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High quality video deinterlacer

TV-MAXE is an application which provides the ability to watch TV stations and listen radio via different streams, such is SopCast. Currently it has a large number of channels, both romanian and international. Available TV-Channels on T...

Me TV is a user-friendly desktop application for watching digital television services that use the DVB standard.

TV-Lite wants to be a replacement for the older TV-Maxe. It does not have all the features that TV-Maxe offers. It uses the same principle of "subscriptions" and uses the same playlist format TV-Maxe uses.

FreeGuide is a TV guide. Download TV listings from the Internet, view them offline, create a personalised TV guide and choose favourites. It uses the XMLTV tools to grab listings for lots of different countries.

MHAC-TV : Ubuntu Core Snap for video signage

Tv-Player is a tv/radio streaming channel archive written in Python using the PyGTK libraries

A simple python script for renaming TV series recordings according to a specified format. Supports episode name lookup via

Watch and Record TV with analog devices that have a build-in hardware MPEG-2 encoder.

A fullscreen mode for Rhythmbox to let you browse and play your music using a simple five-button remote control. Designed for my dad.

Organize TV Shows Downloads is a simple app to organize your TV Shows downloads easily. It checks your download folder and organize the files that exist inside in subfolders, one for each TV Show.

This application is showing informations like images, starting time, station etc of TV movies or shows. The application is executed via the scope interface of Ubuntu (Touch). Actually only german TV stations are supported. Project plans ...

Conexão Tv Online Software para assistir tv pelo sistemas Linux

A GUI TV Renamer for renaming TV video files based on info scraped from the filename and queried from (Uses pyGTK)

WTO (Web TV Orange) est un programme open-source, permettant de visionner les chaines de la Web TV d'Orange sans nécessiter l'usage d'un navigateur.

Make Internet TV is an open-source guide with step-by-step instructions for recording and publishing internet video. We encourage user participation and knowledge to help enthusiast in their endeavors.


Non parametric identification of TV nonliear system

Regarder et enregistrer des émissions TV par Internet en étant abonné a Orange.

Electronic program guide for television, radio and more

In its infancy ;)

tv(table viewer) for delimited text file(csv,tsv,etc) in terminal tv is a tool to view the delimited text file(csv,tsv,etc) in terminal. Feature: Spreadsheet-like view for delimited text data Vim-like key binding Support for gzip compr... xbmc, tvheadend

The aim of project is people can create their own youtube, metacafe or googlevideos. We use PHP, XHTML, CSS, AJAX and Zend Framework.

distribute audiovisual contents to a network of large display installed in retail networks

Tano is an open-source cross-platform IP TV player. It features full IP TV playback with EPG and recorder. Project started because of a need of a simple IP TV player on Linux providing EPG. Now after more than one year of development, Ta...

ooaTV implements a TV watching/recording application based on python, gstreamer and the video4linux2 interface. It aims to give you easy access to your tv card.

eSeasons is a simple tool to manage TV-series and watch them using your favourite media player.

X11 TV application

This project aims to build a software which is able to hold information about a Cable TV Network topology including active and passive elements, like repeaters, splitters, cables up to the network termination points. The system should ho...

Download and watch all the best internet TV shows and videos in one powerful application. New channels arrive daily in the built-in Channel Guide. Stop squinting at tedious web videos: sit back and watch big, high resolution videos. It's...

Epes is a simple organizer for TV Shows. It helps you remember which shows you follow and the last episode you saw. Also it fetch for you informations about the shows and tells you if new episodes are available :)

Web application for monitoring TV series – it tells you what episodes are available, when new episodes will be available for watching, etc. All data is downloaded from Wikipedia articles. Server-side is powered by Ruby on Rails.

This is a playable version of the Mathman arcade game which was a frequent segment on the TV show "Square One".

The Monkey project is a small application that sort and manages a TV library.

The best way to manage your TV Shows

Shepherd provides reliable, high-quality Australian TV guide data for home PVRs by employing a flock of independent data sources. It is primarily intended for use with MythTV, but can be used with any PVR system that can read XMLTV.

Simple Python program that parses for TV Shows and creates playlistfiles in a filestructure foreach episode. Intended for use with MythTV and MPlayer

Tivion plays some streaming TV and radio and Sopcast channels available. For the moment, 697 channels from 67 countries.

