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Pycorn is an interpreted operating system written in Python, intended to recreate the easy learning curve of 16-bit BASIC-based microcomputers. Device drivers, file systems, network protocols can all be implemented in Python with no C or assembler code.

The project has moved to github:

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Torne Wuff
Torne Wuff

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  • Moved to git/github on 2012-11-06
    The project has pretty much moved to github:
  • Python 0.05 released on 2010-05-23
    Verison 0.05 has been released, and now has a "proper" binary release! Only t...
  • First release, with binaries! on 2010-02-02
    Version 0.01 has been released, complete with precompiled binaries suitable f...
  • Initial wiki pages complete on 2010-02-02
    The initial brain-dump into the wiki is complete and it now contains a basic ...
  • More things happening :) on 2009-09-22
    It's been a while but I'm back to developing Pycorn now. I've refactored a lo...