pyjuju 0.7 "ibiza"

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Martin Packman
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1 Clint Byrum, 1 Jim Baker, 4 Kapil Thangavelu, 4 Martin Packman, 1 Thomas Herve
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Release notes 

Last version of python juju, further development is happening in the go juju-core project.

Included in this release is the serialisation of hook execution, UUIDs for environments, removal of the orchestra provider, and other assorted bug fixes.


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620 Makefile improvements and fixes.
619 Only allow one subordinate relations between svcs
618 Properly encode maas tags in urls.
617 Fix os-scheduler-hints constraint to pass correct json layout
616 Fix broken maas-tags constraint.
615 Unit process multiple relations in defined order.
614 Increase zk session and ping times.
613 Drop orchestra provider support
612 Fix relation-ids cache coherency for hooks.
611 serialized execution test propogation
610 Serialized unit execution on a machine/container
609 Disable charm store stats when testing.
608 Environments have uuids (regression fix for subs)
607 Environments have uuids.
606 Openstack security group api compat with hpcloud
605 Remove ancient examples directory.
604 Properly deprecate default-instance-type in openstack providers
603 merge relation-hook-cache-race
602 Trivial cleanup to r600 removing added unused method
601 Support openstack scheduler hints as a constraint
600 Restore compatibility with MaaS 1.0 which lacks tags
599 Make sure test suite does not assume /etc/lsb-release exists
598 Really fix mass-tags constraint conversion
597 Fix maas-tags constraint conversion for maas acquire api

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1068566 #1068566 Juju 0.6 incompatible with MAAS in precise 2 Critical Martin Packman  10 Fix Released
1119671 #1119671 Service deploy with a maas-tags constraint fails 2 Critical Kapil Thangavelu  10 Fix Released
1064734 #1064734 ERROR Invalid 'tags' constraint 'set(['test-tag'])': No such tag using maas-tags to deploy with juju 3 High Martin Packman  10 Fix Released
1067013 #1067013 memcached charm creates a juju traceback / config hook fail 3 High Jim Baker  10 Fix Released
1068624 #1068624 Deployment of subordinate charms needs manual locking 3 High   10 Fix Released
1111883 #1111883 Peer relation listed in relation-ids, but not queryable using relation-list 3 High Kapil Thangavelu  10 Fix Released
1007544 #1007544 test suite assumes /etc/lsb-release will exist 4 Medium Clint Byrum  10 Fix Released
1049858 #1049858 Juju should support physical placement on OpenStack 4 Medium Martin Packman  10 Fix Released
1069883 #1069883 Remove 'default-instance-type' from environments file. 4 Medium Martin Packman  10 Fix Released
1092343 #1092343 juju unexpose doesn't work on hpcloud 4 Medium Kapil Thangavelu  10 Fix Released
1116876 #1116876 Relations with subordinate services can be added multiple times 4 Medium Thomas Herve  10 Fix Released
1067477 #1067477 Juju needs a web based GUI 6 Wishlist Kapil Thangavelu  10 Fix Released
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