A public forum for open discussion of Ubuntu and the Smart TV platform.

Yet Anoter TV Listings Grabber

OSTV is an innovative, very lightweight, feature packed, extensible video/tv player for Linux that should work on just about any Linux system(playing hd video does require a system with moderate horsepower), has less than 50 kb of code a...

It make quick an easy, to open DrTv live, Dr1, Dr2, DrK, DrUpdate

This application searches for various media center video content of the German television program (ARD, ZDF, Arte, 3Sat, MDR, ORF, SRF and many more). You can watch, download and even subscribe to an offered show.

This project aims to create a nice, easy to use interface for technophobes (eg my wife!) so that we can use the PC for our Entertainment at home system. Nothing I have seen is REALLY easy to use. We are talking big dumb and clean user in...

Realized with help of tkinter and python. Our aim is to use this program with any chains around the world and share favorites, records,star's biography,and sources of content.

The project is about creating a HTML5 resident/upgradable application for TVs and Set top boxes with OpenUI/UX platform.

Parses an RSS feed and sends NZBs to sabnzbd

Qarte allow you to browse into the archiv of arte tv & arte Concerts sites and to record your prefered videos. Qarte vous permet de rechercher et d' enregistrer vos émissions préférées sur les sites arte tv et arte Concerts. Qarte ermögl...

Meet ted! Your new way of downloading tv shows from the web. Add your favourite tv shows to ted and ted will automatically download torrents of new episodes! Ted checks feeds from TorrentSpy, Isohunt and MyBittorrent for new episodes of ...

XMLTV is a set of programs to process TV (tvguide) listings and manage your TV viewing, storing listings in an XML format. There are backends to download TV listings for several countries, filter programs and Perl libraries to process li...

A program/script to organise your downloads. At the moment it works with mp3's, jpg, png, gif, guitar pro files, MVGroup documentaries, tv shows and movies. It allows you to select separate working and target folders for each type, and t...

KMediagrab - media grabber and encoder built on top of mplayer/mencoder. It can grab and encode a DVD at the same time (e.g., creating a divx or a videocd file for instance), record a movie or your favourite TV program from your TV-card,...

TV guide and online TV viewer

NZBirc is a program with an irc interface that communicates with Hellanzb, and to control downloading of files through usenet and automate TV downloading.

Media player - Video & Audio & Digital TV ( DVB )

This program grabs the Flemish TV-guide data from Teveblad and writes the result in an xml-file understandable by MythTV. It is written in C# and mono on Linux. Nevertheless, it is expected to work on Windows as well.

GNOME DVB Daemon is a daemon written in Vala based on GStreamer to setup your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows and browse EPG. It can be controlled by any application via its D-Bus interface.

HatoM is your home media manager and TV recorder.

# automator is a menu for lirc # it can do many things for you # it is based on headless computer replying to guest inquries via ssh, console, or lirc, or voice for later # it can : play music, scan, say time, weather, shoutcast, play tv...

An podcatcher and broadcatcher for KDE. It lets you watch TV and listen to Radio shows from the net, for free. KatchTV is independent of channel and feed publishers, including Miro's channel guide, and others too. It includes Bittorre...

Lobotomy is a software to watch tv on the gnome plateform.

My Media System is a media-driven system for easy movie and audio playback, image viewing, game playing or watching TV.

mplayer-tools is the CLI heaven for MPlayer users.You can record and timeshift easily from your TV tuner.It also remembers movies and positions so you can resume a movie with a short command.It also has support for movie series and many ...

Gnome applet to monitor current and upcoming TV programs

Download your favorite Tv shows and subtitles for them.

PyTv: Tv Series notification utility

MockUp code for The TV Only Unity 2d

Media Player with an old style TV or Radio tuner interface.

Antenna, a free and open-source dvb-t (terrestrial digital tv) tuner for linux desktops. Antenna is a full featured tool to see what's going on in the sky. It enables you to scan, watch and record television, radio and services broadcast...

Arte+7 is a Bash Script to manage the download of documentary from the French/German TV Arte.

Ubuntu Touch app to cover the entertainment needs of the the user (movies and tv shows)

A Distribution for watching TV with the Linux based Video Disc Recorder - VDR.

Watch to all tv-shows aired in clear from Canal-Plus france.

Freebox plugin makes possible to watch TV and listen to radios from the FreeBox (French ISP provided box).

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