Registered 2011-01-06 by Gabriele N. Tornetta

pyGtkPlot is a pygtk-based front-end for gnuplot.

This project aims to a complete graphical front-end for gnuplot, capable not only of handling all its powerful features, but also of extending them by the introduction of new functionalities (like a LaTeX renderer and such...).

It is the project owner's opinion that gnuplot is a handy tool especially for scientists. This means that any major help to this project can come from experienced (python) programmers that are also physicists and/or mathematicians, because these people really need a program like gnuplot, and nobody better than them know what to require from a project like pyGtkPlot.

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Gabriele N. Tornetta
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Latest version is 0.1beta
released on 2011-08-21

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