New in version 6.2.0

Written for python-mode.el by Andreas Roehler on 2014-11-28

- Support for large output
  new commands py-fast-process, py-fast-...
  Fixes: large output makes Emacs freeze, lp:1253907

  Python code now might be processed by an
  - interactive Python shell (DEFAULT)
  - non-interactive Python (`py-fast-process-p', if large output)

  Both processes might run in
  - session, i.e. start from possible previous state (DEFAULT)
  - dedicated, (`py-dedicated-process-p', run in separate process)

- TAB bound to `py-indent-or-complete', completes at EOL.
  Calls to `tab-to-tab-stop' removed, as these would conflict.
  Use `C-q TAB' to insert a literally TAB-character.

- py-fast-complete
  Complete word before point, if any, use `py-fast-process'

- `py-shell-complete-or-indent'
  In shell: complete or indent depending on the context.
  If cursor is at current-indentation and further indent
  seems reasonable, indent. Otherwise try to complete.

- Python specific hide-show

- `py-shell' uses new `py-shell-mode', `py-shell-mode-map'
  M-x describe-mode RET mentions edit available commands
  Menu "Py-Shell"

- Improved customization of Python2, Python3, IPython executables
  receive defaults depending from system
  py-python-command - defaults to python2


- info-lookup-symbol made working with Python
  patched python-info.el available at

- `py-backward-same-level'
  While `py-up' will go upward from beginning of block, this travels
  same level, but goes up if no element left in level. If callled
  from inside a string or list, go to its beginning.

- `py-kill-shell-unconditional'
  With optional argument SHELL, otherwise kill default
  (I)Python shell.

- py-info-lookup-symbol ()
  Calls `info-lookup-symbol'. Sends help if stuff is missing.

- py-toggle-split-window-function
  If window is splitted vertically or horizontally.
  Sets customizable variable
  Also in menu Python/Customize/Switches/Display/Which split windows

- py-symbol-at-point
  Return the Python symbol under cursor

- py-report-comint-variable-setting
  Display Py-shell' comint-mode variables of interest.

- variables-state
  Diplays state of python-mode variables in an org-mode buffer

- py-kill-buffer-unconditional
  Kill buffer unconditional; kill also any buffer-process.

Setting docstring style simplified; a style is all needed.
  New commands

- new indent feature/behavior, lp:1280982
  If an empty line was dedented deliberatly, this is
  honored by next lines indent

- py-object-reference-face
  commonly "self" or "cls", inherits default face

- py-error
  In case of error, list messages from Python process

- `py-split-windows-on-execute-p' renamed `py-split-window-on-execute'
  Not a boolean any more, new option 'just-two: When code is send to
  interpreter, split screen into source-code buffer and current
  --maybe reused-- py-shell. When set to `t' --default--, python-mode
  will keep existing windows and split only if needed. Alternatively
  if a multitude of python-shells/buffers should be visible, open them
  manually and set `py-keep-windows-configuration' to `t'.

  If `always' split according to settings of `split-height-threshold', `split-width-threshold'; with `t' keep just two windows

- For completeness some commands user might expect

- `py-unload-python-el'
  Normally commands delivered by python.el are usable alongside with
  python-mode.el. Some old version of python.el might write skeletons into
  python-mode-abbrev-table, which is removed that way.

Internally used functions preferably are prefixed `py--':
  py--statement-opens-clause-p ...

New variable `py-ipython-command' - (PATH-TO)-IPython

Boolean `py-set-fill-column-p' renamed `py-auto-fill-mode'
 Fill according to `py-docstring-fill-column' and

`py-font-lock-keywords' renamed `python-font-lock-keywords',

New booleans
- py-fast-process-p
  If `t', stuff is executed through `py-fast-...'-
  commands, suitable for large output. Result arrives
  in py-fast-output-buffer, which is not in comint-mode

- py-shell-manage-windows-p
  If `t', open output buffers, split windows according to settings of
  `py-split-window-on-execute' and `py-switch-buffers-on-execute-p'.

Removed commands
  Some commands not so useful made common functions, like
 -py-statement-opens-clause-p ...

Dropped booleans:
`py-cleanup-temporary', as redundant WRT `py-debug-p'

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