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31 projects found matching “hildon”

This is the hildon base system which the rest of the Hildon stack depends on.

This is the very first version of the test theme being developed for the ubuntu mobile project based on the plankton theme from Tuomas Kousmanen and built using hildon-theme-tools and hildon-theme-layout-4

HIldon support for Gazpacho UI builder.

This is the localization package for Hildon Control Panel

The Hildon Desktop.

These are the localisation files for Hildon file manager.

Hildon API for integrating with the help UI.

Plugin for hildon-desktop, shows an image and open a URL when clicked.

Startup scripts for Hildon.

User interface for the Hildon Input Method framework with support for pluggable input mechanisms

Screen-based keyboard as an example plugin for the Hildon Input Method

Supporting libraries from the Hildon desktop framework

Those are the locales for Hildon Libs

A thumbnailer for Hildon.

ID3 support library for Hildon

Libglade support for hildon.

Python Bindings for Hildon.

Control panel shell roughly similar to gnome-control-center,

Glue for the UI framework, currently Gtk+ only

A tool for caching gtkrc files.

This is the theme support package for maemo.

This is the default maemo/hildon theme.

These tools allow you to create themes for the maemo platform.

Hildon Desktop is based on Maemo 5's Hildon Desktop and it tries to be a more versatlie shell for any kind of touchscreen device. It uses Clutter and it is intended to be a complete desktop environment.

GtkTreeStore which can be used as a in-memory file system backend for hildon-fm.

Hildon file chooser, file selector, File Open/Save dialog, file details dialog

MIME functions for Hildon.

Python Bindings for Hildon-desktop.

Cordia HD is the spiritual successor to the Maemo OS.

Accessibility support for Hildon.

Kourou is a launcher that hooks into the hildon-desktop framework allowing you to launch applications.

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