Version 1.3 released

Written for python-meep by Emmanuel Lambert on 2010-05-10

This version features 2 important improvements :

-you can now use a numpy matrix for interfacing the epsilon values with the Meep core. Python-Meep will then interface all the epsilon values in one shot with the Meep core. This eliminates Python callbacks, but has the same performance as using inline C/C++, while the user can continue to work in Python only. This is now the preferred technique : see paragraph 3.3 of the documentation for a description. CURRENTLY ONLY FOR 2-D SIMULATIONS -> AS OF VERSION 1.3.2 ALSO FOR 3-D

-the possibility for a custom callback in every step of the simulation : the user can then gather specific data or take a decision about further progress of the simulation : see paragraph 6.3 of the documentation for a description.

Updated on 2010-05-21.

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