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This is an Emacs mode for editing, debugging, and developing Python programs.

Should python-mode fail or a feature is missed, if possible, give a description starting from `emacs -Q'.
Also output of M-x report-emacs-bug RET might be useful. Add the version of python-mode - M-x py-version RET.

If you can, please check against current trunk or development branch.
Get it via download button from code page or the archive with bazaar command

bzr branch lp:python-mode
resp. development
bzr branch lp:python-mode/components-python-mode

Should it still exist, please send a report to

Please note that this is different than the python.el that comes by default in FSF Emacs. The origins of python-mode.el predates python.el by many years. Any known command should be available - with prefix `py-' here.

Contact us at You can also subscribe the mailing list at <>.

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python-mode.el developers
python-mode.el developers
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EmacsLisp, Python
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GNU GPL v3, Python Licence

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Latest version is 6.2.0
released on 2014-11-28

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  • New in version 6.2.0 on 2014-11-28
    - Support for large output new commands py-fast-process, py-fast-... Fixe...
  • New in version 6.1.3 on 2014-01-28
    - PEP8 indent-alternatives when closing a list implemented Boolean `py-close...
  • New in version 6.1.2 on 2013-09-02
    - simplified menu - `py-execute-...'-commands return result as string Con...
  • python-mode.el-6.1.1 on 2013-02-23
    New in version 6.1.1 --------------------- - comment-related commands: py...
  • python-mode.el-6.1.0 on 2012-12-05
    New in version 6.1.0 --------------------- - py-up Go to beginning one le...