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SVM Odoo Project
Odoo project for SVM Compan
Maintained by John W. Viloria Amaris; Registered 8 hours ago
Synergy is as a new extensible general purpose management OpenStack service. Its capabilities are implemented by a collection of managers which are specific and independent pluggable tasks, executed periodically or interactively. The managers can interact with each other in a loosely coupled way.
Maintained by Lisa Zangrando; Registered 9 hours ago
SPBTV Screen
Maintained by VENEL VERNET; Registered 11 hours ago
the project of the git only trials
Maintained by Abdullah; Registered 11 hours ago
ebook project
Maintained by eBook; Registered 21 hours ago
Night Clock
Simple Night Clock for Ubuntu devices.
Maintained by Michal Predotka; Registered on 2015-11-29
MailCtlr is a new system for the management of your advertising campaigns based on email, it allows you to send all the emails you want for free.
Maintained by CTLR; Registered on 2015-11-29
Maintained by Federico Sicali; Registered on 2015-11-29
Raspberry Pi packages
Pre-build packages for Raspberry Pi
Maintained by side2k; Registered on 2015-11-28
The Open Dungeon Exploration Engine is a platform to create realtime, grid-based role-playing games in the spirit of Dungeon Master.
Maintained by Viktor Goryainov; Registered on 2015-11-28
KX Omega
Modular web browser written in BASIC
Maintained by Anthony Caudill; Registered on 2015-11-28
Maintained by italo vega; Registered on 2015-11-28
SMOH Kwara - Nigeria
iHRIS manage customization for the Kwaras state health sector
Maintained by Ese Egerega; Registered on 2015-11-27
This is the first project of mine
Maintained by Menakanan; Registered on 2015-11-27
A lightweight preview application designed for elementary os. The goal is to display something (hopefully some useful information) for every file type.
Maintained by Sam Thomas; Registered on 2015-11-27
MidoNet is a virtual networking service that decouples your IaaS cloud from your network hardware, creating an intelligent software abstraction layer between your end hosts and your physical network. This network abstraction layer allows the cloud operator to move what has traditionally been hardware-based network appliances into a software-based multi-tenant virtual domain.
Maintained by Midonet Drivers; Registered on 2015-11-27
A project used to track bugs and features requests against the Salt repository for OpenStack.
Maintained by Aleš Komárek; Registered on 2015-11-26
Miracast Service
Management service implementing Miracast / WiFi Display
Maintained by Ubuntu Phablet Team; Registered on 2015-11-26
GIS.lab project
Maintained by Ivan Mincik; Registered on 2015-11-26
a11y testcase
Maintained by zoushidong; Registered on 2015-11-26
Maintained by Rodrigo Marques; Registered on 2015-11-26
Amanda Bynes
Goa - An exotic mix of sun, sand and sea! Well, any visitor doing first time in Goa would definitely agree with the apt description mentioned above, but Goa, is more than just sun-kissed beaches.
Maintained by compareandfly; Registered on 2015-11-25
GUI frontend of MOOSE simulator. More details at
Maintained by Bhalla Lab; Registered on 2015-11-25
Python bindings of MOOSE simulator. More details at .
Maintained by Bhalla Lab; Registered on 2015-11-25
The python client for Searchlight:
Maintained by Searchlight Drivers; Registered on 2015-11-25
Power Tab Editor
A guitar tablature editor.
Maintained by Power Tab Developers; Registered on 2015-11-25
Node.JS HTTP/WebSocket server
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-11-25
Maintained by ervina yuniati rokhmah; Registered on 2015-11-25
GObject Introspection bindings for Xapian.
Maintained by Endless; Registered on 2015-11-24
xbox 360 free60 project.
Maintained by Yrjö Selänne; Registered on 2015-11-24
share42morrow test scripts development
Maintained by Alexander Kuzmenkov; Registered on 2015-11-24
wxMEdit is a cross-platform Text/Hex Editor written in C++ & wxWidgets. wxMEdit is an improved version of MadEdit which has been discontinued. wxMEdit can edit files in Text/Column/Hex modes, and supports many useful functions, e.g. Bookmark, SyntaxHighlightings, Encodings, WordWrap, WordCount and Updates checking. wxMEdit support common encodings (UTF8/16/32, ISO-8859-x, CP125x, KOI8, GB18030, Big5, ...) not only in Text/Column modes but also in Hex mode. The purpose of this project is to provide a continually maintained text/hex editor with bug fixes, improvements and refactor.
Maintained by Alex B; Registered on 2015-11-24
test qtcam application
Maintained by qtcam; Registered on 2015-11-24
test qtcam app
Maintained by qtcam; Registered on 2015-11-24
onosfw charms
onosfw project is to enable network functionality instead of neutron in openstack. Joid is one of installers for openstack in opnfv. We integrate onosfw into joid to install network for openstack.
Maintained by Wu Wenbin; Registered on 2015-11-24
libGtkIDB-dev is Framework, connect the GTK+ in DataBase(s): PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.
