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A python based database, which manages data through an optimized use of the cPickle module within Python. It is designed for "relative" data storage. It is not intended to be a replacement to SQL-based databases, but rather a way to store data in a predictable manner, with speed and flexibility.

ChomsPy is designed loosely (and is no way affiliated with) Noam Chomsky's theories about Language Acquisition. The system works on storing data by using syntactic associations to store and retrieve data. For this reason, it is called the "Data Acquisition Device" since it does not hold data to an inherent structure, allowing existing structures to be malleable, as well as adaptable to new needs.

ChomsPy utilizes the cPickle module of Python 2.4, 2.5 and soon 3.0. It is designed with flexibility, mobilization, and extensibility in mind. Its aim is to be as efficient as possible, without bringing on any additional weight to itself. It comes with modules to migrate existing databases, as well as backup current ones as well. Data is stored in an optimized binary format, for increased speed, and compression of data. Though compression is not the goal of ChomsPy - organization, and evolution are the key advantages of ChomsPy.

ChomsPy is ready to use, and fully documented, with documentation optimized for PyDoc display (as seen in SPE). Since ChomsPy uses Python Pickle storage, its possible to store just about anything in the D.A.D., and even use a single data item as a mini-database of its own.

All commands to use ChomsPy are run through the DAD (Data Acquisition Device) which is an API method that accepts a string with a series of syntactic commands. Here are some examples:

To get a single item...

To get a single field, from a single item...

To get a batch of data...

To insert data...
** API has a user, password, and data field which accepts strings, lists or dictionaries for storage **

Verify a user...

Create a Data Table...

The general format, with some exception, you may notice works like so...


All commands to the DAD follow this general syntax, with rare exceptions being Collate, Admin, and Semantic functions, which are fully documented within the code of ChomsPy.

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SnohomaNET Development
John Schutte
GNU GPL v2, Python Licence

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