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Maintenance releases

Written for Pytask by Ryan Macnish on 2010-12-03

Due to me making a mistake _twice_ last night, i have had to push out two maintenance releases, they both contain very minor bugfixes.


Pytask 10.12.1 released!

Written for Pytask by Ryan Macnish on 2010-12-02

I am very pleased to announce the latest version of an application of mine called Pytask, I hinted in a blog post a while ago that it was nearing release, but I was set back by both bugs in the code and other projects.

New features include:

 - Pytask is now translated into Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Hindi and Spanish
 - Pytask now has an indicator applet *with* a mono icon
 - The filter introduced in 10.06.1 has been further improved
 - You can now report bugs against Pytask using apport

Pytask is available in my PPA here:

Problems with my PPA are now fixed

Written for Pytask by Ryan Macnish on 2010-06-25

Just letting you all know that my ppa is now working again and has a new package in it with the version number 10.06.1, this is Year.Month.+1 but its exactly the same as 0.3.0, i just released it properly this time and it used the quickly versioning.

Thanks for being patient.

Problems with my PPA

Written for Pytask by Ryan Macnish on 2010-06-24

Im having some problems with my ppa at the moment, due to a bug in quickly 0.4.2, so for the moment you will not find any packages in the release ppa. Once i get my hands on 0.4.3 though i will reupload pytask and hopefully everything will be working fine again.


Pytask 0.3.0 released!

Written for Pytask by Ryan Macnish on 2010-06-01

I am very happy to announce the 0.3.0 release for Pytask, i have put a massive amount of work into this release (which is why its taken me 8 months!) and am very happy with it, i am also very excited to announce that Pytask has its own ppa now:

and you can find the source tarball and release notes here:


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