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--- 0.9 (2012-01-10 22:35 -0500)
  + Add support for optionally generating RFC 5451 authentication results
  + Add new Header_Type configuration option to support generating RFC 4408
    Received-SPF and/or RFC 5451 Authentication-Results headers (default is
  ! Changed license from GPL version 2 to Apache 2.0 with agreement from all
    copyright holders
  * Log message to the error facility for all OSErrors
  * Instead of crashing if per user configuration is missing, continue with
    global configuration
  * Use instead of for Why text in reject/defer
    messages due to extended downtime
  * Fix install location of standard config file when installed with distutils
  * Fix example syntax in policyd-spf.peruser.5
  * Update and clarify inconsistencies in policyd-spf.conf.5

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pypolicyd-spf 0.9 2012-01-10 2012-01-11 --- 0.9 (2012-01-10 22:35 -0500) + Add support for optionally generating RF...
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