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This project implements some functionalities of the ECDAR tool for the analysis of timed specifications. It includes:
- an implementation of the timed game algorithm of TIGA
- an implementation of the alternating simulation checking algorithm
- new functionalities for robustness analysis

The ECDAR is a tool for analysis of timed specifications. It is part of the UPPAAL framework. It can downloaded at this address:

This project re-implements some functionalities of ECDAR. It features some translations to transform UPPAAL XML models. Such translations includes.
- parallel composition
- conjunction
- consistency game
- compatibility game
- constant scaling
- robust game
The tool possesses its own engines:
- pytiga for the analysis of timed games, thanks to Peter Bulychev.
- pytigarefinement for alternating timed simulation checking
- pyrobustcegar for robustness analysis

The tool works with the following tools:
- DBMPyUPPAAL: It requires the louismarie branch: tlouismarie/dbmpyuppaal/louismarie. To install DBMPyUPPAAL you need PyDBM: and the UPPAAL DBM library:
- PyPPL : This requires the Parma Polyhedra Library:

The tool doesn't provide any GUI. Original ECDAR can be used to edit UPPAAL models. A python console can be used to use the tool.

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