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PyJavaScriptCore provides very convenient access to WebKit's JavaScript interpreter from Python, allowing your Python application to fully access standard JavaScript APIs such as the DOM and the graphics canvas. You can use it together with PyWebKitGTK in order to create powerful and attractive graphical applications that combine the best of desktop and Web programming.

PyJavaScriptCore binds Python and JavaScript by using WebKit's JavaScriptCore API (hence the project's name). Thanks to the dynamic nature of both languages, JavaScript objects become accessible from Python almost as if they were native Python objects, and vice versa. This way, you can use Python to do everything that is normally only possible from JavaScript, such as reading and changing the DOM and hooking to its events. It is even possible to use JavaScript libraries (think JQuery) without writing a single line of JavaScript.

PyJavaScriptCore was started by Martín Soto, based on a a patch submitted by John Janecek to the PyWebKitGTK project. Feel free to contact me (Martín Soto, see Launchpad profile) if you have ideas you'd like to work on.

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