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Development of a new version of the Python stdlib email package, designed to fully support the bytes/unicode separation introduced by Python version 3.

The Python email package is not quite fully functional in Python3, for reasons having to do with handling the clear distinction that Python 3 makes between unicode (text/string) and bytes. In Python 2 the email package could get away with not keeping this distinction clear, but in Python 3 this is no longer an option (and that's a good thing). This project is aimed at refactoring the email package so that it is fully functional under Python 3. This will include changes to the API as well as the internals, since it is now necessary to make a distinction between text and bytes in APIs where we used to get away with ignoring the distinction.

The working documents for the project are located in the python email-sig wiki, and development discussions take place on the mailing list (

Our aim is to fold this development work back in to the Python manline in Python 3.3, with releases available on PyPI before then, and also a backport to Python 2 (if feasible) released on PyPI as well.

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