pyNeighborhood 0.5.2 final released!

Written for pyneighborhood by Betz Stefan on 2010-08-29

We are very glad to announce the final release of pyNeighborhood 0.5.2.

The new version contains lots of bugfixes, new translations, and a GtkBuilder based user interface with tooltips.

You may use our PPA at for Ubuntu, and the AUR for Archlinux. Besides, there is a possibility to download a source tarball at

Alternatively, you may checkout our Bazaar repository:
bzr branch -r tag:0.5.2 lp:pyneighborhood/0.5
To install, execute the commands shown in the README.

For the future, we are planing to implement support for policykit, a mount-options-editor, the opportunity to save favourites and avahi-support.

We hope you will be satisfied with our work and like the new version. Please report any bugs you may encounter.


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