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Bug fix only release, released as 0.5.1

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Clint Byrum
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1 Benjamin Saller, 2 Clint Byrum, 1 David Britton, 2 Jim Baker, 2 Julian Edwards, 4 Kapil Thangavelu
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12 Fix Released

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Release version 0.5.1


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
958312 #958312 Change zk logging configuration 2 Critical Kapil Thangavelu  10 Fix Released
926550 #926550 No way to test proposed updates to juju 3 High Kapil Thangavelu  10 Fix Released
988065 #988065 Support smart formatting for relation-ids command 3 High Jim Baker  10 Fix Released
760818 #760818 debug log is initialized too late in the unit agent startup, to catch install/start hooks 4 Medium Kapil Thangavelu  10 Fix Released
901495 #901495 config-get and relation-get silently drop values with high-byte characters 4 Medium Clint Byrum  10 Fix Released
980855 #980855 Unhelpful error message when no nodes are available with maas provider 4 Medium Julian Edwards  10 Fix Released
993034 #993034 lxc deployed units don't support https APT repositories 4 Medium David Britton  10 Fix Released
915506 #915506 juju-log and relation-set outputs {} 5 Low Benjamin Saller  10 Fix Released
972829 #972829 maas-server setting requires port even when using http default 5 Low Julian Edwards  10 Fix Released
1000007 #1000007 juju add-relations should raise a StateChange error instead of Internaltopologyerror 5 Low Kapil Thangavelu  10 Fix Released
992329 #992329 Ensure Invoker.start is called from UnitRelationLifecycle usage. 1 Undecided Jim Baker  10 Fix Released
1007657 #1007657 proposed origin does not work with local provider 1 Undecided Clint Byrum  10 Fix Released
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