Pynagram 0.1.2 released!

Written for Pynagram by Umang Varma on 2009-08-09

Pynagram 0.1.2 has been released!

Pynagram 0.1.2 is labeled "unstable". This means that it has not been test intensively on various operating systems, and versions of Python, gtk, etc. However, it should be stable enough for everyone to use. Please do test Pynagram, files bugs and give suggestions!

Pynagram 0.1.2 brings Pynagram on par with Anagramarama as far as features go. This means that games are now timed and a scoring system is in place.

The scoring system is not as simple as anagramarama's (intentionally). I found that anagramarama didn't encourage players to attempt longer words. By adding bonus scores and rewarding player well for guessing longer words, Pynagram should now encourage players to guess longer words.

This version also has some small tweaks and fixes some small bugs.

For more details, please read the changelog:

Pynagram 0.1.2 can be downloaded from it's Launchpad download page:

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