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Release notes 

- Turn dbusmock from a module into a package. This is transparent for API
   users, but necessary for adding future subpackages and also makes the code
   more maintainable.
 - Run pyflakes and pep8 during test suite, if available.
 - Add support for templates: You can now call AddTemplate() on the
   org.freedesktop.DBus.Mock interface to load a template into the mock, or in
   Python, start a server process with loading a template with
   DBusTestCase.spawn_server_template(). Templates set up the common structure
   of these services (their main objects, properties, and methods) so that you
   do not need to carry around this common code, and only need to set up the
   particular properties and specific D-BUS objects that you need. These
   templates can be parameterized for common customizations, and they can
   provide additional convenience methods on the org.freedesktop.DBus.Mock
   interface to provide more abstract functionality like "add a battery".
 - Add a first simple "upower" template with convenience methods to add AC and
   battery objects, and change tests/ to use it.
 - Add a first "networkmanager" template with convenience methods to add
   Ethernet/WiFi devices and access points. Thanks Iftikhar Ahmad!
 - Add symbol dbusmock.MOCK_IFACE for 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Mock'.
 - Add test cases for command line invocation (python3 -m dbusmock ...).


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