Maintained by Teofanes Enrique Paz Moron; Registered on 2015-11-23
Nova driver for LXD.
Maintained by Chuck Short; Registered on 2015-11-23
tman fix bug
fix bug
Maintained by tony hutcherson; Registered on 2015-11-22
Set up a Minecraft server with one command: mcinstall
Maintained by Andrew; Registered on 2015-11-22
My resume
Maintained by Joel Self; Registered on 2015-11-22
A clone of Bitcoin using the Skein algorithm.
Maintained by P. H. Madore; Registered on 2015-11-22
Python SDK for Aliyun Opensearch
Maintained by yan.haifeng; Registered on 2015-11-21
Ucloud( python client and command line tools. pypi link:
Maintained by yan.haifeng; Registered on 2015-11-21
Maliit Input Context GTK+
A GTK+ input method module that allows GTK+ applications to communicate with the Maliit on-screen keyboard.
Maintained by William Hua; Registered on 2015-11-20
Rawtherapee from GIT.
Maintained by Dariusz Duma; Registered on 2015-11-20
normal keyboard user could play a sound with every key click, just like a mechanical keyboard
Maintained by vg0x00; Registered on 2015-11-20
Ireo Nuspark is a best residential project in sohna sec 4 locations. With this project user can find housing flats in prime location
Maintained by arvind; Registered on 2015-11-19
Text Editor written in Python.
Maintained by Tahir Imanov; Registered on 2015-11-19
Maintained by zoushidong; Registered on 2015-11-19
This collectd plugin makes collectd statistics available to Ceilometer.
Maintained by Emma Foley; Registered on 2015-11-18
The ScaleIO-Cinder plugin leverages an existing EMC ScaleIO cluster and replaces the default OpenStack volume backend by EMC ScaleIO
Maintained by Fuel Plugin ScaleIO Team; Registered on 2015-11-18
The ScaleIO plugin for Mirantis OpenStack deploys an EMC ScaleIO cluster on Fuel slave nodes and replaces the default OpenStack volume backend by EMC ScaleIO.
Maintained by Fuel Plugin ScaleIO Team; Registered on 2015-11-18
CryFS encrypts your files, so you can safely store them anywhere. It works well together with cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive and others.
Maintained by Sebastian Messmer; Registered on 2015-11-18
Mail is an email client for elementary OS
Maintained by elementary Apps team; Registered on 2015-11-18
test project
Maintained by Aleh Malafei; Registered on 2015-11-18
This is translation for my RK Design Theme..
Maintained by Rakib Khan; Registered on 2015-11-18
Trade simulation attempt. Not ready for anything really.
Maintained by Rūdolfs Mazurs; Registered on 2015-11-18
Maintained by james carter; Registered on 2015-11-18
Bugs and code related to Ekimia Oem presinstalled images
Maintained by Ekimia; Registered on 2015-11-18
Android Headers
Set of header files from Android used with libhybris
Maintained by Simon Fels; Registered on 2015-11-18
Xenial Backports
This project is for requesting, processing, testing, and coordinating packages in the xenial-backports repository. Information on how to effectively contribute can be found at Please read the "How To Request Backports" section before requesting a backport
Maintained by Ubuntu Backporters; Registered on 2015-11-18
Vitrage Dashboard
UI plugin for Vitrage
Maintained by Vitrage Drivers; Registered on 2015-11-18
this is to help to find a person from lots of marathon pictures.
Maintained by ximing; Registered on 2015-11-18
Italian Fuel Comparator
Born from Hackaton 2015... And winner!
Maintained by Valerio Bozzolan; Registered on 2015-11-17
Online accounts plugin to authorize Telegram accounts
Maintained by Roberto Mier Escandón ; Registered on 2015-11-17
Wingpanel Messenger Indicator
Non official client for elementary os's wingpanel
Maintained by Philip Scott; Registered on 2015-11-17
Contacts Dialer
With Contacts Dialer you can contact your friends with a lot of social apps , and of course ... Beautiful contacts design !!
Maintained by sogoapps; Registered on 2015-11-17
Apt packages like whoa
Maintained by Adam Stokes; Registered on 2015-11-17
Dekko Project
Project to contain all parts of dekko email client and other helpful stuff that may come in handy
Maintained by Dan Chapman ; Registered on 2015-11-17
Maintained by Patric Schramm; Registered on 2015-11-17
Vitrage Client
Python client library for Vitrage
Maintained by Vitrage Drivers; Registered on 2015-11-17
Test bzr tool.
Maintained by JYLM; Registered on 2015-11-17
the client command and python client library of openstack tacker project
Maintained by tacker-drivers; Registered on 2015-11-17
SPI tools for the cert team
Maintained by Paul Larson; Registered on 2015-11-16
Take a Break
A small application to force users (gently) to take periodical breaks, to prevent spending too much time in one session.
Maintained by Jacob Vlijm; Registered on 2015-11-16
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