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MMU enabled, code almost entirely machine-neutral

Written for Pycorn by Torne Wuff on 2008-12-03

Pycorn now boots into a virtual memory environment, using pretty much just generic ARM code. The pxa270 port now only contains some addresses in a link script :)

Python interpreter prompt works

Written for Pycorn by Torne Wuff on 2008-08-21

Trunk is now able to build python and produce a kernel image which boots to a Python interpreter, with just one minor complaint about the absence of zipimport. :)

Hello World! (no, really)

Written for Pycorn by Torne Wuff on 2008-08-19

Well, er, the latest push of trunk now has a full working build system in it that can build a target kernel that.. prints "Hello World!". It will set up QEMU and everything for you, and there are even instructions! Aren't you lucky people!

The python interpreter does work, honest, but I've not stuffed it into the nice shiny build system yet. Soon!

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