pyOpenSSL 0.10 released

Written for pyOpenSSL by Jean-Paul Calderone on 2009-11-14

pyOpenSSL 0.10 exposes several more OpenSSL APIs, including support for
running TLS connections over in-memory BIOs, access to the OpenSSL
random number generator, the ability to pass subject and issuer
parameters when creating an X509Extension instance, more control over
PKCS12 creation and an API for exporting PKCS12 objects, and APIs for
controlling the client CA list servers send to clients.

Several bugs have also been fixed, including a crash when certain
X509Extension instances are deallocated, a mis-handling of the OpenSSL
error queue in the X509Name implementation, Windows build issues, and a
possible double free when using a debug build.

The style of the docstrings for APIs implemented in C has also been
changed throughout the project to be more useful to Python programmers.
Extension type objects can also now be used to instantiate those types.

Many thanks to numerous people who contributed patches to this release.

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