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Trolly is a shopping list application for Ubuntu with the aim of being a very simple app with no complicated features.
Maintained by Cos64; Registered 4 minutes ago
Active Screen
An app you can use to keep your Ubuntu phone awake.
Maintained by Michal Predotka; Registered 2 hours ago
Transfer indicator plugin that communicate with Buteo sync framework.
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered 2 hours ago
fetch tweets and convert them into another format (ex. RSS)
Maintained by Nagae Hidetake; Registered 3 hours ago
Proyecto de Ingenieria de Software - TP3
Maintained by Miguel Agustin; Registered 4 hours ago
A git repo on launchpad for go-vcs integration testing.
Maintained by mattfarina; Registered 4 hours ago
Ozon Plymouth theme
Your favorite Ozon experience on your boot too!
Maintained by Ozon OS; Registered 6 hours ago
Flent: The FLExible Network Tester
Maintained by Toke Høiland-Jørgensen; Registered 10 hours ago
Multi Cloud Operation Client.
Maintained by multicloudclient; Registered 18 hours ago
Packages used by Orchestrate, Inc.
Maintained by Brady Catherman; Registered 20 hours ago
An open source android app for browsing
Maintained by L3d00m ; Registered 21 hours ago
Maintained by MikeTheToon; Registered on 2015-08-03
Unburden Home Dir
Automatically unburden $HOME from caches, etc. Useful for $HOME on SSDs, small disks or slow NFS homes.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-08-03
Maintained by tanyuliang; Registered on 2015-08-03
ppaag is a small program written in bash by Martin Ristovski used for adding, removing and purging PPAs and installing and uninstalling packages.
Maintained by Martin Ristovski; Registered on 2015-08-03
CI Test project
Maintained by Neerja Narayan; Registered on 2015-08-03
The OpenStack Product Work Group is aiming to aggregate user stories from the various working groups under the User Committee and also the OpenStack community in general. The team leverages user stories submitted using ReStructured Text (RST) to the openstack-user-stories for tracking, prioritizing, and sharing the submissions with stakeholders inside the community.
Maintained by OpenStack User Stories Drivers; Registered on 2015-08-03
KOI PoS Modules
KOI PoS Modules
Maintained by KOI PoS Modules Maintainer; Registered on 2015-08-03
This is my first project im just trying something.
Maintained by Joshua van den Bosch; Registered on 2015-08-02
Your Priorities translations
Maintained by Ivica Petrinic; Registered on 2015-08-01
Just a small test on the bica studios site
Maintained by DiogoF; Registered on 2015-08-01
Maintained by TWN EDU; Registered on 2015-07-31
Maintained by Diego Dompe; Registered on 2015-07-31
test project
Maintained by amit; Registered on 2015-07-31
Test Bzr Repo
A test repo for use use with go-vcs.
Maintained by mattfarina; Registered on 2015-07-31
Minimalist web-based editor for C programming. Good for testing both console and CGI code.
Maintained by spartak_raz; Registered on 2015-07-31
Unrar Extract and Recover
Unrar Extract and Recover is an application that batch extracts and verifies RAR archives without the user's attention
Maintained by UER-team; Registered on 2015-07-31
PulseAudio Trust Store
This project represents the trust store service used by pulse audio to allow applications access the pulse audio services in Ubuntu Touch.
Maintained by Ubuntu Phablet Team; Registered on 2015-07-31
Much doge Such wow
Maintained by James Edwards; Registered on 2015-07-30
QtPass is a multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager.
Maintained by Anne Jan Brouwer; Registered on 2015-07-30
Hosting different Ultimaker sources here, e.g. to build daily packages using recipes.
Maintained by Thomas-Karl Pietrowski; Registered on 2015-07-30
This project provides the OpenStack Neutron ML2 driver and supporting agents to integrate with Cumulus Linux.
Maintained by Cumulus Linux OpenStack Team; Registered on 2015-07-30
Go Fish
A simple card game written in C++.
Maintained by Maris; Registered on 2015-07-30
A funny image tool for Ubuntu (Touch) platform
Maintained by Joey Chan; Registered on 2015-07-30
Wingpanel Bluetooth Indicator
A bluetooth indicator for wingpanel
Maintained by WingPanel Devs; Registered on 2015-07-30
Toontown Crystal
Toontown Crystal is a revival of Disney's now dead MMO, Toontown Online.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-07-29
API's and implementations to support Service Function Chaining in Neutron.
Maintained by xiaodongwang; Registered on 2015-07-29
Tool for converting Go coverage reporting to gcov compatible formatting.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-07-29
repository for MakuluLinux Packages
Maintained by Jacque Raymer; Registered on 2015-07-29
Various tools made by the landing team - useful for overlay PPA handling, gathering information and more.
