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--- 0.5 (2007-10-03 13:39 -0400)
  + Added man page for configuration file formatting (man 5 policyd-spf.conf)
  * Moved explicit logging of the result headers for HELO and Mail From from
    debug level 1 to debug level 2 (SPF results are already logged at debug
    level 1)
  * Moved config file item logging to a new debug level 5. This should only be
    needed for development and not for operational use.
  ! Shifted list of local addresses to skip SPF from hard coded to a config
  * Changed default (no config file) TempError defer to False to match docs and
    default in config file.
  ! Refactored Whitelisting/SPF skipping code for reduced size and better
    extensibility and maintainability.
  + Added Forwarder Domain SPF Whitelist
  + Added Restriction Class mode to return only SPF result to Postfix
  + Return link to SPF "Why" page for reject/defer actions.

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