud over clouds) that utilizes both Openstack as well as multiple non-Openstack public clouds as its underlying infrastructure. Bambuk covers multiple domains, such as network connectivity, image and volume conversion and synchronization, scheduling and more.
Maintained by Eshed Gal-Or; Registered 15 hours ago
Ncbi Blast+
next generation suite of BLAST sequence search tools
Maintained by Michael R. Crusoe; Registered on 2015-07-04
Virtualization utilities, mostly for Xen
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-07-04
This is Twitter base News app for All Geeky News. It shows all Tweets, Retweets & etc of Geeks Empire on Twitter. Follow Us & Download First Ubuntu App of Geeks Empire
Maintained by Geeks Empire; Registered on 2015-07-04
Network Scanner
A nmap frontend for Ubuntu
Maintained by Michael Zanetti; Registered on 2015-07-03
This simple python program connects to API and displays the response in the command line.
Maintained by vgrubes; Registered on 2015-07-03
Tecnika ERP
Maintained by Luis Garcia; Registered on 2015-07-03
Maintained by Alex Velenko; Registered on 2015-07-03
This is the Horizon plugin for Cisco's vendor specific code.
Maintained by Cisco Horizon Plugin Drivers; Registered on 2015-07-03
kicad StepUp: a new approach to export kicad board and modules in STEP AP214 (with colors)
Maintained by m; Registered on 2015-07-03
COCO is a Silex-based PHP application to allow managing uploads of drawings & writing about specified characters.
Maintained by Silent Echo; Registered on 2015-07-03
Maintained by Erik Royall; Registered on 2015-07-02
fork of, with osx styling features
Maintained by ewgenius; Registered on 2015-07-02
Alkym Implementation
Maintained by jay; Registered on 2015-07-02
Sistema de gerenciamento de projetos comerciais.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-07-01
some new
Maintained by begin29; Registered on 2015-07-01
OpenStore Web
The web interface and api for the Ubuntu Touch OpenStore
Maintained by OpenStore Team; Registered on 2015-07-01
OpenStore app uploader tool
OpenStore app uploader tool
Maintained by OpenStore Team; Registered on 2015-06-30
Install hacks, developer tools and other geeky things on your phone. This opens the door to your new favourite playground for the Ubuntu Phone.
Maintained by Michael Zanetti; Registered on 2015-06-30
Saving many files on external HD crache the system.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-06-30
Online Version
Maintained by yrz128; Registered on 2015-06-30
C/CIF is an interchange format for chess applications. C/CIF can be used to transfer chess archives without any loss via an application independent format.
Maintained by CCIF Team; Registered on 2015-06-30
Lightning Converter is a small application for convert audio and video formats
Maintained by Gabriel Retana; Registered on 2015-06-30
Small helpers needed for automating provisioning and test running on snappy devices
Maintained by Snappy device agent developers; Registered on 2015-06-30
Tap-as-a-Service is a project to introduce the functionality of port mirroring in OpenStack Neutron provisioned networks.
Maintained by vinay yadhav; Registered on 2015-06-30
A project dedicated to enabling disparate Cloud network peering across the WAN or a provider exchange. This project encompasses the primary service and server APIs to configure and implement peering.
Maintained by David Cheperdak; Registered on 2015-06-29
Viper's System Interface: Clean Room Build Environment (Preliminary)
Maintained by Michael Titke; Registered on 2015-06-29
This project contains the necessary backported packages to build Open Transactions projects on Ubuntu Trusty
Maintained by Jonathan Rumion; Registered on 2015-06-29
Fusion: Python
Python Fusion
Maintained by David Cheperdak; Registered on 2015-06-29
Fusion: Python Client
A project dedicated to enabling disparate Cloud network peering across the WAN or a provider exchange. This project encompasses the python client for interacting with the server.
Maintained by David Cheperdak; Registered on 2015-06-29
A project dedicated to enabling disparate Cloud network peering across the WAN or a provider exchange. This project encompasses the primary service and server APIs to configure and implement peering.
Maintained by David Cheperdak; Registered on 2015-06-29
GSound is a GObject library for playing system sounds. It is intended to be used via GObject Introspection, and is a thin wrapper around the libcanberra C library.
Maintained by Ubuntu Desktop; Registered on 2015-06-29
Source Kernel
Maintained by miguel; Registered on 2015-06-29
A file watching service.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-06-28
Relay is an IRC client, created in Vala, designed to be small, fast, and elegant.
Maintained by Kyle; Registered on 2015-06-28
Maintained by pham phuc; Registered on 2015-06-28
A juju provider for Linode using a client side plugin and manual provisioning.
Maintained by Lev Lazinskiy; Registered on 2015-06-28
Ubuntu for Android.
This is the Ubuntu for Android Project
Maintained by Yrjö Selänne; Registered on 2015-06-28
A remake of the classical Visual Display Editor to replace Emacs and its Viper mode for me. (This software package currently is a pre-release and not usable as an editor.)