Maintained by Łukasz Zemczak; Registered on 2015-07-29
OpenStack VTN coordinator
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-07-29
The plugin would setup Manila to use HDFS as its backend during an OpenStack installation using DevStack.
Maintained by devstack-plugin-hdfs-drivers; Registered on 2015-07-29
A lightweight pixel art & sprite editor
Maintained by PerLowgren; Registered on 2015-07-29
Roboto Font Face Packaged with XStatic
Maintained by Diana Whitten; Registered on 2015-07-29
XStatic Packaging for Google's Material Design Icons
Maintained by Diana Whitten; Registered on 2015-07-28
XStatic Package
Maintained by Diana Whitten; Registered on 2015-07-28
XStatic Packaging of the Bootswatch Bootstrap Theme Library
Maintained by Horizon Drivers; Registered on 2015-07-28
uservice logging
A small library to setup logging easily for our microservices.
Maintained by Tanuki Squad; Registered on 2015-07-28
COS Stellarium OS X
Builds of Stellarium source code under OS X only in support of Stellarium.
Maintained by Alchymy Laboratory; Registered on 2015-07-28
An App for tourists and citizens discovering Roman heritage in the southwest of Germany.
Maintained by Alexander Roehnisch; Registered on 2015-07-27
Libraries to aid MidoNet Juju charm authors in creating and maintaining charms.
Maintained by midonet-charmers; Registered on 2015-07-27
Project to manage mapplauncherd packaging efforts.
Maintained by Ubuntu SDK team; Registered on 2015-07-27
Fujitsu vendor plugins/drivers for OpenStack Neutron
Maintained by networking-fujitsu-drivers; Registered on 2015-07-27
Ori file system - Debian Packaging
Packaging for the ori file system <>
Maintained by Afif Elghraoui; Registered on 2015-07-26
rEFInd is a fork of the rEFIt boot manager. Like rEFIt, rEFInd can auto-detect your installed EFI boot loaders and it presents a pretty GUI menu of boot options. rEFInd goes beyond rEFIt in that rEFInd better handles systems with many boot loaders, gives better control over the boot loader search process, and provides the ability for users to define their own boot loader entries.
Maintained by Roderick Smith; Registered on 2015-07-26
Drunken Spice
Create Form via GUI & Modify your page without coding
Maintained by fooPier; Registered on 2015-07-26
Puppet module for installing and configuring Mistral
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2015-07-26
Software for verification of meteorological forecasts
Maintained by Thomas Nipen; Registered on 2015-07-26
Comercial One
Sistema Básico ERP para controle de empresas comerciais e industriais.
Maintained by isaiasbhz; Registered on 2015-07-26
Simple swapsyncer for swap-files on PS3
Maintained by Zen aka Chibiko; Registered on 2015-07-25
Traduction h5p
Essai pour la traduction de h5p
Maintained by Cyrille Largillier; Registered on 2015-07-25
Maintained by Trackom; Registered on 2015-07-25
Maintained by mir cor; Registered on 2015-07-25
Libertine Scope
The Libertine Scope provides the ability to view and launch legacy applications installed via the Libertine Container system.
Maintained by Unity API Team; Registered on 2015-07-24
ebackup is a command line and gtk Backup software
Maintained by Dierk-Bent Piening; Registered on 2015-07-24
Aplicatie care va inregistra index-uri unui apartament.
Maintained by mir cor; Registered on 2015-07-24
Downloads emails and formats then into JSON files
Maintained by Brosnan Yuen; Registered on 2015-07-24
Djynn is a plugin for the Geany IDE, with a simple project manager, and a set of extra functionality including commenting, sorting of lines, etc.
Maintained by PerLowgren; Registered on 2015-07-24
Seven minutes workout
Maintained by Johan Guerreros; Registered on 2015-07-23
MAAS deployer provides the ability to automate the deployment of MAAS clusters for use as a Juju provider. Using a set of configuration files and simple commands this tool will build a MAAS cluster using virtual machines for the region controller and boostrap hosts and automatically commission nodes as required so that the only next step required is to deploy services with Juju.
Maintained by MAAS Deployers; Registered on 2015-07-23
just to try my openstack related stuff
Maintained by robin; Registered on 2015-07-23
This is the app for tracking the Water Points across Tanzania
Maintained by Visima Vyetu App Programmers; Registered on 2015-07-23
alextu sigrok testing
a project to test sigrock on my devices.
Maintained by Alex Tu; Registered on 2015-07-23
Taki co to pomaga zapamiętać.
Maintained by Andy J.; Registered on 2015-07-23
geomview library development package geomview library runtime interactive geometry viewing program
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-07-23
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