pyNeighborhood 0.5.3 out now!

Written for pyneighborhood by Linus Hoppe on 2010-10-25

We are very glad to announce the final release of pyNeighborhood 0.5.3.

The new version contains a new area in the mainwindow for errors, warnings and infos to improve finding bugs and errors. Besides, there is a new pyNeighborhood-debug command for better developer related debug informations. On top of that, there are lots of bugfixes and of course new translations.

To install, you may use our PPA at for Ubuntu, and the AUR for Archlinux. Besides, there is a possibility to download a source tarball at

Alternatively, you may checkout our Bazaar repository:
bzr branch -r tag:0.5.3 lp:pyneighborhood/0.5
To install, execute the commands shown in the README.

If you are interested in features we are planning for the future, visit our blueprints-section at

We hope you will be satisfied with our work and like the new version. Please report any bugs you may encounter.


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