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Working towards the 1st Major release.

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Nikoleta Verbeck
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Nikoleta Verbeck
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is the focus of development.
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bzr branch lp:pysqlpool

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Milestones and releases

112 of 12 results
Version Expected Released Summary
PySQLPool 0.5 None not yet released Cleanup code to support python's coding standards Blueprints targeted: 2 Unknown
PySQLPool 0.4 None not yet released Blueprints targeted: 1 Not started, 1 Deferred, 6 Started, 2 Good progress
PySQLPool 0.3.7 2010-12-15 2010-12-16 Minor Bug fixes and added support for connection options
PySQLPool 0.3.6 2010-06-11 2010-06-11 Documentation and minor fixes and improvements
PySQLPool 0.3.5 2009-11-24 2009-11-25 Add backwards support for Python2.4 and possibly 2.3
PySQLPool 0.3.4 2009-06-15 2009-06-15 Improve Python 2.6 Support
PySQLPool 0.3.1 "Pic Server Helped a lot" 2009-03-09 2009-03-10 Improved Speed Fixed bugs Added new features Improves usability
PySQLPool 0.3 "Thank God for XMas Break" 2008-12-24 2008-12-24 Release 0.3 Version 0.3 Offical Release
Bugs targeted: 4 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: 4 Implemented
PySQLPool 0.3b1 "No Code Name for You" 2008-10-27 2008-10-27 Improved MySQLdb Connection Options Exposed MySQLdb Escape String Functions ...
PySQLPool 0.2.1 "The Return of the End" 2008-07-19 2008-07-19 Ability to allow for 1 off Auto Commits
PySQLPool 0.2 "The End is Near" 2008-07-19 2008-07-19 Version 0.2 Release Improved CommitOnEnd support. Blueprints targeted: 1 Implemented
PySQLPool 0.1 2008-05-12 This is an inactive milestone Release 0.1
112 of 12 results

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Latest version is 0.3.6
released on 2010-06-11

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