Maintained by Michael Titke; Registered on 2015-06-27
The official project is at: This is just a project clone in order to have upstream code on Launchpad. --- From original project's page: The main goal of this project is to get PPAPI (Pepper) Flash player working in Firefox. This can be done in two ways. First one is to implement full PPAPI interface in Firefox itself. Other one is to implement a wrapper, some kind of adapter which will look like browser to PPAPI plugin and look like NPAPI plugin for browser.
Maintained by Giovanni Santini; Registered on 2015-06-27
dictcc application for Ubuntu Touch devices
Maintained by Peter Sasse; Registered on 2015-06-27
hybrid cloud
Maintained by WANG Feng; Registered on 2015-06-27
OSMScout is an offline routing application for Ubuntu Touch, based on libosmscout
Maintained by FransSchreuder; Registered on 2015-06-26
Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)
Maintained by mackup maintainers; Registered on 2015-06-26
Students Academic Registration Information System
Maintained by Zalongwa Technologies; Registered on 2015-06-26
LikeIt 1.0
Working on my first operating system but I still need some translate work
Maintained by Wout Huygens; Registered on 2015-06-26
Taquin is a computer version of the 15-puzzle and other sliding puzzles. The object of Taquin is to move tiles so that they reach their places, either indicated with numbers, or with parts of a great image.
Maintained by Ubuntu Desktop; Registered on 2015-06-26
GNOME Characters
Characters is a simple utility application to find and insert unusual characters.
Maintained by Ubuntu Desktop; Registered on 2015-06-26
Nvidia Old Legacy 96 for Ubuntu
Nvidia Linux driver for GeForce MX Cards 2,3,4
Maintained by Mark; Registered on 2015-06-25
OEM Techlead Tools
Utilities to save OEM Techleads' lives.
Maintained by OEM Techlead; Registered on 2015-06-25
My web site
Maintained by Darren; Registered on 2015-06-24
Bunny's Project
I hope it works
Maintained by qyy; Registered on 2015-06-24
Command line Pub key generator from
Maintained by cumulus13; Registered on 2015-06-23
This is talend project containing sample jobs
Maintained by rohit kumar; Registered on 2015-06-23
This project contains documentation and code for integrating Project Calico's networking into OpenStack/Neutron.
Maintained by Neil Jerram; Registered on 2015-06-23
Life is Strange
Traducción al Español.
Maintained by Antonio; Registered on 2015-06-23
CasperJS is an open source navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript for the PhantomJS WebKit headless browser and SlimerJS (Gecko).
Maintained by CasperJS maintainers; Registered on 2015-06-23
PhantomJS is a headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API. It has fast and native support for various web standards: DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG.
Maintained by PhantomJS maintainers; Registered on 2015-06-23
Simply put, HyperStack = Hyper + Apache Mesos + Cinder + Neutron It is built on OpenStack components and takes the App-Centric philosophy to manage datacenters.
Maintained by Peng Zhao; Registered on 2015-06-23
GNOME Calendar
Simple and beautiful calendar application designed to fit GNOME desktop.
Maintained by Ubuntu Desktop; Registered on 2015-06-22
An open source lab management software
Maintained by Spencer M; Registered on 2015-06-22
Church media department and administration office solutions.
Maintained by TR Precht; Registered on 2015-06-22
Python Prefix Delegation Driver for Neutron
A prefix delegation driver written using pure python with no dependencies for use with OpenStack Neutron.
Maintained by Sam Betts; Registered on 2015-06-22
masalla icon theme
Masalla icon theme by hayder majid <>
Maintained by hayder majed; Registered on 2015-06-22
My first ever bash script
This is just my first bash script. NOTE: You have to have a Linux distribution that comes with bash or at least Cygwin for windows, and in order to execute it, navigate to the projects folder by typing cd <Whatever you named the folder you dropped the .sh file in> and then typing in sh My_first_ever_bash_script
Maintained by Aaron Santiago; Registered on 2015-06-21
OpenLeraar is software waarmee moeilijk lerende mensen beter kunnen leren.
Maintained by Stef Brusselers; Registered on 2015-06-21
Neverbore Picross
A logic puzzle game.
Maintained by Michael Terry; Registered on 2015-06-21
The project includes basic frontend files for GreenHoll cleaning company site
Maintained by Владимир; Registered on 2015-06-21
OpenSchoolTrainer is een software die het makkelijk maakt om te leren en je informatie op te slaan!
Maintained by Stef Brusselers; Registered on 2015-06-21
Giving users utility of multiple clipboard with appending facility to the old one and toggling between them. Also includes recovery options when shut down.
Maintained by arun; Registered on 2015-06-20
Active Defense Harbinger Distribution
Active Defense Harbinger Distribution
Maintained by Ben; Registered on 2015-06-19
UT ssh service
Maintained by Nexcor; Registered on 2015-06-19
175 of 36440 results