New in version 6.1.2

Written for python-mode.el by Andreas Roehler on 2013-09-02

- simplified menu

- `py-execute-...'-commands return result as string
  Controlled by boolean `py-store-result-p', Default is nil
  When non-nil, put resulting string of `py-execute-...' into kill-ring, so it might be yanked.

- commands deleting all commented lines:

- boolean `py-indent-paren-spanned-multilines-p, default is nil
  If non-nil, indents elements of list a value of `py-indent-offset' to first element:
  def foo():
      if (foo &&

  Default lines up with first element:

  def foo():
      if (foo &&

- `py-output-buffer' made customizable
  See boolean `py-enforce-output-buffer-p'

- exceptions following executed regions made point to source

- command `py-empty-out-list-backward'
  Deletes all elements from list before point
  With when cursor after
  In result cursor is insided emptied delimited form."

- `py-minor-expression' reconsidered, numeric args dropped
  grasps keyword-arguments

- boolean `py-electric-kill-backward-p', default is nil.
  If behind a delimited form of braces, brackets or parentheses,
  `py-electric-backspace' runs `py-empty-out-list-backward'

- py-flakes8-run, flakes8 API

- customizable `py-backslashed-lines-indent-offset'

- boolean `py-pylint-offer-current-p'
  If current buffers file should be offered for check.
  Otherwise `py-pylint-run' looks up filename from history

- boolean `py-prompt-on-changed-p'
  When called interactively, ask for save before a
  changed buffer is sent to interpreter.

- customizable `py-closing-list-space'
  Number of chars, closing parenthesis outdent from opening

- customizable `py-uncomment-indents-p'
  When non-nil, after uncomment indent lines.

- boolean `py-load-skeletons-p'
  If skeleton definitions should be loaded

- boolean `py-if-name-main-permission-p'
  Allows execution of code inside blocks started by
  if __name__== '__main__'

- boolean `py-highlight-error-source-p', default is nil
  When py-execute-... commands raise an error, respective code in source-buffer will be highlighted.

- `py-remove-overlays-at-point', command
  Remove overlays as set when `py-highlight-error-source-p' is non-nil.

- `py-which-def-or-class', command, now used `which-function-mode'

- unused variable `py-backspace-function' removed

- Bundled third-party-stuff removed as reported conflicting at emacs-mirror, lp:1153998
  affects autopair.el, smart-operator.el
  Kept menu switches resp. commands will issue a warning

- dropped `py-paragraph-fill-docstring-p'; just `fill-paragraph' should DTRT

- `py-set-pager-cat-p', default is nil
   If non-nil, $PAGER is set to 'cat'

- in directory doc customizable variables are listed:, variables-python-mode.rst

Caveat: Please save buffer before C-c C-c, otherwise a bug shows up.
Bug is fixed in current trunk.

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