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GTK+ Frontend to view activities and manage users on a PureFTPd ftp-server.

PureAdmin is a graphical tool used to make the management of PureFTPd a little easier.
It uses the GTK+2.x widgets for its GUI and thus are not dependent on a specific desktop environment such as GNOME or KDE. It is, however, designed with the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines in mind so it should integrate nicely with at least GNOME.

The goal is to create an all-in-one application that makes management and monitoring of a ftp-server as easy as possible. Although we believe that no control should be taken from the administrator, PureAdmin is there to provide help and sane default-values for those who are not familiar with all the functions of the server. An administrator could use PureAdmin as an alternative - or even better - as a complement to the text-mode utilities distributed with PureFTPd.

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