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* Drop import of "commands"; unused, and does not exist in
  * DistUtilsExtra/command/ Use "in" operator instead of
    has_key(). It's more elegant and Python 3 compatible.
  * test/ Use Python3 compatible octal constant.
  * test/ Decode stdout/stderr result from subprocess from bytes to
    str, to work with Python3.
  * test/ Use whichever Python interpreter we got invoked with (using
    /proc/self/exe) instead of hardcoding "python". With that we can run the
    tests through python3 as well.
  * DistUtilsExtra/ Port from deprecated "compiler" module to current
    "ast" module.
  * test/ Only set PYTHONPATH if it isn't set already, so that we can
    override it from outside.
  * test/ Do not require that " clean -a" doesn't print
    anything to stderr; with Python 3.1 it now sends out warnings about
    nonexisting directories.
  * test/ Changed print statements to work with both Python 2 and 3.
  * DistUtilsExtra/command/ Drop unnecessary hashbang line.
  * test/ Filter out bogus errors about missing files which current
    Python 3 distutils spews out.
  * test/, Use python{,3}-{pkg-resources,httplib2} as
    external test modules instead of -xdg and -dateutil, since the latter are
    not available for Python 3 yet.

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